NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Jared Crick, DE, Nebraska All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Jared Crick
Nebraska DT Jared Crick

Green Bay Packers draft prospect profile: Jared Crick.

Player information:

  • Jared Crick, DT, Nebraska
  • 6-foot-4, 285 pounds
  • Played basketball and was a track and field standout in high school

News & Notes:
Coming off pectoral surgery…Ran a 4.99 at the combine with a 31-inch vertical…Totaled 20 sacks at Nebraska…Had 167 career tackles, 35 tackles for a loss…Scouts view him as a 3-4 DE instead of a pure pass rusher… first-team All American in 2010.

What they’re saying about him:

  • Bob McGinn (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel): McGinn quoted a scout about Crick: “Good enough athlete to play 5-technique (3-4 DE). Strong hands. Plays with pride. He’s got some stiffness, but he’s got enough flexibility to squeeze and control and go laterally and make plays.”
  • Wes Bunting (National Football Post): “Isn’t a guy who can hold up vs. the run inside in the NFL and isn’t a dynamic pass rusher either. However, as a five-technique DE I can see him finding a home with some versatility on 3rd down.”
  • Chad Reuter (CBS Sports): “Not an elite pass rusher. Sacks come with relentless effort, not initial quickness or varied pass-rush moves…Secure tackler with closing speed and fair change of direction ability for his height and frame. Breaks down to tackle has the strong upper body to keep ballcarriers from wriggling free.”


Video analysis

  • Plays a little high. Needs to get lower to succeed in the NFL
  • Looks more athletic after his initial move. Not a quick first move, but if he gets you in his sights later in a play, watch out
  • Uses long arms to keep blockers away and dive at the ball-carrier.
  • If he develops a quicker initial move, he’ll be a keeper. For now, he looks more like second-rounder.

Adam Czech is a a freelance sports reporter living in the Twin Cities and a proud supporter of American corn farmers. When not working, Adam is usually writing about, thinking about or worrying about the Packers. Follow Adam on Twitter. Twitter .


33 thoughts on “NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Jared Crick, DE, Nebraska

  1. I would love to see TT work his way into the early 2nd round to grab him. Even trading back from the 1st round might be the ticket, if GB could trade their 28 and 60 for two high 2nds. (Jordy Nelson anyone)

  2. Only McGinn’s “fairy godscout” has a very positive opinion. If I remember the game against the Badgers he was handled all day long one on one. NEXT!

  3. I am not a Crick fan. I hate seeing mock drafts with him being our 2nd round selection. He was weak against Bucky. Hasn’t been all that impressive since Suh left the program. We already have pedestrian D-linemen. We don’t need another one. I would much rather see them take Mike Martin or Kendall Reyes in the 2nd or 3rd round if looking at D-line. GoPack!

  4. I keep getting the impression with many experts and mocks,that their main objective is to ensure our downfall with their picks.Reyes over Crick is a huge no brainer and yet…

  5. Wasn’t Cullen Jenkins torn pectoral one of the signs that he was injury prone(not my assessment) and that the Pack were justified in getting rid of him. Now you’ve got a younger guy who’s already torn his peck(that doesn’t sound good). Doesn’t this in the Packers eye, portend nothing but trips to the IR and lost seasons for Crick?

      1. Good one Jim,

        Let me try a variation;

        Czech ponders if Pack will pick Crick passing on his past peck problems.

        1. Ok, one more;

          If the Pack pick Crick with his past peck problems, in what part of picking should the Pack pick peck problem Crick?

    1. Wasn’t Justin Harrel drafted after a torn peck? What is it with these injured guys that the Packers “supposedly” like?
      Methinks it’s just “sportswriters” banter!

  6. He’s a very poor mans Adam Carriker. His determination and pursuit are his best attributes, by far. He’s not fluid, he’s really skinny below the waist (tackle and TE’s will kill him in the run game) and he can’t kick inside.

    Whoever said this kid is a 2nd round talent reads the internet and doesn’t watch the games. He wasn’t even a 2nd round talent when getting inflated stats sitting next to Suh. He will make hustle plays on backside pursuit and nothing more. He sure isn’t a 5 technique.

    I wouldn’t touch him before the 4th round. I don’t watch as much collegiate football as I have in prior years, but I’ve seen this kid play more than a dozen games and he really shouldn’t sniff the first 3 rounds.

    1. Adam, wasn’t trying to slight you on the 2nd round pick thing. It’s the pundits and self-proclaimed draftniks that actually say they study the film (lots of film) I’m making fun of. No insult intended.

      1. And if you study the film provided in this post it looks more like Washington highlights than highlights of Crick. If you look at this embedded film, keeping in mind CSS’s description of him, you will notice how limited he is. Crick is a stiff, non-athletic try hard guy. If you like that – fine; but I wouldn’t draft him early either.

  7. People:

    I’m not saying the Packers should pick this guy. This is the first of many draft profiles you’ll see on this site. The idea is to generate some draft discussion, pass on info from other sources and maybe learn a thing or two about players we may not have known much about before.

    So unless it’s explicitly stated in the post, don’t take these profiles as recommendations.

    Carry on with your tongue twisters about Crick.

    1. I’m aware of that, Zach, and it’s good primer on the draft. I’m just pitching my 2 cents about his overall position in the draft.

      Looking forward to future articles, I would pay a hefty fee to actually see how the Packers have their draft board stacked.

        1. Yeah, I know. Just wanted to make clear where I’m coming from w/ these profiles because I’m sure there will be more over the next month.

          1. I was just adding to the comedy of the nursery rhyme adam, not meant to be taken seriously. In a more serious statement, think he would be ok to pick later in the draft like most of the others on this blog. I would prefer for ROLB in one of the early rounds. No where in your article did it imply he should be picked in the early rounds so I would think that clears you of most charges but the thing is he probably will be picked early so in order to draft him we wouldn’t be getting a good value. Someone said they would love to see him picked in the second round, I think that’s where the draft position got brought up.

  8. i think he has some tools. and i think he can bring some pass rush to the DL. TT cannot keep trying to plug 340 lb guys at the DE spot. Crick is more athletic than most of the guys on our DL. i would take a flier on him.

    but i agree that 2nd round is too high. he is a tweener coming off of a major injury. i think he is a late third to fourth round guy.

    1. Agree w/ the second sentence. I’d be higher on Crick if his initial move didn’t seem so ordinary.

  9. When I first watched video of Crick over a month ago, I was not impressed at all. Over time (and more studying), I’ve grown to think that he can be a decent player. Nothing great, but a good rotation guy that gives an honest effort every time.

    1. I’m getting dizzy from “rotation guys” can’t we get one that can be in a”no spin zone”.

  10. how much crack could a jared crick crunch if a jared crick could crunch crack…? I still don’t want him to be a Packer. He’s a poor man’s Jarius Wynn. GoPack!

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