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Howard Green
Howard Green

1) Introduction: One of the many memorable plays from Super Bowl XLV was Howard Green’s bull rush that forced a Ben Roethlisberger interception and resulted in a pick-six for Nick Collins. Green filled the space-eater role for the Packers in 2010, but never returned to form in 2011. Don’t expect him to return in 2012.

2) Profile:

Howard Green Jr.

Position: NT
Height: 6-2
Weight: 340 lbs.
AGE: 33

Career Stats

3) Expectations coming into the season: Immovable object. Nobody has ever mistaken Green for a quick and nimble pass rusher. The Packers claimed him off waivers from the Jets midway through last season to occupy space and stuff the run. They wanted him to do the same this season, but like most of his teammates on the D-line, Green didn’t make many plays and was just sort of there.

4) Player’s highlights/low-lights: Move along folks, no highlights to see here. Green played in all 16 regular season games and managed just 11 tackles. Lowlights include a terrible game against the Bears on Christmas and never adequately filling in when Ryan Pickett was hurt.

5) Player’s contribution to the overall team success: Even though there were no memorable plays like the Super Bowl bull rush, other teams can’t ignore a guy who weighs 340 pounds. Green might have been blown off the ball more often than a 340-pound guy should have been, but teams at least had to work a little bit to move him around.

6) Player’s contributions in the playoffs: Green was a healthy scratch in the playoffs.

Season Report Card:

(D) Level of expectations met during the season
(D) Contributions to team’s overall success.
(F) Contributions to team during the playoffs

Overall Grade: D-


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7 thoughts on “Howard Green: 2011 Green Bay Packers Evaluation and Report Card

  1. I’m still confused how we couldn’t get more out of our line this year. These guys are supposed to be football players, right?
    Grade is fair.

  2. I wouldn’t be as harsh on Green simply based on the fact that he’s not there to make big plays, make tons of tackles or sack the quarterback. Green’s responsibility is to eat up blockers so other players stay clean, so really if he’s taking up two blockers that’s pretty much job well done for him.

  3. Did Green typically/frequently take up two blockers? I think with all the double/triple teaming that CM3 saw this year, someone on the D-line wasn’t all that effective.

  4. Getting blown off the ball like Green often was this season is bad whether you’re blocked by one or two O-linemen.

  5. a down year for sure, he’ll always have his career highlight in last years superbowl hitting Big Ben causing int and Collins TD and NFL Champions ring..

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