Anthony Hargrove Says He’s a Green Bay Packer – Green and Yellow… All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Anthony Hargrove says he's a Green Bay Packer
Anthony Hargrove says he's a Green Bay Packer

Free agent defensive lineman Anthony Hargrove has taken to twitter again, this time to announce he is officially a member of the Green Bay Packers:

It offiicial.. Here I come Packer Nation….Green and Yellow

Soon after, we heard this from Packers beat writer Paul Imig of Fox Sports Wisconsin:

Anthony Hargrove’s agent confirms that the contract with the #Packers is 100% complete. It’s done. He’s a Packer.

Later on, Kevin Seifert of confirmed the signing. Seifert (or someone at ESPN spoke with Hargrove via telephone.  Hargrove was quoted as saying, “When you think of this team, you think of one of the most respected organizations in the league. For them to come after me is very moving. I feel blessed today.”

So let the questions begin.

Can Hargrove be “Packer People?”

Will Hargrove be suspended as part of “Bountygate?”

Can a 4-3DE be successful in the Packers version of the 3-4 defense?

Has somebody kidnapped Ted Thompson?

As for me, I’m just thrilled they have someone who is an NFL starting caliber defensive lineman, who has hopefully left his troubles behind. Let’s all cross our fingers…


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12 thoughts on “Anthony Hargrove Says He’s a Green Bay Packer – Green and Yellow…

  1. All these signing’s prove that Ted Thompson knows that the front seven is in desperate need of attention, or better put, they need more pass rushers.

    He might be doing it his own way, that’s fine, but at least he knows that this is a problem that simply MUST be addressed!

  2. May the better men win. There will be intense competition with the number of players being brought in on the D-line. By opening day, we will be much better in that position. I get what TT is doing.

  3. yeah I think this move is awesome. Nothing wrong with putting pressure on guys to perform! If Wilson or guy can’t beat him out then I wouldn’t want them starting next year anyway. I don’t think this guy is locker room cancer like someone else suggested in the past. If he was involved in bounty gate he was one of the guys that felt he would be betraying his team by blowing the whistle certainly not one of the masterminds. I put alot less blame on the players than the coaching staff except for maybe vilma he seemed to be a ring leader from most reports I’ve read.

  4. Not that Anthony Hargrove isn’t a good signing I think it’s a good one as long as he don’t get suspended with his bountygate issue but I think Ted and Mike should also give Marcus Stroud a call he wants to play again and says he’s now healthy. At 6-6 310 lbs he would be a great fit at DE and give us a solid rotation as long as he has some gas left in the tank. In his prime he was a beast… a top 3 DT. Whats their to lose he would be fairly cheap after missing last year and you can never have enough quality lineman.

  5. These are approx numbers, but basically, Hargrove played 57% of the snaps in 09, 47% in 10 and then 37% last year with the Seahags. His production has tapered off the last 3 years. This is not a great signing, but with the bums we have in the D front 7, I’m glad TT signed him.

  6. tt has opened some eyes with these recent free agent signings. how many of us would have thought this?

  7. From the Seattle Times:
    Anthony Hargrove was not only a surprise addition to the Seahawks’ 2011 team, but a surprisingly effective addition. He agreed to terms with the Seahawks two days before the season-opener in San Francisco, a game he played in. He was a mainstay in Seattle’s nickel package last year, he had three sacks and his most memorable play was the tackle for a loss he had, registering a safety in New York against the Giants.
    So far, so good!

  8. to me, this says that ted expects to spend a bunch of picks trading up to get his guy, meaning he won’t get to draft as many bodies as he’d like. hence; sign free agents to fill gaps now instead of filling them in the draft.

    or maybe he just wants a boatload of competition in camp this year. no mortal man could comprehend the mind of ted!

  9. This and the other Defensive signings are all about competition. The NT spot and DE spot need work.

    The Packers have kept 6 Dlinemen.
    Raji and Pickett are locks.
    Right now I would say Hargrove is.
    Neal will not be around until week 5.
    The Packers need DE’s more then any position IMO.

    Raji is not a DE and neither is Pickett.
    The best use of those two is rotating them at NT.
    Neither of those two should ever come close to the DE spot other then short yardage and goal line.
    You keep those two at NT and rotate them and you have the best for both and out of both.

    The DE spot needs the most work.
    Wilson and Wynn right now are nothing but rotational players.

    Wilson will get the full off season he needs, he either takes that step up or can be gone.

    Wynn IMO can be gone now.

    Neal when healthy showed some good things, but that has been so long ago and so many injuries since you can’t count on him.
    This is it for him, he either shows up after week 4 or goes home.

    Hargrove and Guy are the closest things to a 3-4 DE the team has right now.

    Muir is a question IMO to even make the team. If he can beat out Wynn or Wilson fine.

    Johnny Jones at 6-4 310# is a second year player off the practice squad that could do something at least he will get a chance to compete.

    Packers need to draft more then one 3-4 DE.

    Right now I’d do what ever I have too to get Fletcher Cox in the 1st, Shea McCellin in the 2nd and the best safety possible in the 3rd.
    Then I’d draft another DE.

    You give me Raji, Hargrove, Cox up front with Matthews, Bishop, Hawk and McCellin as your front seven, with Guy, Pickett and who ever wins the battle for that last Dline spot for rotation to start the season it will be a MUCH better Dline that will generate Pass rush.
    Even when back, Neal will have to earn playing time.
    Add rotation and situational play by Smith, Zombo, Jones who would be the leaders in the club right now and add another ILB it will be a WAY different defense then last year.
    You add Tollefson in to the mix and players are going to have to earn there spots.

    Who knows maybe TT and MM keep an extra Dlinemen this year, I think with the pass rush situation last year that might be a much better thing then 5 TE’s.

    I have to give TT credit, he has gone out and laid the ground work for competition for spots.
    And that is the best thing he can do for the defense.

    1. I think something that has to be mentioned is that I believe guys like Wynn, Neal, and probably Hargrove weren’t brought in to play the edges in base defense. I just read a Tyler Dunne article that stated that Anthony Hargrove is probably “the best option to start in base defense”, and I thought to myself, “Are you serious?”.. I have to disagree that Hargrove is the closest thing to a 3-4 DE on the squad. CJ Wilson is, actually, probably the closest thing, like it or not. Neal is probably closer to a 3-4 DE than Hargrove as well.

      I think these guys (Wynn, Hargrove, Neal) were all brought in to play as inside rushers in nickle packages featuring 4 down linemen.

      They may have thought that Neal could play both inside in nickle and DE in base, but I’d bet they planned on him being only situationally used in base until Cullen’s departure.

      Wynn and Hargrove are clearly not 3-4 DE’s. With small size and quickness being their main attributes, you should not be looked at to set the edge in a 3-4 defense.

  10. TT’s FA efforts are going the way I had hoped they would. He’s building more reliable depth with Hargrove and Muir and not breaking the bank while doing it. AJ and Wynn were miserable last year and Brown was invisible.

    Capers has been tasked with fixing the abysmal D and he is having an impact on player selection in FA. If things don’t improve this year somone will pay the price. Dropping from a top 3 rated D to dead last was inexcusable. Yes, they’re good at turnovers, everything else – they sucked. Getting off the field on 3rd down will be the key this year.

    Outside of Raji the Dline draft choices have been underwhleming. Maybe some good but not super star additons will give the Packers a boost. It better!

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