Packers 2010 Yearbook Awards: Player Most Likely to Hurt a Fan with his Lambeau Leap All Green Bay Packers All the Time

Award #4: Green Bay Packer Most Likely to Hurt a fan with his Lambeau Leap:

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Adam: Neal. He’s athletic enough to actually make the leap and big enough to crush a fan when he lands.

Al: Quinn Johnson. Well, I’d have to say the odds of a lineman doing a Lambeau Leap are pretty slim. Even if we’re talking B.J. Raji dropping into coverage, I don’t see any lineman thinking they have the ups to actually make it into the stands. So who’s the biggest skill position player on the Packers? It has to be Quinn Johnson. The Mighty Quinn would be sure to pancake those poor fans in the first row.

Chad: Finley: It’s rare that a defensive player gets to make the Lambeau Leap. Sure, the Packers have a ball-hawking secondary, but if I’m going to pick the most likely player to injure a fan on their celebration jump, it’s got to be someone on offense. That’s why I’ve selected Jermichael Finley. He is one of the biggest offensive weapons and will hopefully be making the leap multiples times this season. Measuring in at 6’5” and 247 lbs., Finley’s big frame and wild, crazy nature certainly make him the ideal candidate to inadvertently take out a fan during his celebration.

Kris: Raji. That’s if he can even get into the stands.  If not, then Crabtree. Have you seen the size of his guns?

Thomas: Raji – I did the math and Raji can in fact theoretically do a Lambeau leap. The lowest wall where players typically do Lambeau leaps is 72 inches, and Raji is 70 inches tall with a vertical jump from the combine of 32 inches (from a standing position).  Presuming that your hips are roughly half way on your body and that Raji is going for the traditional butt first Lambeau Leap, that means that Raji should be able to “leap” 36 inches (half of his height) plus 32 inches, which is 68 inches.  My feeling is that if you give Raji a running start he should get at least 4 more inches.

Zach: Finley. I’m not convinced that any of the 300-pounders could make the leap, but Finley certainly can. He’s got the ups to get his entire 6’5”, 250-pound frame into the stands, and that’s not going to feel good if it lands directly on you. And hopefully, if he finally stays healthy for a season, he’ll be making frequent trips into the fans of both the north and south end zones.


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4 thoughts on “Packers 2010 Yearbook Awards: Player Most Likely to Hurt a Fan with his Lambeau Leap

  1. You see? Now this is an interesting question. Because the guy has to be slim and athletic enough to be able to make the jump, yet be big and clumsy enough to be able to hurt someone in the process.

    I’d go with Neal, in the eventuality that he scores a TD. I think he’s the only one that fits the mold. Matthews and Finley aren’t big and clumsy enough, and Raji and Johnson aren’t athletic enough.

    Could go with Alex Green as well…

  2. Tramon – he may actually be able to clear the wall and land in the stands if he gets too excited.

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