2011 Green Bay Packers Roster Announced

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Green Bay Packers GM Ted Thompson
Ted Thompson liked what he saw of these 53 players

The official 2011 Green Bay Packers Roster has been formulated. Of course, there could still be some minor changes prior to next Thursday’s opening game against the Saints., but here it is: your very first Packers 53-man roster of 2011:


Quarterback: (2)
Rodgers, Flynn

Wide Receiver: (5)
Jennings, Driver, Jones, Nelson, Cobb

Running Back: (4)
Grant, Starks, Green, Kuhn 

Tight End: (5)
Finley, Quarless, Crabtree, Taylor, Williams

Offensive Line: (8)
Clifton, Lang, Wells, Sitton, Bulaga, Newhouse, Sherrod, Dietrich-Smith



Defensive Line: (6)
Raji, Pickett, Neal, Green, Wilson, Wynn

Linebackers: (10)
Matthews, Bishop, Hawk, Walden, Zombo, So’oto, Lattimore, Jones, Francois, Smith

Safety: (10)
Woodson, Williams, Collins, Burnett, Shields, Bush, Lee, Peprah, Jennings, House 



Crosby, Masthay, Goode


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15 thoughts on “2011 Green Bay Packers Roster Announced

  1. Sherrod, Newhouse, and Smith. Something else has to happen here.

    Can they afford and under-manned Oline and carry ten LB’s and 10 DB’s? Neal and Zombo are taking up spots while they recover. Zombo definetely out for 4 to 6 weeks. Neal is anybodys guess. I’m off to church to say a novena for Clifton.

    1. how many o-linemen do you need? i agree that it is painfully thin, but the versatility along the 2nd team o-line allows it. as long as we dont get more than 4 injuries there we should be fine… and by that time TT would have found someone on the street or called Dominguez up. unless you are worried about quality of depth?

      1. It’s not the quantity it’s the quality. 1 rookie that needs a whole lot of work. One unproven 2nd year man whose development is questionable and EDS. Need I say more?

  2. Right Ron, Clifton has to enjoy good health. Half the LB’s are FA’s. Has anyone figured out who is likely to end on the PS?

  3. Can we stop talking about injuries, people??? Let it rest. NOTHING good can come out of talking about injuries.

  4. This team is Superbowl Bound.

    Anyone who disagrees with receive 10 Ted Thompson grins. Which is a bad thing…

  5. TT rolled the dice on Harrel. He needs him back. He outplayed Flynn this preseason, and Flynn is gone after this season. Flynn isn’t good enough to give an extension to, and I think Harrel is in the same ball park as Flynn in terms of ability. I think after this year, they are going to want Harrel in their back pocket as a backup.

  6. The practice squad will be an interesting group. Does anybody know who they are? We need to put West/Gurley on that group, along with a young Olineman. I hope a few key guys get called back.

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