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Packers GM Ted Thompson Trade-Up NFL Draft
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The other day we looked at possible first round trades for the Packers. Today we dip into the second round for some moves that might makes sense for Green Bay:

2nd Round Trade #1

The Packers trade their 2nd (59), 4th (123) and 6th (12) to the Tennessee Titans for their 2nd (52) and seventh (227). The trade value numbers are 385 on the Packers side and 381 for the Titans.

The Packers watch the second round unfold and after the first 50 picks are taken, find there are some players on their board they had rated as early second round talent. Ted Thompson can’t pass up the opportunity and calls up the Titans, owners of only seven picks in this draft.

The Titans stock up on more picks, while the Packers move up seven spots to grab the surprise dropper of the second round. Perhaps Shea McClellin, Chris Polk, Harrison Smith or Jerel Worthy find their way onto the Packers’ roster.

2nd Round Trade #2

The Packers trade their 2nd (59), 3rd (90), 4th (123) and 6th (197) to the Jacksonville Jaguars for their 2nd (38). The trade value numbers are 512 on the Packers side and 520 for the Titans.

The Jaguars will be willing traders, with only seven picks of their own. With this trade, the Jaguars end up with four picks in the first 90 selections and six in the first 123.

Do the Packers get enough? At first glance it might be hard to say yes, but let’s examine a bit closer. What Green Bay ends up with is two top-40 picks. To make a case for this trade, it would take a first-round talent on the Packers’ board falling into the second round. This would give them the potential to add two starters, much like they did with the Raji / Matthews draft, but at a MUCH cheaper cost, thanks to the new CBA and later picks.

So, if the Packers look at their board when the Jags are up and the likes of  Peter Konz, Kendall Reyes, Courtney Upshaw or Nick Perry are still there, do you make this move? Would it be any more risky than the trade to get Clay Matthews? I think not.

Like or dislike?


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33 thoughts on “Some 2nd round Trade-Up Scenarios for Packers GM Ted Thompson

  1. If TT loves a guy, and can make an immediate impact, why not? I conditionally like.

  2. Both trades seem reasonable. Personally, if there is no outstanding talent available at pick 28, I would like to see GB move into both the early and mid 2nd round, as well as the early 3rd round. I think that it is important that the mid 2nd round pick is no later than pick 45 or so, because most of the value in moving to that spot is ,imo, staying ahead of the Jets, Texans and Bears. They will all be looking for pass rushers as well, and I hear Chicago is high on McClellin as well.

    It sure would be nice to get one of the scenario 2 players and one of the scenario 1 players, and still have enough trade ammo to move into the early/mid 3rd round for a guy like Ben Jones, Brandon Thompson, or any other 2nd round guy who falls too far.

    All these moves would likely require GB to trade all picks in rounds 1-5 for 3 picks, but if they can get three impact players and still have 10 picks overall, that seems like a reasonable price to pay.

    1. Thomas, remember, compensatory picks CANNOT be traded, so you’re asking for a 5 picks for 3 picks trade AND wanting to move up. At first glance that seems unlikely.

        1. Just for clarity’s sake, I was talking about trading picks 28, 59, 90, 123 and 163 for the aforementioned picks (something like 42, 46 and 72).

          To be honest, I’m not sure that moving up in the 3rd round would be necessary, but it’s worth looking at.

    2. Hey AL, I know you’ve gone over this before but how do I edit my rambling posts?

      1. You just have to login first (on the right side under Join/Follow) before writing your comments. Then you will have an “edit” option.

        1. I’m currently signed in, but still see no “edit” option. Is this option in the post itself or somewhere else?

          1. it’s right after the timestamp of your comment: says (edit). If you weren’t logged in when you created the comment, it probably doesn’t recognize it as yours. You have to be logged in when you write the comment.

            1. I have been logged in when posting my comments, and have never seen an edit button beside the time stamp. Seems to be a glitch in the system . . .

  3. if upshaw or reyes are available in the mid second round i would definitely be in favore of moving up to get one of them.

    no thank you on peter konz and chris polk. i just cannot put that much value on a C or a RB.

  4. No way. TT would not trade up more than 3 places in the first round. If my guy was not there, I would trade down to the early 2nd round. If my guy was not there at 2-59, I would also trade down to the early 3rd round. I would try to trade up in the 4th round from 4-123 to around 4-100 as I see the talent drop off beginning around here. This still leaves the 4 sup picks.

  5. I don’t think TT ever makes a 4 for 1 trade as in scenario #2.

    The scenario I like is first a trade down then letting TT work his magic trading up.
    Picks 28 and 197 to KC for picks 44 and 74 (maybe KC want to move back into round one for a QB).
    TT would now have picks 44, 59, 74, and 90. Knowing he has the three 4th rounders he could pckg these 1st 4 picks to target certain players including trading 74 and 90 to get him another 2nd rounder.

  6. I stated last week that we would trade up in the second round. We will get our two starters on defense at that point. I can see the second being Smith from ND.

    1. harrison smith does not fit what TT and DC like in their safeties at all. I agree that there is a chance of moving up in the second, but harrison smith is not a good fit. I think TT knows the defense was awful last year because of the front seven. the packers have a bunch of gamblers in the secondary. when you do not have consistent pressure to force the QBs hand, gambling becomes much more difficult and risky. but that is who they are. front seven needs to be addressed early and often.

  7. I would love to see the second option happen. I could just imagine getting dont’a hightower at 28 and then trading up in the second to grab Nick Perry or Shea McClellin, whoever is still there at 38. We would have three LB that we could blitz on any given play from different angles. Our Dline would just have to worry about the run for the most part, as a 3-4 defense should. We could then grab a DE and FS/CB in the 4th and a QB in the 5th. I think we could give a back field of Starks, Green, Saine, and Kuhn a chance this year. Of course this would only work if Nick Collins comes back.

  8. Dont like either scenerio. The chart numbers dont always have to add up. Look at the Matthews trade according to the chart GB got ripped off. Best case is to trade back from 28 and get as many picks as possible in the 2nd and 3rd rounds because the draft is deep there. I’d love to see them make a trade with Stl for their 2 2’s and get 2 start from day 1 players like Worthy and Shea mc, or L David, or B wagner then get Brooks in the 3rd to replace lang next year.

    1. I agree that getting as many picks in the 2nd and 3rd rounds would be great. However, it takes two to tango when making a trade. If GB is approached by another team for pick 28, I would expect them to get a better deal (according to the draft chart) than if they are the ones to proposition a team about moving pick 28.

      Maybe ATL will want to move up from 55 to 28 to select an OT like Adams or Martin (if one falls that far) and will be willing to give up a 2013 1st round draft pick in order to do so. That’d be nice!

  9. Did TT pre-think this draft as part of not keeping Jenkins and Colledge as to he comp picks?
    Don’t the addition of them make it easier for TT to make a bold move period.
    IF so,I would sense his value has to be getting extra 2nds and not the all for one in the 1st.
    Three 2nds in decent spots would be killer…yes?

  10. Sounds awesome, both scenarios would be terrific, but in the end it all depends on who’s available. I’m kind of done projecting, 10 more days to the real thing.

  11. Why is it that every year, EVERY SINGLE YEAR, I want picks at the top of round 2. I try to look at the draft with a fresh eye every year, but still those high second rounders call to me.

    Your second scenario looks expensive, heck it IS expensive, but we could end up with two seriously good players if we draft well. In my opinion the 2nd and 3rd rounds are the rounds to move up in.

    Don’t think Ted would do that (despite the Matthews trade), but there was a time many said Ted would never trade up and that has been exploded in the last few years.

  12. I like your trade-up scenarios in either the 1st or 2nd rounds. My feeling right now is I prefer the 1st and go for it all. To get something good it has to be paid for. The need for an outside LB is so great it must be resolved. Obviously, it was not/will not be resolved in the FA market.

    Therefore, I encourage a combination of draft picks and existing personnel to move into a position to grab Nick Perry. I’ll leave the actual details to MM and TT (I’m sure they’ll be happy to oblige).

    Having a quality OLB on the right side will go along way to resolve the worst sack D in the NFL in 2011.

  13. Please everyone stop saying Nick Perry. Hes not an olb he cant cover hes a 4-3 end. You cant just make someone play a position they can’t. Nick Perry will not be drafted by GB guaranteed.

    1. What they need on the right side is a speed rusher. Perry has exceptional speed combined with power. Coverage on the rightside is not as important as soemone who can rush the passer and hold the end.

      THEY WERE LAST IN THE LEAGUE IN SACKS IN 2011. If you have a chance to ensure a run at the SB this year, you do it. That requires an immediate reversal of the defensive decline.

  14. Another thing to keep in mind is that NE has a ton of earlypicks and nothing after the 4th round, and GB has 4 tradeable picks in those rounds

    1. I didn’t notice that NE actually has very few pick overall. I think they focus more on acquiring relatively low-cost free agents for depth than late-round draft picks, but maybe GB could pry away pick 48 (Shea McClellin?) for a decent price.

  15. With all the picks we have, I would love to see us either drop back, or better yet, package a couple of the picks and stockpile something for next year. But then it all depends on what is available. Good players on the board – grab them, or trade up to get them. No value for you pick – package a couple of lower picks and get something next year.

  16. I like option #2. Harrison Smith might go off the boards at around 47 (Jets) or 49 (Chargers), so trading up before them makes sense. Grab an OLB in the first (Shea McClellin?), Smith in the second. TT has brought in some vets to help with DE, so we can afford to address our other needs first.

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