McCarthy: Josh Sitton Likely Out vs. Giants, Erik Walden Arrested All Green Bay Packers All the Time

Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy had a long injury list to go through Friday, and one of his defensive players found himself on the wrong side of the law early this morning.

The biggest injury news McCarthy announced was that right guard Josh Sitton, who left Thursday’s win over the Detroit Lions, would be “hard-pressed” to play next Sunday against the New York Giants. He said Sitton’s knee sprain was “new,” and that it occurred on a running play in the second half. Over the past few weeks, Sitton has been dealing with a nagging knee injury.

Evan Dietrich-Smith filled in for Sitton on Thursday and played reasonably well considering the circumstances, but McCarthy didn’t commit to a starter at right guard for the Giants game.

If Sitton’s injury news wasn’t bad enough, the Packers got more disturbing news Friday.

Shortly after McCarthy’s press conference, a report from the Green Bay Press Gazette came out which stated outside linebacker Erik Walden had spent the morning in Brown County Jail because of a domestic battery charge. Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, Walden will spend the rest of the weekend in jail.

According to the Journal Sentinel, the Packers released this statement:

“The Packers organization is aware of the situation involving Erik Walden. We are in the process of gathering more information and will refrain from making any further comment.”

More information needs to come out on the issue, but Walden’s arrest certainly sounds like something the Packers will have to deal with from a suspension standpoint. Chris Cook’s incident in Minnesota several weeks comes to mind, and Cook hasn’t played since his arrest. Walden has started all 11 games for the Packers at outside linebacker this season.

McCarthy had more on the injury front, however. Both Desmond Bishop and A.J. Hawk suffered calf injuries but have a chance to play next Sunday. Backups D.J. Smith and Robert Francois each received game balls for their performances against the Lions, and McCarthy also said that the Packers had to hand signal plays in because of the loss of Hawk.  Running back James Starks tweaked his ankle early on and the Packers weren’t interested in maxing him out while hurt. It sounded like he should be ready to play against the Giants.

Left tackle Chad Clifton was unofficially ruled out by McCarthy, as he said the progress with the hamstring injury hasn’t been as quick as originally thought a few weeks ago.

Other tidbits from Friday’s press conference:

  • McCarthy stressed poise and composure coming into Thursday’s game. The noise level at Ford Field and the hype of a Thanksgiving day game made it all the more important. He certainly didn’t sound happy with Pat Lee, who was ejected in the second quarter.
  • McCarthy said it was a tough game to officiate for Terry McAulay’s crew.
  • Thought Brandon Saine did well with his opportunities on offense, but also said that Saine could have played better on special teams.
  • He was impressed with Dietrich-Smith because the offense didn’t have to adjust. As was mentioned earlier, McCarthy still has committed to starter at right guard. Ray Dominguez’s name was brought up later.
  • Despite some of the big injuries, McCarthy feels good about the Packers’ health. The players are being given some time off, and the team gets a second-type bye week.

Zach Kruse is a 23-year-old sports journalist with a passion for the Green Bay Packers. He currently lives in Wisconsin and is working on his journalism degree, while also covering prep sports for The Dunn Co. News.

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13 thoughts on “McCarthy: Josh Sitton Likely Out vs. Giants, Erik Walden Arrested

  1. Im sure, while its far from it, the Walden arrest is a moot issue that will warrant a appropriate action from McCarthy.

    Frank Zombo should be back for the next game to help out Walden, so I take it maybe more practice time for Zombo.

    That’s in case if Zombo would stop stealing Jobu’s rum. For Jobu hates it when people steals what is his.

      1. Specifically. I’m separating football from the personal. The issue is that Walden is just being held for a few days and that’s it. So while it is a major black eye for Walden, it won’t have a effect on the planning because McCarthy knows how to handle this with the proper punishment.

        The Packers are no stranger to cases with players breaking the law from Brandon Underwood with his case or Johnny Jolly’s case with the codeine.

        If I had to guess what action McCarthy is going to take its possible he might suspend Walden for a game but its not something that would kick him from the team because it would be surprising to see considering what Thompson and McCarthy had before.

        Its stupid he had to do this, yes, but it will happen again on the Packers squad and when it does McCarthy will plan around for it.

        1. FYI – Walden is being held on a charge of felony assult. He will be in jail until at least Monday when the court opens. His girl friend was treated at the hospital and released. Sounds to me like he is going to have some real problems. As the great philosopher Bugs Bunny would say, “What a maroon.”

  2. The Walden incident is very unfortunate. This team is built around high character personal. The injury news isn’t to bad. Nobody is out for the year from yesterdays injury list. That was a brutal ,3 game, 11 day stretch these players had to endure. It sets up for fatigue injuries on muscles and ligaments. The time off should feel good for the team. Go Pack!

  3. Mr. Bacon, “Its stupid he had to do this”. It’s stupid he had to do what? Do you have details that haven’t been released? Walden is in jail because it’s a holiday weekend and no judges are available to arraign him. To my knowledge the facts of this incident have not been released, you seem to know otherwise. A lot of men are accused and arrested for domestic abuse that never happened, I was one of them, a victim of a woman making up stories that led to a court appearance. I’ll wait for the facts. If indeed Walden is guilty of a crime then yes, he should be punished, but until then I will reserve judgement and suggest others do the same. The system always works against the man, the system ain’t always right!

    1. Your correct on that with that Bubbaloo with the details not coming out, and if you feel that my comments harm you then by all means I apologize. As far as anybody else on this site.

      1. Bubbaloo, no offense, but based on the details you shared with us, you are very fortunate not to be in prison as we speak! Congratulations on getting out of it, though and may your coiffers fill with coin!

  4. What about the subs’ performance, eh? Francois coming in and getting a big-time play.
    Here’s a question; with AR at the helm of the practices….how do those DBs have any practice catching interceptions????

    1. I wonder if Aaron does make them better and they make Aaron better? In order to get a pick off of Aaron, you have to be playing at a high level. And then in order to avoid getting picked… you have to pass even more accurately. Rinse and repeat… chicken and the egg.

  5. As the situation now stands, Walden will be facing a tough time ahead. With the girl friend being treated at the hospital with wounds substantial enough for Walden to be jailed on fleony charges, the legal system will be in full operation. We all now how that will workout. Slow and tedious is the norm. In the meantime, the Packers will have to abide by the NFL behavior standards and suspend him (see Viking DB for backup). Even if the girl refuses to press charges Walden’s career is going to take a big hit.

    Oh well, he couldn’t hold the corner anyhow.

  6. She’s not pressing charges and saying she tripped and hit her head on the bed. I feel like they went to the hospital (maybe she went alone and he stayed home to watch the two kids). THEN they came to the house on suspicion of battery… if she didn’t request it, she didn’t tell them something to base it on and there is no 911 call. Then this case will likely get dismissed… by the time Monday rolls around the wife will have a good lawyer and her story straight (whether it needs ‘straightening’ or not). Walden will be out of jail with no charges before brunch.

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