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With Scott Wells gone and Jeff Saturday a 2-year stop-gap at best, one would expect that the Packers will be drafting a developmental offensive center in 2012, probably on day three of the  draft. Of course, so much depends on who’s available and when, so expectations may or may not be realized.

If  Ted does pull the trigger on a center, however, you’ll want to know where that player stands among his peers.  I doubt that most of you are intimately knowledgeable about offensive centers (I surely know that I’m not).

So, in this post we’re providing you with the official 2012 center rankings from the scouting organization the NFL teams use to supplement their own scouting.

As an extra bit of knowledge, here’s their thoughts on Peter Konz:

…some teams consider Wisconsin’s Peter Konz to be the top center in this very limited class. While he is an impressive looking athlete, there are several red flags, including medical, that concern me. This is a player with less than adequate natural strength. Was he “hidden” behind the Badgers’ quality offensive guards like Kevin Zeitler and John Moffit (Seattle) in the trenches?

 I can’t be pleased about a medical report that tells me this is a player with lots of issues, starting with blood clots in his lungs in 2009, a severely sprained ankle in 2010 and a left ankle dislocation in 2011 that sidelined him for far too many games. If anyone on my front wall needs to be out there on every offensive snap, it’s my center. Continuity with other blockers on the line, chemistry with the quarterback all make me wonder how that can be accomplished if I draft this kid and the injury bug continues.

 Konz does a nice job of playing on his feet and maintaining balance. He shows good body control with impressive quickness to get through to the second level. Despite lacking ideal strength, he can get out of his stance and adjust on defenders working over his head. Even with his leg issues, he can bend his knees and play at a good pad level to prevent defenders from attacking his feet.

Konz gets a good leg base and generates adequate power behind his hand punch. His legs are not really thick, but he can still get enough explosion out of his stance and into the defender. He shows consistency playing over his feet and under control when sliding in pass protection. Even without top-end strength, he does a good job of getting out on the edge, where he can impact, run and seal off.

 Konz will flash aggression with his hands into the defensive tackle and has the functional pop to sometimes put his opponents on their backs. The thing that really concerns me, at least for matching up vs. the bigger nose guards in the NFL is that he just lacks ideal strength. He does not exhibit sudden force with his hand punch and at times, those hands get outside his frame and he fails to strike into his defenders in the short area. His other problem arises when he starts to lose his stamina late in games, as he will revert to leaning and pushing rather than gaining position…




2 6.2 KONZ, Peter (J) Wisconsin 6:050 314 5.16 OC
3 5.8 JONES, Ben Georgia 6:025 303 5.35 OC
3-4 5.5 BLAKE, Philip Baylor 6:026 311 5.17 OC
5-6 5.2 BREWSTER, Michael Ohio State 6:041 312 5.22 OC
6 5.0 SAULSBERRY, Quentin Mississippi State 6:023 304 5.28 OC
6-7 5.0 MOLK, David Michigan 6:007 298 5.29 OC
6-7 4.9 GERHART, Garth Arizona State 6:012 305 5.38 OC
7 4.9 SLOWEY, Jason Western Oregon 6:024 303 5.07 OC
7/FA 4.8 WEDIGE, Scott Northern Illinois 6:040 300 5.14 OC
PFA 4.8 HOLLAND, Cam North Carolina 6:017 318 5.11 OC
7/FA 4.8 GARNER, Grant Oklahoma State 6:032 304 5.19 OC
PFA 4.7 PETRUS, Moe Connecticut 6:021 295 5.08 OC
FA 4.7 HORN, Tyler Miami 6:036 298 5.32 OC
FA 4.6 VLACHOS, William Alabama 6:010 319 5.21 OC
FA 4.6 CAPUTO, Mike Nebraska 6:004 275 5.19 OC
FA 4.6 ANZEVINO, Chris Kent State 6:016 298 5.46 OC
FA 4.6 HATCH, Jeremiah Kansas 6:017 302 5.48 OC
FA 4.6 BOJICIC, Ben Bowling Green 6:036 300 5.28 OC
CMP 4.5 CLOY, Mason Clemson 6:032 310 5.20 OC
CMP 4.5 MARTINEZ, Randy Cincinnati 6:003 282 5.27 OC
CMP 4.5 BROWN, Terence Brigham Young 6:032 303 5.04 OC
CMP 4.5 SPINNEY, Mark Boston College 6:037 295 5.30 OC
CMP 4.5 MAIAVA, Kai UCLA 6:001 298 5.06 OC
CMP 4.5 DAVIS, Evan Cincinnati 6:033 282 5.12 OC
CMP 4.5 JOHNSON, Grant Oregon State 6:035 295 5.29 OC
CMP 4.4 GARRITY, Mike Eastern Illinois 6:052 301 5.39 OC
CMP 4.4 HUNTER, Kreg Ball State 6:027 302 5.47 OC
CMP 4.4 BOEMER, Bryan Southern Illinois 6:005 321 5.14 OC
CMP 4.4 MUDGE, Jordan Nevada 6:041 315 5.29 OC
CMP 4.3 SMITH, Darion Alabama-Birmingham 6:014 283 5.15 OC
CMP 4.3 CARRINGTON, Keshawn Rice 6:020 285 5.24 OC
CMP 4.3 PAGLIARO, James William & Mary 6:023 293 5.24 OC
CMP 4.3 KEOWN, Justin Texas Tech 6:037 292 5.29 OC
CMP 4.3 CURRY, Natiel Bethune-Cookman 6:015 312 5.32 OC
CMP 4.3 MILES, Logan Robert Morris 6:023 295 5.34 OC
CMP 4.3 WALKER, Brenton North Carolina A&T 6:000 282 5.29 OC



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9 thoughts on “Center Rankings: Packers 2012 NFL Draft Prospects

    1. Considering that Sitton and Lang were arguing over twitter who would have to start at center before Saturday was signed probably means neither one wants to do it. Plus, Lang did really well for a 1st year starter, why make both center and left guard an issue?

      1. That’s very true–I really liked how Lang handled his first year at LG.

        I was just thinking more along the lines of being able to vastly widen the pool of potential draft picks that would be able to step in and fill the likely holes along the interior of the offensive line in 2013.

  1. I like Kevin Zeitler a little better. The question for TT is when it is #28 and Konz is BAP, does he pull the BAP trigger or trade down to get Zeitler?

    Lang also plays Tackle which would allow Bulga to move to LT. I like the thought of the OL having flexibility and competition. That is why I prefer Zeitler over Konz. I also don’t like the health questions. TT needs to make sure to have a healthy OL ready by mid-season. Zeitler can back up sitton and lang right now – day 1.

    in the 4th there is a pick (Saulsberry, Molk, Blake & Brewster) available for development. Does TT pull that trigger?

    There are several FA’s like (WEDIGE & Holland) at the top down to Mudge of Nevada that have the right size and quickness. I’m sure that TT had the college scouts look over all of these guys. Expect TT to use one of the 7’s to select a development center that is on (or not on) this list as a FA.

    Zeitler then Saulsberry and use a 7th to pick a FA for development. Thoughts?

    1. I agree on Zeitler, but don’t want the packers going O that early. Zeitler could play left guard, Lang moves to right tackle and Bulaga to left tackle, making for a pretty solid line.

      If you take a center in mid-rounds, why do you need to take another later on?

      1. You don’t need to take one at each spot but if GB takes Zeitler then the 7th round might be for development (as backup when Saturday is done). I believe having Zeitler will solidy OL for next 5-10 years. If I was TT that is something I’d want.

        I’d like TT to trade into the second round and get zeitler – if possible. use the 4,5 6 rounds as trade bait for 2nd with zeitler in mind. If needed trade a player with the pick(s).

        I didn’t mean take all 3 – I meant there are 3 options (IMHO). Take quality with zeitler or take middle rounds. I feel that as precaution if TT does take say Brewster or other player as Ron LC says below then TT will need to get that development guy in 7th as backup. (precaution)

        Ron LC says below that Brewster in 4th or 5th will be there. If so that is great. A Slowey or Wedige in 7th as backup is ok. Of course a FA signing after draft of GARNER,CLOY,BOEMER or other college Scout approved Center works as well. FA might be best for Practice Squatd.

        I’d prefer to see the best OL with zeitler over a brewster.

        1. For 2nd pick trade I mean keep our current 2nd but trade for another 2nd to get zeitler. I’m sure TT can make that happen.

          GB needs to get another 2nd or a high 3rd. The extra picks are good but should be used to get that extra value in 2 and 3

  2. As much as I love the way Konz plays, he will go in a round where GB MUST address defense. I’d take a shot at Brewster from OSU in the 4th or 5th. Good size and natural ability. Could be taught some humility and disipline.

    1. I also like Brewster’s stability, and his combo blocking ability at his size is impressive.

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