Green Bay Packers Re-Sign TE Jermichael Finley with Two-Year Deal All Green Bay Packers All the Time

According to several reports, the Green Bay Packers avoided any looming franchise tag battle by re-signing free agent tight end Jermichael Finley Wednesday with a two-year, $15 million deal.

Pro Football Talk first reported the agreement per a league source, and Finley confirmed the report through his Twitter account shortly thereafter.

Many have speculated that the Packers would be forced to use the franchise tag on Finley, who at 24 years old looked ready to command a top tight end salary on the open market if he remained unsigned by March 13. It was also widely assumed that Finley would argue for the receiver franchise tag tender, which is about $4 million more than what a tight end would receive from the tag in 2012.

This deal avoids any mess that a franchise tag battle could have created between the two sides.

With a two-year deal at around $7.5 million a year, the Packers might have gotten the best of both worlds.

While the money splits the franchise tag numbers for tight ends and receivers almost down the middle, a two-year deal allows Finley to show the Packers brass that he is worth a longer-term deal down the road. Finley will be just 26 years old when he re-enters free agency again in 2014.

An agreement between the Packers and Finley seemed far apart as recently as late last month, and some opined that no deal would come about between the two sides, especially after an inconsistent and sometimes frustrating 2011 season.

Packers coach Mike McCarthy made it very clear after the season how big a cog Finley was in the Packers offense.

“He wants to be a great player and thinks he’s going to be a great player. With his talent level, that’s half the battle,” McCarthy said in his final press conference of the season. “I look for him to continuing to develop and establishing himself definitely as one of the (great) tight ends, Pro Bowl tight ends, in this league.”

Finley caught 55 passes for 767 yards and eight touchdowns in 2011 after missing 11 of the Packers 16 regular season games in 2010 with a knee injury.


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19 thoughts on “Green Bay Packers Re-Sign TE Jermichael Finley with Two-Year Deal

  1. Good news. Frees up the franchise tag for Flynn and eliminates one of the three big FA concerns.

    I hope Wells is next.

  2. He’s getting more than franchise money and a 2 year deal that will allow him to go after the really big money if he performs. This is probably a better deal for Finley than the Packers because he still needs to prove a whole lot. Let’s hope he does.

    Now let’s get Scott into the fold. And bring on the draft talk.

    1. Yeah I thought it was in Finley’s favor too… Either way the match up issue he provides is an amazing advantage.

      I did some research on Gurley after you guys mentioned him and aparently that guy is 6′ 5″ 230lbs. If that guy is as good as you guys say he is then can you imagine the match up problems presented by this line up??? Finley, Jennings, Nelson, Gurley, and Cobb? Two 6’5″ strong, quick recievers. Cobb is a speedy, shifty reciever with potential to be a Steve Smith/ Wes Welker type player and I don’t even need to elaborate on Nelson and Jennings. That recieving core is scary… even better than our recieving core in 2011. It’s almost unfair.

      1. But wait, there’s more. Besides being 6’4″, Gurley had the longest wingspan (35″ arms) at the combine and measured a 33.5″vertical jump. he can literally play at a different atmospheric level that any defensive back. Also, he did not drop a pass in his senior year in college. Now the question is, can he develop the moves and quickness to consistently get open. I say he can.

          1. Ditto, and I don’t even have that equipment in my locker!

            (Actually, I thought Gurley was impressive in preseason last year. Was glad they kept him on the PS.)

              1. Wicked Witch of the North
                (Division )magic!
                Next life I plan to BE a 6’5″ WR.
                And I won’t care if my name is

        1. “Also, he did not drop a pass in his senior year in college.”

          I read that, too, after the Packers brought him into camp, where he promptly dropped more balls than almost any receiver there. I’m sure it was just a byproduct of the atmosphere, but I found that to be a very odd dichotomy.

    2. Good deal all around but even better for the Pack. We keep him for 2 years, if he develops we gp lng term if not easy to let go

  3. This is super news. Even if we do sign wells the Pack should draft the center out of Wisconsin to solidify the protection for ARod for the next 5 – 10 years.
    If Finley earns a big contract in two years it means probably another SB. If not the Pack will move in another direction.
    With the talent at WR does anyone suspect that TT will trade one for Picks?

    1. Are you my father? I know it sounds funny but my dad’s name is, well, your name, and he’s the biggest packer fan I’ve ever met so it wouldn’t surprise me if he, or possibly you, were blogging on this site without my knowing. Funny coincidence if not, O.o

      1. Zach I’m honored but unless you have a brother in Peru, a sister in L.A., and live in Minnesota (ugh) I’m not your daddy. I did grow up in Superior though.
        I also am stockholder in the pack.

      1. I don’t think TT would be actively looking to trade Jordy Nelson.

        And if he was thinking about it when that contract was drawn up, I can’t imagine TT would still be considering trading away the WR who was arguably the best performing WR over the last 22 weeks of NFL football.

  4. lol no. I live in Japan and I have a brother and sister that live in Mississippi so I guess we’re not related. Thanks for the response.

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