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Al: Well, last week was Throwbackweekend, the first of hopefully many more such events that brought members of the Packers blogosphere to beautiful Green Bay Wisconsin. Fans came from all over the country for a Saturday Night tweetup at The Abbey Bar in De Pere and a pre-game tailgate in the shadows of Lambeau. Raucus fun was had by all, and yes, we all survived…

Jayme: Sounds like a great t-shirt idea! Speaking of which, effervescent Packers tight end Tom Crabtree was present at Saturday Night’s tweetup, with samples of his new T-Shirt line. Tom signed autographs and posed for pictures for a full hour before heading home to start getting his game-face on for Sunday. In addition to Tom, the tweetup was also graced by the presence of some local Packers writers, namely Jason Wilde, Rob Demovsky, Kareem Copeland, Ty Dunne and Chris Jenkins. Next year, we work on Bob McGinn…

Al: It was a bit of a strange week in the NFL, one where players on winning teams felt it necessary to use obscene language and gestures directed at their own team. We had AJ Hawk flipping the bird at the Packers sideline and Jay Cutler mouthing a big F U to Mike Martz. Both incidents were caught by the TV cameras and both showed a lack of class. I’d call it a bit of a surprise from AJ Hawk, but from Jay Cutler? Not so much…

Jayme: Just as Frank Zombo made it back from his scapula injury to play in last week’s game, he suffered another injury against the Rams, a hyper-extension of his knee. Once again, however, an in-game injury did not stop Zombo from finishing the entire game. With his displayed fierceness on the field of battle, perhaps “Rambo” would be a fitting nickname for him. Zombo will have to sit out the Vikings game, but is expected to be back after the bye week.

Al: Green Bay travels to the Metrodome this weekend with a chance to go 7-0 for the first time since 1962. While The Packers are very familiar with the noise level they are sure to hear on Sunday, it’s still a concern for Mike McCarthy. The Packers coach stated the other day that it definitely affects his game plan and that it’s imperative his players to play with more focus and discipline.

Jayme: And in that game, the Packers will be going up against a rookie quarterback making his first start, as the Christian Ponder era in Minnesota begins. Vikings coach Leslie Frazier made the decision to start Ponder just one week before the Vikings’ bye week. Seems that it would have made sense to wait a week, rather than have Ponder earn his chaps against an always unpredictable Dom Capers coached defense. You can be sure Dom will have some defensive looks for Ponder he’s never seen before.

Al:  Those were your top news stories for the week. Cheesehead Radio now brings you


“News from the Packers Twitterverse…”

Jayme: Tonight we are bringing you a special throwbackweekend edition of the Packers Twitterverse. We’ll start with one from the one and only PackerRanter, who was at the tweetup seemed to look not all like anyone imagined: “Congratulations to all the #ThrowbackWeekend attendees who actually socialized without their phones. I knew we could do it.”

Al: And Brain carriveau chimed in with,  #ThrowbackWeekend isn’t just an event, it’s a way of life.

Jayme: FoundinIdaho tweeted when she was back home, “Seems weird walking around and not seeing everyone in green and gold like myself.”

Al: Now we have a special category using the category “hashtag ThingsNotHeardAtThrowbackWeekend

Jayme: KelKelKelKel tweeted, ThingsNotHeardAtThrowbackWeekend,  Brat? No thanks, I’ll enjoy these carrot sticks instead.

Al: brihea99 tweeted #ThingsNotHeardAtThrowbackWeekend… Sweet Favre jersey, where’d ya get it?

Jayme: sunnie5274 offered this gem #ThingsNotHeardAtThrowbackWeekend  “”I bet I can out drink @avanepern23

Al: Our final entry in that category is from Midwestfan, who simpley tweeted, #ThingsNotHeardAtThrowbackWeekend Touchdown Rams!

Jayme: And that leaves us with our final tweet of the night, one that gives us plenty to look forward to. It came form none other than avanepern23, who simply stated,  “Only 362 more days till #Throwbackweekend2.0”

We can hardly wait, Annie, and that folks, was your…

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