Packers vs. Rams – Game Day First Impressions, Unfiltered: Packers 24, Rams 3 All Green Bay Packers All the Time
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Green Bay Packers vs. St. Louis Rams:

Here is my unfiltered game day blog post of comments, observations and first impressions.

It’s #Throwbackweekend in Green Bay and the Packers are looking to go 6-0 against the winless Rams. Al Harris returns to Green Bay, along with Brady Poppinga. Harris will be matched up against the Packers’ explosive receiving corp and will have all he can do to make his homecoming a successful one. Good luck, Al. You’re going to need it.

Mike McCarthy Pregame Show on 620 WTMJ:

Sorry, no pregame comments again this week. I was making a batch of chicken and wild rice soup and lost track of time. Call me Martha Stewart. Or Betty Crocker.

Packers vs. Falcons – First Impressions – First Half:

That club on Morgan Burnett’s hand looks vicious. I wouldn’t mess with him if a scrap breaks out on the field.

The Rams move the ball on their first drive, but stall and settle for a 47-yard field goal attempt that Josh Brown misses. Jackson ran up the middle on 3rd and 11, a conservative call to make sure the Rams remained in FG range. I hate the conservative call on 3rd and 11 if I’m a Rams fan. You’re the Rams. You’re 0-4. Three points won’t beat the Packers. Take a chance and go for the first down.

Weird holding call on Newhouse, but Rodgers takes a sack anyway and the Packers have to settle for a FG. I have a sense that this offense will have no problem moving the ball today even though they were held to a FG on this first drive.

AJ Hawk is showing some life today.

DJ Williams blocks nobody and Starks gets stuffed for a loss. I much prefer Crabtree to line up as the blocker on those plays.

Kuhn stopped on 3rd and 2. You have Aaron Rodgers and a bunch of good WRs, and your third-down call is a pitch to Kuhn from the shotgun?

The Rams get the ball back and start moving it again. I’d like to see a little better pass rush from the Packers on early downs.

Packers stop the Rams on 4th down and take over near midfield.

Holy @#$%@#!!!! What an amazing pass from Rodgers to Jones on that 35-yard TD. Rolling to his left, throwing in a swirling wind, and right on the money in the end zone. Wow!

The Rams start moving the ball again before Hawk gets a sack and flips the bird toward the Packers sideline. It’s good to see Hawk showing signs of life. It’s also good to see him channeling his inner Stone Cold Steve Austin with the middle-finger celebration.

Uh oh Al Harris, Jordy Nelson just ran by you for a 93-yard TD.

The entire Rams defense runs toward Rodgers near the goal line, leaving Driver open for a touchdown. Rodgers is 11 for 15 for 234 yards and three TDs. I wonder if Teabow will have a better QBR rating this week?

The Rams move the ball and get a FG before halftime. Good. Something to keep the Packers interested in the third quarter.

Second half:

The Packers come out with the no-huddle to start the second half. Get out of the middle of the road Rams, you’re about to be run over.

Whoops. Maybe not. Packers have to punt after Finley and Rodgers can’t connect on 3rd down. Rodgers and Finley seem a little out of sync……

Damn Rodgers, no need to try and split two defenders and take a big hit on that failed rollout. Throw it away.

Former Packers DB Josh Gordy gives Nelson a 20-yard cushion on 3rd and 2, but Nelson drops the easy pass. Might as well get a few drops and boneheaded plays out of the way now, I guess, when you’re in control of the game against a weak team.

Rams have 3rd and 1 from midfield and run a QB sneak. Did they forget about Steven Jackson in the backfield? He’s pretty good……

I guess they were saving Jackson for 4th down as the Rams convert on 4th and inches. The Rams are moving the ball again, McCarthy and Capers can’t be pleased.

Shields picks it off in the end zone, then gets drilled trying to take it out. I’m sure all of Green Bay was yelling at him to take a knee. Maybe he’ll learn his lesson after getting drilled. In all seriousness, though, great play by Shields. Hopefully he’s back on track.

Fans at Lambeau have been quiet all second half, but came to life before the Shields pick.

We’re near the end of the third quarter and the Packers lead 24-3. But really, the Rams are doing what they need to do to win on offense. They’re getting production out of Jackson and they’re working underneath routes. However, they’re not able to finish drives.

Shields heads to the locker room after the third quarter. Dammit Shields, take a knee when you pick one deep in the end zone.

The Packers are forced to punt again and the Rams immediately come back and start moving the ball using underneath routes. Then the Rams realize Jarrett Bush is in the game, and burn him for a big gain.

This is what I’m talking about….the Rams are moving down the field, then throw a silly lateral and take a false start to make it 2nd and 31. The drive stalls, and the Rams have to punt despite doing a somewhat decent job of executing their gameplan. They’ve actually outgained the Packers on offense.

Packers get the ball back with 12 minutes left. I’d like to see Starks and the OL take over on this drive.

Packers start with three TEs and no RBs. Have we seen that formation before?

Morgan “the Club” Burnett making his presence known on this drive.

I’d rather see Starks get most of the carries on this drive.

Jennings drops a perfect pass from Rodgers and the Rams pick it off. Ugly, ugly second half. The Packers aren’t playing with much emotion.

Matthews with a sack on 4th down and the Packers take over near midfield. Helluva game from him today.

Starks runs the clock out on the last drive and mercifully, this second half is over.

Packers beat the Rams 24-3 and improve to 6-0. Congratulations if you were able to stay awake for the entire second half.

Some thoughts on this game before departing:

The Packers sleepwalked through the second half. Nobody really seemed into the game until Tim Masthay made a hit on a punt return and Burnett followed with a couple big hits of his own.

Obviously, I love how the Packers are able to score on big plays, but today was one of those games where a couple of long and sustained drives in the second half would’ve been nice.

The Packers still don’t quite have that killer instinct.

Now some positives…..

The OL was excellent in pass protection, especially Newhouse. The OL will have to be good against Jared Allen and the Vikings this week.

AJ Hawk showed a little life. I’m curious to know how many of those underneath routes are on him, but regardless, he played with some explosiveness today.

I know it wasn’t pretty today, but the defense has only allowed three points in its last six quarters.

Clay Matthews…..I apologize for even suggesting that you might be underachieving a little this season.

Final word:

This is one of those games where fans will be upset even though the Packers won. There are some things to be upset about, but I’m not sure how worked up one can get at 6-0.


Adam Czech is a a freelance sports reporter living in the Twin Cities and a proud supporter of American corn farmers. When not working, Adam is usually writing about, thinking about or worrying about the Packers. Follow Adam on Twitter. Twitter .


18 thoughts on “Packers vs. Rams – Game Day First Impressions, Unfiltered: Packers 24, Rams 3

  1. You are right Zack. Capers needs to spend more time with the Tackling dummies and his Team.

    MM needs to stop trying to run out the clock with the 2nd half kick off.

    Bennet needs a fresh jug of stikem.
    Slocum Punt Coverage?

    10 for 10 enough said.

  2. Meh = This team is a juggernaut, and the big boys only have to beat the little guys… not an important game, as long as GB wins and everyone stays healthy. Not worried that it wasn’t 45-0… boring game.

    Now we get to kill the Queens in their house next weekend!!

  3. Anyone see the end of the Detroit game? It looked like somone was chasing after Harbaugh. I think it was Schwartz.

    1. Yeah, apparently Schwartz says Harbaugh shoved him and said a naughty word. So you have Hawk flipping the bird toward his own team and two coaches nearly coming to blow.

      Fun day in the NFL.

  4. Adam – Nice article. I read your byline and wanted to send along my condonlences on having to live in the Twin Cities. Can’t imagine what it’s like day to day as a Packer fan and pundit.

    1. Ha. The wife’s family is still in Wisconsin so I get plenty of time across the border.

  5. For what little I did see of the game, that toss to Kuhn on third-and-2 really had me scratching my head…

    Wished I could have at least seen why the offense was “struggling” in the second half. The third down conversion percentage looks really low.

  6. You can say whatever you want about going 6-0, but if it weren’t for the fans, McCarthy wouldn’t have this job. He needs to make his team play for the fans, because who pays 100’s of dollars to see your team play in live action for just two quarters? McCarthy, at least when you’re playing at home, give the fans what they want. Just my opinion.

  7. I guess the two big drops that would have been first downs with big gains are his fault. Also, the defense that gave over 400 yds. to the lowly Rams.

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