Week 10 Packers Stock Report: Rodgers, Bishop and a Deer Hunting Dilemma

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Last weekend was the opening of deer hunting season and I had a dilemma: Do I skip the Packers vs. Chargers game to maximize my chances to bagging the 30-point buck, or do I leave the deer stand early to watch the game? I chose to watch the game (there’s always next weekend to chase the 30-pointer) and I was pleased with my decision.

What a game.

Also, by watching the game, I decreased my chances of sounding like an idiot in this week’s stock report.


Aaron Rodgers
Besides missing an open Greg Jennings on a key drive late in the fourth quarter, Rodgers was nearly flawless once again on Sunday.

Desmond Bishop
He had all he could do to keep up with Antonio Gates, but Bishop kept getting after it. He tipped a pass that led to Peprah’s first interception, sacked Philip Rivers and was the only Packers defender that looked explosive throughout the game.

Packers WRs
I can’t decide which WRs should go in the rising category and which belong in the steady, so lets just label them all risers. This group of WRs gives you a little bit of everything and is rolling right now.


Mason Crosby
A 47-yard field goal in the rain? No problem for Crosby. I should probably put Crosby in the rising category, but I don’t like kickers to get too high or too low. I want them to be steady. This is my way of keeping Crosby consistent and grounded. I’m sure he appreciates it.

James Starks
Starks hasn’t grabbed hold of the No. 1 running back spot, but there’s little doubt who the Packers are going to give the ball to when they need to run it down the stretch. Starks is hitting holes harder than he did earlier this season and more often than not gets the Packers the tough yards they need.


BJ Raji
I don’t remember Raji’s name being called at all on Sunday as the Chargers offensive line blew the Packers off the line early and stonewalled the pass rush. Somebody needs to step up, win their one-on-one matchup and give the Packers pass rush a boost. Didn’t the Packers move Raji to DE this season so he could get more pressures on the QB? So far, it’s not working. Perhaps (if) when Mike Neal returns, Raji will get freed up to make some more plays, but he needs to play better in the meantime.

Charles Woodson
Just a bad game for the crafty veteran on Sunday. There’s no other way to put it. He didn’t get to the QB on blitzes and cost the Packers yards with penalties. And what was up on that first TD pass the Packers allowed? Woodson looked confused, and when you’re the oldest guy on the field, you shouldn’t be confused.

Philip Rivers
Rivers is the best bad QB the NFL has seen in a long time. His three interceptions on Sunday were all silly passes that someone with his talent shouldn’t make, but he still racked up a ton of yards and almost pulled the game out of his you-know-what. If Rivers eliminates his Jay Cutler moments, keep an eye on the Chargers.


Adam Czech is a a freelance sports reporter living in the Twin Cities and a proud supporter of American corn farmers. When not working, Adam is usually writing about, thinking about or worrying about the Packers. Follow Adam on Twitter. Twitter .


21 thoughts on “Week 10 Packers Stock Report: Rodgers, Bishop and a Deer Hunting Dilemma

  1. I get the reason for Raji on the falling scale but,we know he is tired,too many snaps and should not be at DE.I believe his strength and speed is best applied at NT where he better anticiates the snap and bests the center.Totally a different player from that position but still needs some extra plays off.

    1. Agreed that he should be a NT. The DE experiement didn’t work when he was a rookie, either.

  2. How ’bout Brett Favre in the rising? Think about it, maybe if he didn’t force the Packers’ hand we wouldn’t have gone all-in with Rodgers…
    Or maybe I shouldn’t be contributing so early in the morning!

  3. How about Wynn/Wilson in the falling category? Or is the bar set so low there’s not much further to go. The way our current D-line is configured, I don’t think we scare anyone. What a difference a year makes. I think Pickett has been steady this year, but he never was much of a pass rush threat.

    I heard Capers respond to questions about the defensive schemes he’s using. He commented that you can scheme all you want but there are times when the players need to win their one-on-one battles. We aren’t winning a lot of those up front.

    1. Fair point, Mojo. When your goal is the Super Bowl, there’s no such thing as setting the bar too low.

  4. AJ Hawk – falling. He’s slow and can’t cover, but at least his tackling is weak – so he’s got that going for him.

    Woodson – falling – He’s slow and penalty prone.

    Nick Collins injury – falling – could it be more obvious that we miss him? This may eventually prove to be worse than the Kampy and Harris injuries in ’09 on the same day.

    1. Jenkins sure isn’t rising at the moment in Philadelphia. He’s become a liability against the run and gets pulled on predictable running downs and he’s been invisible in some big loses for the Eagles. Actually, that entire undersized Eagles defensive line is wearing down as the season wears on, just like Trent Cole has every year for 3 years.

      Would Jenkins be an upgrade for interior pass rush with the Packers right now, sure. Is his play rising, it’s sinking.

      1. Who knows if Jenkins would’ve been the answer or not. However, it would be nice to have a quicker player like Jenkins on the line. Right now, the line is mostly fat guys that are better against the run.

  5. The constant rant of not signing Jenkins is as ridiculous as bringing Favre into any senarios of the now.Both are gone and as the loss of one has proven to be the correct call so will the latter with Jenkins.
    The question is how does the DL improve with what we have and yet to see…Neal,and the play of or yet again seen play of…So’Oto and neither is or will be based on what Jenkins may have done if still here or not.
    I’m looking at tommorrow and not yesterday and those two are yesterday.

  6. As of right now. I would say Nelson has been the best WR of the group. Now yes I think Jennings is the better WR, but there is just something there. It itches at me…

    Nelson is just finding ways to be deep at anytime and every game I just want Rodgers to bomb it to him because he can.

    Favre would do it and get picked and Rodgers is not Favre gunslinger wise but when he does find the right moment its just wow.

    I want to say it, but Nelson is becoming a serious burner at WR. The opposing secondary has fits when they play Rodgers, its next to impossible to force him to throw a errant pass for a interception.

  7. I keep seeing a lot of people here who miss Jenkins, but I have not seen him do to much for Philly. Watched last night’s Philly-bear rumble and as far as heard, they didn’t mention Jenkins name once. I didn’t see him get to the bears QB at all so I think we are not missing to much. I still cannot figure out what has happened to our D-line pass rush so I am praying for Neal to get healthy and give the D-line a needed boost!!!

  8. I think its time to move Woodson to Free Safety & let him make the calls & adjustments. Peprah just isnt or hasnt been able to fill Collins shoes at all!

    1. Remember Gary Anderson in 1998? He was perfect too until the end. Kickers need to remain steady. Like I said, keeping Crosby out of the rising category is a service to him and all Packers fans.

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