NFL Draft Prospect Profile: David Molk, C Michigan All Green Bay Packers All the Time
David Molk, C Michigan: NFL Draft prospect profile
David Molk, C Michigan

Green Bay Packers draft prospect profile: David Molk

Player information:

  • David Molk, C Michigan
  • 6-foot-1, 298lbs
  • The Illinois native was ranked as the No. 3 center in the nation out of HS by Scout .com

NFL Combine:

  • 41 bench press reps

News & Notes:

Molk was named First Team All American and took home the 2011 Rimington Trophy Winner as the nation’s best center. Surprised many by weighing in at 298lbs at the combine (10-15 lbs. over his playing weight at Michigan). Did not participate in field drills at the combine due to a foot injury.  Molk is a workout warrior, as his 41 combine bench press reps and massive 22inch neck will attest.

What they’re saying about him:

Wes Bunting (National Football Post):  Shorter, compact lineman who looks nearly maxed out physically, despite weighing 288-pounds. Looks a little tight hipped trying to sit into his stance, but has a quick first step, and snaps and steps very quickly. Creates leverage for himself consistently, extends his arms and can easily reach and seal on plays off his frame… A perfect fit for the Michigan’s run first spread offense where he consistently plays to his strengths. However, he’s an overachiever who looks like a potential starter in only a zone scheme in my view.

Dane Brugler (CBS Sports):    Molk doesn’t look like much, but he is very aggressive and plays bigger than he appears. Lacks elite physical tools, but you can’t measure heart and desire. He has 42 career starts under his belt and worked through several different offensive systems in Ann Arbor. Battle tested and smart, seasoned veteran. Molk has poor base strength and won’t be for everyone at the next level (scheme-specific), but he is quick, scrappy and competitive with pro intangibles and work ethic. A third or early fourth round prospect who is ideally suited for a zone blocking scheme and does have NFL starting potential. (Combine):   He has good speed for his position and is a strong player. He is slightly underweight, but it hasn’t effected his play much up to this point. He can be late to pick up blitzes at times and struggles in his technique, but he has solid value and should be selected near the fifth round.


Video analysis:

Can definitely see why he is being called mostly a ZBS player.
Moves well down the line and executes the seal block very well.
Explosive first step after the snap.
Like to delivers a hard first blow, but then can’t sustain his momentum.
Stands too tall in pass protection and is susceptible to the bull rush.


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10 thoughts on “NFL Draft Prospect Profile: David Molk, C Michigan

  1. Seems like a smaller version of someone we already know – Scott Wells. Rather we spent a third or fourth rounder on a defensive prospect and pay Wells to come back.

    1. I was just going to say that his profile reminds me of Wells. I’d take that gamble but also want to add an OC in free-agency if I were TT.

  2. Thanks for doing this write-up Al. I guess the thing that worries me the most is that, according to your video analysis, he is susceptible to the bull rush. That’s one thing that GB simply cannot afford–the middle of the pocket collapsing, making it impossible for Rodgers to step up and away from the outside rush.

    I like Molk if he can work on technique for a year but if GB has to rely on whomever they draft to start week 1 then I think TT had better get a veteran in there as well as a mid-late rounder like Molk.

  3. I’m confused by NFL Combine 6’1 is tall for a center? In the GB system a center has to maintain. Muscle-bound doesn’t equal flexible. If he’s around 6 or 7 worth giving him a try.

    1. Sorry Ron, that was left over from the Brewster profile. I guess I cut, but didn’t paste. Anyway, it’s fixed now…


  4. Reports have come out regarding his combine interviews. He come across as cocky and over-confident, upset Konz is rated ahead of him, etc. Just seems like a locker room cancer waiting to happen.

  5. I can see how much better Brewster is by looking at the videos. Brewster’s combo blocks were very impressive especially at his size.

  6. If the packers lose wells I would prefer for the to get a little bigger up the middle. A guy like Molk will be back down to 290 by week 5.

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