NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Ronnell Lewis, OLB Oklahoma All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Oklahoma LB Ronnell Lewis, 2012 NFL Draft Prospect
Oklahoma LB Ronnell Lewis

Green Bay Packers draft prospect profile: Ronnell Lewis

Player information:

  • Ronnell Lewis, OLB Oklahoma
  • 6-foot-2, 253lbs
  • Played only some 8-man football in HS.

NFL Combine:

  • 4.65 40yd dash
  • 4.4 20 yard shuttle
  • 7.09 3-cone drill
  • 9.3′ long jump
  • 31″ vertical jump

News & Notes:

A late bloomer, Lewis had a good 2011, playing in multiple spots on the front seven and averaging 6 tackles per game. Doesn’t have a lot of football experience, so he will take some time to develop. Lewis loves to hit hard, but is not particularly assignment-responsible. In 35 games at Oklahoma, Lewis was in on 118 tackles, 20 tackles for loss and 9.5 sacks. There are some questions about maturity, as he was suspended for Oklahoma’s bowl game due to academic ineligibility. Will be a special teams demon.

What they’re saying about him:

Wes Bunting (National Football Post): he possesses an impressive physical/athletic skill set, a “plus” motor and a real passion for the game. I don’t think he’s ever going to be a top end pass rusher in the NFL. However, as a 6-8 sack guy long term who can help out on special teams and give you all he has play in and play out, I think he warrants a second round type grade.

Dane Brugler (CBS Sports): Lewis was moved around a lot in college as the coaches tried to maximize his talents, playing “SAM” linebacker, defensive end and also a hybrid of the two positions — lacks a natural spot and looks to be scheme specific as a pass rusher in a 3-4 defense. Lewis plays hard on every snap and has a lot of ability, but is still relatively unproven and raw — a good, but not great, prospect who is being overrated as a top-40 pick, but has starting potential at the next level down the line with his natural athleticism and strength.


Video analysis:

Will make his presence felt on the field, especially on kick coverage teams.
Strong against the run. Has good closing speed and is a sure tackler.
Limited experience in pass coverage.
One-dimensional pass rusher at this point. Needs to be coached up on techniques.
Has enough explosiveness to possible develop into a 10 sack player in the NFL.
Could be there in Round two for the Packers.


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24 thoughts on “NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Ronnell Lewis, OLB Oklahoma

  1. I would pass on Ronnell in the second round. When I watch him I think…wait for it…Torrance Marshall. Another Oklahoma LB that had all the physical tools, but nothing between the ears. A second round pick should be someone that can come in early and start. Lewis might get snaps, but someone that is as unassignment sure as lewis will never see the field for Dom Capers.

    1. He will definitely take a year or two to grow up and get coached up. But the physical ability is there. Wouldn’t be my favorite pick either, but I could live with it.

      Where ya’ been? Mourning period finally over for you?

  2. Also, Al, I saw on Draftek that you picked Crick for the packers in the first round when Whitney Mercilus is still on the board. Ouch. I have to stongly disagree with you on that pick. I like Crick, just about 1.5 rounds later than when you picked him.

    1. I don’t make the picks myself on Drafttek, the computer simulation does. I assign position priorities by need, I can tell it to ignore certain players or can tell it to “grab” certain players, if available. I would not take Crick in the first round myself, and next week I’ll lock him out of the first round for Green Bay.

      I did have a “grab” on Nick Perry in round 1 (not that I’m THAT excited about him, but, he would do…) But the Pats got Perry, so I ended up with Crick.

      Also, note that the Trumaine Johnson pick in the 3rd round was a “grab” for me (my pick)

      1. I cannot figure Perry out. When he bends the corner he looks really athletic and flexible, but when he has to make unexpected movements like when the QB breaks the pocket his agility looks TERRIBLE. I would take him at the bottom of the first as well. He is a boom or bust guy I think. Every OLB scares me to death this year. But the Pack have to get one.

        I liked Nick Reed from last years draft better than any of the the OLBs in this draft, including Upshaw and Ingram.

        I like the Trumaine Johnson pick. I have seen some say that he is a CB/S. Probably because of his size. But my buddy made a good point. He does not look like nearly a good enough tackler to play S. He is either a CB or nothing in our opinion.

  3. I am not a big Ronnell Lewis fan. My money is still on Vinny Curry from Marshall. Yes he ran slow at the combine but his cone drill time was excellent, meaning he changes direction fast. He is also a better and more explosive pass rusher than any of these other guys. Has the best first step of the 3-4 tweeners. Will he be a potential liability in coverage? Yes, but how often will he be in coverage? The Packs problem was simply that Walden/Zombo/Jones couldn’t beat their man one on one in passing situations. If Curry can do that, it won’t matter that they know he’s coming. GoPack!

    1. I’m listening….Vinny Curry looks like the most complete player when I watch him of all the 3-4 OLBs with maybe the exception of Upshaw. But his 40 time scares me.

      I always say find me a guy that can get to the QB and figure out the rest later. But I worry that a 5 second 40 is just too slow. Doing a simple calculation, the difference between a 4.63 and a 4.98 40 after three seconds is 1.81 yards. (i know i am not taking into account acceleration rates etc) but that is a HUGE difference in the NFL. That is a TE running wide open.

      i still like curry, but i would have taken him in the first round prior to the combine. I do not think I can do that anymore.

        1. Split,Cone,Shuttle and his multi-tech pass rush erases a 4o time.Can’t beleive you jumped ship so quickly AL…tsk,tsk LOL

          1. Didn’t jump ship. What I mean is I think a 4-3 team will snatch him up for sure now… I would still take him in a heartbeat over any OLB other than Upshaw and Ingram.

            1. Al, wouldn’t he have to considerably bulk up to play as a down lineman in the NFL?..And wouldn’t that have potential ramifications on his quickness?

              I think he may be looking at OLB or bust, and as I commented on the Vinny article, That transition is not always a smooth one.

              Curry may be so much of a true “Tweener” that he can’t find a home at either DE or OLB where he excels in the NFL.

              1. There are plenty of 4-3DEs his size in the NFL. Even still, Curry has the body type that can easily put on more weight, if that’s what the coaches want. But to be clear, I would only consider him as a 4-3DE. 3-4DE requires a bigger beast.

              2. When I think of 265lbs DE’s in the NFL, I’m thinking of edge threat, speed rushers like The Freak or even KGB.

                I know there are some smaller DE’s who don’t fit that mold, but typically, that’s the type of player that springs to my mind.

                With my limited exposure, I don’t see Curry as that type of DE. But then, I’m just a schmoe anyways 😉

      1. Just my 2 cents but I was watching a documentary and Jerry Rice ran a 4.59 40 at the combine his draft year. That’s not exactly blazing speed (especially for a WR) and he is the best WR in NFL history. I would go with your instincts after watching film and not change your mind based solely on a 40 time. People put alot of stock into it but when it comes down to it doesn’t take into account many things: competitive speed, the human factor, reaction time, etc. I think he plays alot faster than a 5.0. I like that guy still and think he’s still a legit pick.

  4. The only flaw in that math is that in 3.5seconds, Curry will be sacking the QB because Woodson will be covering the TE. goPack!

  5. Let’s just see what happens at his pro day. I will be shocked if he is as slow. GoPack!

  6. I think Shea McClellin can make the transition to OLB.

    And what’s your take on Bruce Irvin, Cam Johnson, and Jonathon Masssaquoi?

  7. I’m hoping that there some surprises coming up. Not overly excited at what’s being discussed so far. Not being a draft fanatic, as in stats on hundreds of players, I rely on the good jucgement of you guys. Please tell me there’s some help out there.

  8. I don’t know if on the whole Ronnell is worth picking, but saying he loves to hit hard may be an understatement.

    This kid hits like a ton of bricks. Perhaps one of the most intimidating tacklers/hitters in quite a while.

  9. Living in Texas I saw a lot OK. and Texas games. Ronnell totally disrupts plays by blowing them up at or behind the LOS. I would see him at one position only…MLB. I’m not a trained scout but to me seeing him in games reminds me of Patrick Willis of the 49ers. Between him and Bishop, they could make inside running game against the Pack very difficult.

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