Packers WR Tori Gurley Turns Down Minnesota Vikings, Receives Raise All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Gurley turned down the Vikings to stay with the Packers.

Green Bay Packers receiver Tori Gurley has turned down an active roster spot on the Minnesota Vikings to stay in Green Bay at a higher salary, according to Rob Demovsky of the Green Bay Press Gazette. reported on Monday about the possibility of Gurley being promoted to the Packers’ active roster after a source confirmed that Gurley and the Packers were in negotiations for a salary bump.

AllGBP also reported that an unnamed team had put in a claim for Gurley, which certainly helped in the negotiations for Gurley’s raise.  Combined with the fact that the Packers had just lost Greg Jennings for 2-3 weeks, the possibility was there for Gurley to be activated from the practice squad.

While it’s still possible that Gurley could be added to the active roster in the coming days or weeks, Gurley remains on the practice squad at this time.

According to Demovsky, Gurley turned down the offer in part because the Vikings’ season has just three games left but also for the fact that he’s learning the position from the best group of receivers in the NFL. As Demovsky quoted Gurley, “The grass isn’t always greener on the other side.”

In other news, the Packers signed fullback Jon Hoese, who was in training camp this season with Green Bay, to the 8-man practice squad. Hoese went undrafted out of the Universtiy of Minnesota. He’ll wear No. 35. To make room, the Packers released guard Jake Vermiglio.


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32 thoughts on “Packers WR Tori Gurley Turns Down Minnesota Vikings, Receives Raise

  1. Ha ha ha Vikings.

    I will say this looks like the beginning of the end of DD’s player career. Gurley must have a strong feeling how the Pack are planning to go if he’s willing to try and get time in a loaded receiving corps and forgo a active roster spot on a mediocre to poor Queens group.

    1. Gurley is a perfect example of a player having the foresight to stay put in the situation that will be most beneficial to his long-term development, as opposed to going for the money grab (Ya think Brian Brohm wishes he had stayed on the Packers’ practice squad instead of taking Buffalo’s money?)

        1. I think Graham HArrell is very happy he didn’t go to Buffalo.

          Brohm, on the other hand, may not have had a lot of traction left in Green Bay. Sometimes the right move is to get while the getting is still good.

            1. I often wondered if there was any amount of coaching that Clements and McCcarthy could have offered to Brohm that would take unless Brohm’s older brother/ hobbyist QB coach would have gotten out of Brian’s ear and let the pros do the teaching.

              If I remember correctly, there was a slightly more than subtle subtext that Brohm’s brother was constantly meddling in the coaching staff’s attempts to correct and improve Brohm’s mechanics.

  2. Maybe TT will surprise everyone with a big trade before the draft. Look for Nelson to shine in KC…

  3. I hate to be a cynic, but maybe Gurley is thinking three weeks active with the Vikes wasn’t worth giving up the opportunity to own a Superbowl Champions ring and receive playoff pay. I do like what I’ve read of him and hope he figures into our long-range plans, but this doesn’t appear to be a difficult decision…

    1. Probably wasn’t an easy decision to stay, as the chance to play is much greater in Minnesota. Ultimately, all players just want to play. But there are a boatload of reasons why he made the right choice. He’s said all along he wants to be in Green Bay regardless.

  4. He had Jordy Nelson in his ear,I could have gone somewhere else and got more money and even more playing time but,I want to win and this is where we play to win.

  5. If you last name is Gurley, name your son Bob, or Bill, or maybe John or Jim, but not Tori, just saying

    1. I went to high school with Tori and his last name used to be childers, his mothers last name.. he changed it to gurley, his fathers last name, to honor him after he died a few years back.

      1. Matt, I thought I read that about Gurley in training camp but couldn’t remember for sure. Thanks for the reminder!

  6. Let’s see here….Ray “Nitschke”, Dick “Butkus”, Sam “Huff”, Johnny “Blood” McNally……..Tori Girly?

    Tori Blood Girly?….Mmmm ..NO-
    Sounds like that time of month

  7. Maybe his dad did it on purpose, like a boy named Sue…..toughens a guy up. Scoring TDs will shut guys like me up…lol

    1. Did you see Chastin West, a former practice squad-er for the Packers, caught a TD for the Jags last night?

  8. I didn’t think this was possible. I thought if a team made a claim on a PS guy, they went, and the original team couldn’t do anything about it. Can the player just turn it down?

    1. Ultimately, all practice squad players are free agents. It’s their choice to go or stay. Most do go for a chance to be on an active roster (plus the active roster paycheck). In this case, the player stayed. The Packers did bump up his salary, too.

    2. I was under the same mis-conception. I asked Gurley this on Twitter and he confirmed that the player doesn’t have to go. it’s the player’s choice. Not coincidentally, he had tweeted to me a few days before that “he’s not going anywhere”.

  9. Anybody who shuns the Vikings, to remain a Packer, is a hero. I’m sorry Tori for goofin on your name. I hope you have a great career and remain a Packer. Plus I know you can kick my @$$, so I may as well say im sorry now, just in case we meet someday,…LOL

  10. This is classic TT. Bring in and train. If this kid was in the draft he would be a 3rd round pick minimun. For the basic salary of a rookie, TT has a 3rd (or 2nd) already training and in camp for next year. Awesome to watch this organization work.

    Smart move on Tori’s part. 3 games and done or just being part of the “Best Team Ever”. No even a choice in my humble opinion.

    1. Well, he did go undrafted, so I’m not sure he’s a 3rd round pick. But I get what you’re saying…he could easily turn out to be a 3rd round or better talent if he sticks this out. Driver doesn’t have long left

  11. Great!! I think this guy is going to be someone special someday, and to hear that he buys into the program the Packers have going is all the better.

    Now, you have to give TT all the props in the world for everything he does and has done. The WR shelves are pretty well stocked with good stuff, now could you please spend some of the grocery budget on some pork – as is the hogs for the O and D Lines.

    Back to Gurley – It was made doubly sweet that he spurned the Vikings – no Darren S, Ryan L, Darrell B, and he who shall remain nameless repeat.

    1. He really sounds like a great kid with a good head on his shoulders. Gets the big picture. Obviously wasn’t thinking too hard about the money, despite the raise. Active roster would have paid him more. I’d be shocked if he wasn’t a part of the 53-man roster either by the end of this year or starting next season.

      1. He may sound like a great kid right now, but If I recall, he wasn’t necessarily well-liked by his peers during training camp.

        I’m pretty sure there were stories floating about that he had a knack for rubbing guys the wrong way- at least on the field if not off.

        Not a big deal, but just a little detail.

  12. No brainer, why sign with a losing team in transition when you can remain in the scheme as a player for a SB winner with multiple opportunities for return SB’s? I’m not convince DDriver’s finished in GB the way he’s playing this year, if he returns next year it’s likely for the last unless Packers win the SB this year and Driver hangs it up on winning note. Either way Gurley has better oppotunity with Packers, likely on active roster next year even if Driver stays.

    1. If he is likely on the active roster even if DRIVER stays,than I assume you mean JJ has yet another battle ahead.
      However,the only guy at WR he can beat out is the guy WHO THINKS he’s a WR and that is Finley but,that just may be what it takes to get FINLEY back in TE mindset.

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