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Green Bay Packer Most Likely to Have a Breakout Season in 2011

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Adam: Jordy Nelson – It was between Nelson and Starks and I went with Nelson simply because the Packers will be throwing more than running.

Al: Morgan Burnett – As last off season progressed, I loved what I was reading about Morgan Burnett. Thrown in as the #1 thanks to Atari Bigby’s injury, Burnett mastered Capers’ defense and was even taking a leadership role. That doesn’t happen with too many rookie safeties. During the preseason games, I loved what I saw of Morgan Burnett. I was convinced that by the end of the year, he would be playing like veteran rather than a rookie. I look for Burnett to make that giant leap I expected last year and solidify his status as one of the best young safeties in the league.

Chad: Mike Neal – If there’s one guy who’s hungry and ready to make a splash this season, it’s Mike Neal. He is most likely going to be in the starting line-up when the season begins, and he’ll get every opportunity to wreak havoc on the line. Someone will need to fill Cullen Jenkins’ shoes, and I think Neal is just the guy to do it.

Kris: James Starks – Ryan Grant is no sure thing coming back from injury and Starks will take full advantage of his opportunity.  We only caught a glimpse of his potential in last season’s playoffs and he should shine with 16 games to showcase his talents.

Thomas: Andrew Quarless – It took Finley a while to get going and it might be the same thing for Quarless.  With more attention being focused on Finley and Jennings, Quarless has the opportunity to surprise everyone.  Also add in the fact that Quarless is a better blocker than Finley and he might see the field more as an inline pass threat.

Zach: Jordy Nelson – I feel strongly about Nelson’s potential impact for next season, and I’d be absolutely shocked if he didn’t see the third-most passes coming his way in 2011 (behind Jennings and Finley). That  alone should set him up for a breakout season. And while it’s probably never smart to rule out Driver, it’s Nelson’s time in the offense. He’ll build off his Super Bowl performance.


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14 thoughts on “Packers 2010 Yearbook Awards: Player Most Likely to Have a Breakout Season in 2011

  1. Bulaga will make great strides this year. Unlike most, I think he will stay at RT and anchor the right side with Sitton for years to come.

    Let’s get the camps open now!

  2. Jordy Nelson. Think the Super Bowl showed what he can be when he becomes a bigger focus on offense. Now if he can manage to do a better job of catching the ball on a regular basis…

    1. Though I picked Neal, I would love to see Jordy have a breakout season. I think this year will be his opportunity to shine.

  3. I’m going OL and opt for Lang.He has to know that this season will decide his future and must kick ass.With Sherrod the likely successor to LT after Clifton and Bulaga at RT for the next decade,Lang must secure the LG spot now as Newhouse is looking in that area.

    1. ooh, great choice taryn. i did not think about him at all until I read your post. i think he would get my vote. tons of talent and finally should be put in the correct position. i have wanted him at LG for 2 seasons. we will finally get to see if he is a good player or a bust. this has to be his year.

    2. A very interesting choice, indeed. I’m not sure whether the “breakout season” tag really fits an offensive lineman, but I suppose coming from being buried on the bench to being successful in a starting role would qualify.

      1. he definitely has the ability to play at a pro bowl level, it just seems like it is hard to put up enough stats at the five technique to get a pro bowl invite.

        i read an article in which cullen has rated as the top interior pass rusher over the last three years according to profootball focus. i am expecting him to leave and would not give him a 5 year deal (which he will likely command) but he will be tough to replace.

  4. But if I have to take one, I go with Bishop. I think last postseason he showed signs of sheer dominance, I believe he’s almost guaranteed to have a spetacular season and to be considere a top 10, if not top 5 ILB.

  5. I love it, soooooo many choices and good reasoning for each. It’s pushing the envelope but here’s more.
    If BJ Raji gets 10 sacks I’d consider that a breakout year.
    Whoever wins the OLB job could have a breakout year.
    W/ how poor our return game has been if Cobb ends up in the top 1/3 in both PR and KR, catches 30 passes, runs some reverses I would consider it a breakout year, esp if he returns a kick or two for a TD.
    I didn’t know which way to vote so I used the dart board…it landed on Justin Harrell.

  6. I don’t think there’s another team in the league whose fan base could legitimately discuss this many young players as realistic candidates for a big time, break out season.

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