Packers vs. Vikings Week 7 Game Predictions from All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Week 7: Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings
Name Record To-Date This Week’s Pick Score Prediction
Kris Burke 6-0 Green Bay Packers 27-17
This would be a barn burner if the Vikings started Packer killer Donovan McNabb, but instead Christian Ponder gets the start.  The Vikings defense gives the Packers some fits, but the rookie struggles enough that the Packers move to 7-0 heading into their bye
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“Jersey” Al Bracco 6-0 Green Bay Packers 31-10
The Christian Ponder era gets off to a rough start, as Dom Capers succeeds at confusing the rookie, resulting in mistakes. the GB offense is, well, the GB offense. Roll Packers…
Adam Czech 5-1 Green Bay Packers 33-17
Christian Ponder will be better than Donovan McNabb, but not good enough to beat the Packers. Look for the Vikes to try and get Visanthe Shiancoe and Kyle Rudolph involved early. However, Minnesota’s lack of explosiveness on offense will ultimately be too much to overcome.
Thomas Hobbes 6-0 Green Bay Packers 24-10
The Packers do seem to have some trouble with quarterbacks they don’t have much tape on, like Vick last year and Newton this year; then again Vick and Newton both have legs nowhere Ponder’s.  Also figure to see a lot of Jared Allen on Marshall Newhouse which probably will cause some problems.  I don’t see the Packers losing, but I don’t see it being easy either.
Zach Kruse 4-2 Green Bay Packers 27-17
Christian Ponder can give the Vikings a spark offensively, but he’s not ready to pull off one of the bigger upsets to date in this series. DEs Jared Allen and Brian Robison, mixed with the Dome crowd, will limit the Packers from getting to 30 points for the third straight week.
Chad Toporski 6-0 Green Bay Packers 30-20
Teams have had some success running the ball on the Packers defense lately, and with Marshall Newhouse in for Chad Clifton, the two guys the Packers need to contain are Adrian Peterson and Jared Allen. I expect the Vikings to hit an early lead in the noisy Metrodome, but the Packers fans will be the only ones left cheering at the end.

Chad Toporski, a Wisconsin native and current Pittsburgh resident, is a writer for You can follow Chad on twitter at @ChadToporski


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  1. This game truly is the 2011 Vikings Super Bowl. They have played poorly a lot this year, but worse than that, they have been wildly inconsistent in all 3 phases. The local fan base has no heart this year, and it seems like the team just isn’t “into it,” either.

    I think the local fan base here is generally very much in tune with the team. If that is the case this year, the Vikings are in big trouble. Apathy and disdain reign around here.

    However, I can’t help but be a touch paranoid. How many times have the Vikings played wayyyy over their heads for the Packers game over the years? I think Ponder will put up some decent numbers. I think Capers will let him complete stuff underneath, and I think Frazier/Musgrave will probably do a lot of that.

    But let’s face it: Aaron Rodgers is ridiculously good right now. He’s in the middle of something that we’ll look back on in years to come and say, “wow.” He could get sacked 6 times and still throw for 400 yards against their pathetic secondary. The only real question to me is whether it will be 42-10 or 42-31 Pack.

      1. Great to meet you, too, Al. I wish we could have gotten to stay over in GB so we had more time to hang out. Next year…

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