Is Packers Jermichael Finley Ready for Another YOTTO? All Green Bay Packers All the Time

When Jermichael Finley found out the final bad news about his knee injury suffered in the week five game against the Redskins, he turned to twitter to let Packers fans know that, “YOTTO has been rescheduled for the 2011-2012 Green Bay Packer Season.”

Of course, whether Finley likes it or not, the Packers’ “Year Of The TakeOver” continued on just fine without him in 2010. In fact, it continued on just fine without more than a dozen Packer players lost for the season. I’m still amazed by that…

But getting back to Jermichael Finley, he’s talking about his knee again, but this time it’s all good. Back on April 22, Finley tweeted, “Today was the first time since Week 5 that I caught a ball & ran routes. An my my my I look good.” (never one afraid to kiss the mirror is Finley…)

Yesterday, just 20 days later, Finley let Packer Nation know, “I just thought to myself that its May & this knee feels brand new already. smh. This what my Pack Fans been waiting 4 huh.”

So here we are in this spring of much discontent in the world of the NFL, and the Packers’ star tight end is obviously healthy and chomping at the bit to get a piece of that championship feeling. Sadly, at a time when Finley could be running routes on Ray Nitschke field and we would all be hanging on every tweet about how good Finley looks in OTAs, we have nothing.

It  was rather ironic that Finley missed being a participatory piece of the Packers’ YOTTO. All he has now is hopes that football will be played again in 2011 and that the Packers make a run at repeating as World Champions. But he can’t call it YOTTO again – Green Bay has already taken over the NFL. Perhaps he needs to change it up a bit. Here are some suggestions for Jermichael:


YOTTOR (Year Of The TakeOver Repeat)

YOATO (Year Of Another TakeOver)

YOTSTO (Year Of The Second TakeOver)

Whatever he calls it, I’ll just be glad we will once again be able to say, TGIF –  Thank God It’s Finley.



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19 thoughts on “Is Packers Jermichael Finley Ready for Another YOTTO?

  1. finley may have the best hands in the league, but he scares me to death. i am thinking his contract will expire, TT will franchise him if that is possible and then he will go to the highest bidder which will not be the packers after that. he is great and i do not buy into any of that crap that he may hurt the offense next year because ARod forces him the ball. He will make this team better, but he is a complete head case. if he was not such a jackass I would be clamoring for TT to sign him to a 10 year deal. he is an absolute beast in the red zone. if he was in the new york media he would have about 20 quotes by now that would make packer fans hate him. lucky for us the wisconsin reporters try to protect the players and the franchise if possible. kind of like the media did with the yankees back in the day.

    1. I don’t think Finley is a problem. I just think he’s, uhm, not very smart. He is immature and too outspoken, but he’s not ill-intended. And there are a lot of ill-intended guys out there.

      The players like him, the coaches like him.

      But I do worry he’s gonna demand a shitload of money, though.

      1. Demanding a shit-load of money isn’t always a bad thing.

        It just depends on whether his Agent demands it, or his talent and production demands it


    2. Agree, Total Head Case waiting to happen, can’t stand players who run it, but can’t stay on the field long enough to actually accomplish anything?
      YOTTOR – You Outta Try To Outplay Reserves

  2. He is not deserving of a shit load of money unless he can make it through a season healty and productive.

  3. Packer fans do not mind players being cocky as long as they are not disruptive to the team. There have been atleast a few instances in which Finley has been slightly disruptive.

    1. Superbowl Photo Fiasco
    2. His rookie year he criticized some throws by Rodgers saying, “I ain’t no back shoulder kinda guy, put the ball out in front.” or something very close to that.
    3. After he was injured he made comments that he should have never had to make the tackle in which he was injured.

    And you KNOW he will be a distraction when it comes to his contract. That will not be pretty. Maybe he will surpise us, but I think everyone is planning on that getting ugly. I am not down on Finley, I think he is a top 3 or 4 TE talent. I am just extremely cautious and nervous every time he has a mic in his face. It seems like in a way he would prefer to be like Chad Johnson or T.O.

    1. Ya I agree, top 3-4 on the Packers depth Chart maybe. You can talk all the stuff you want to, but you’re being paid to play football, not ride the pine on IR. A lot of talk from a guy who has miassed over 50% of his possible starts in 3 years. Yawn, more Finley talk… Ready for this guy to actually accomplish anything he’s talked about doing? Talk is cheap, grass is free, cows eat it, why don’t we… Less talk, more availability… He needs to shut up and prove it, or he won’t need to worry about another contract in GB anyway..

  4. Can’t wait for him to get back on the field, expect great things from him. Big ego and big talk are part of his personality, not a problem as long as he backs it up on the field. By the way Jersey Al, its “champing at the bit” not chomping.

    1. Haha. Been waiting for the first person to notice that. Where I grew up all the racetrack guys said chomping. I never heard champing until a few years ago. I purposely say chomping.

      1. Well, okay then. My old HS English teacher wouldn’t have bought that story though.

          1. I grew up near Madison, and I say ‘chomping’ too. It ain’t just in Joisey Al!

  5. If I was from Missouri(the show me state)these would be some of my “show me’s to Finley.
    1)Show me you’ve matured.
    2)Show me your a true team guy.
    3)Show me some durability.
    4)Show me how fit you are in camp with no excuses.
    5)Show me a contract extension for one/two years to make up the time lost then talk FA.
    These aren’t drastic show me’s but significant and justified enough to reconvince some or perhaps many that you are and will be truly worth it.
    Talk is cheap and so is part time play.

    1. I don’t think anything good will come out of the next 2 years of Finley’s career. A number of astounding plays and a number of head scratching pressers or tweets.

      As far as the contract thing goes: He’s not gonna take a home town discount. Dude is all about himself and that means he’ll want top TE money if he stays healthy and produces like he can.
      He’ll be one of those guys who plays great 5 weeks a year and only makes it about 5 years because he can’t stay healthy.

      It would be great it Wood or AR shut this guy up…

      Great player though…

  6. Well, as much as I think Finley seems to be a bit ego-maniacal…

    And as much as I believe he’s displayed enough talent that the rest of the league is already on notice that the sky is the limit for him- and he knows it too…

    I think people may be confusing his cockiness and lack of maturity for being greedy and not a team player.

    Don’t get me wrong, maybe he isn’t a team guy, but he doesn’t seem like an innately bad apple. I think he truly loves being a Green Bay Packer, I think he and his wife seem to enjoy being here. When the Packers drafted Andrew Quarless, after Jermichael’s initial shock, by all accounts he took Andrew under his wing (for what that’s worth).

    Yes, Jermichael probably won’t be cheap to keep, but let’s face it- he has the talent to demand a fine payday. But I have a sneaking suspicion that he and his wife would love to stay in GB, and when all is said and done, he’d end up turning away better offers from other teams so long as GB offers him a competitive salary in a long term contract.

  7. IMO,using the word great with Finley isn’t at all justified as yet,or many just use it as an adjective a little to freely and with everything.

    We drafted two TEs this year and yes neither are of Finleys talent(assumed) as you never know until and that may have been what secured the tightrope Finley needs to walk.
    We all brag of the talent found here and there and the worst thing that can happen to some players is the team winning without them or more specific,without the big TE.
    Capers adjusted the defense(injuries) and sure enough,MM adjusted the offense(injuries) and AR played better.
    For me at least,Finley is walking the tightrope with a safety net to either catch him or to help bounce him.

  8. What’s with all this Finley bashing? I’ve heard him tell two different reporters that he’ll be a Packer for the next 10 years. He’s not a head case; he’s just extremely confident. His production backs up that confidence. If he can stay healthy all next year, I’d say he deserves the money he’s going to get.

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