Packers Prospect Profile — OL Jason Pinkston, University of Pittsburgh All Green Bay Packers All the Time

1) Profile:

Jason Pinkston

College: Pittsburgh

Position: OT

Height: 6’3″   Weight: 313 lbs.

Born: September 5, 1987 From: Pittsburgh, PA

2) High School / College Highlights: Pinkston, a two-time All-Big East left offensive tackle, projects as a right tackle in the NFL, or possibly a guard. Either way, his college career was impressive. Pittsburgh produced a 1,000-yard rusher in each of Pinkston’s three seasons as a starter. His versatility also helped him hold his own in pass protection against both speed and power rushers.

Pinkston came to Pittsburgh as a defensive tackle before getting switched to the offensive side in September of his freshman season. He started three games at right tackle his sophomore season before suffering a season-ending shoulder injury and earning a medical redshirt.

3) College Stats: 41 career starts, 38 at left tackle.

4) NFL Combine Results: 5.39 40-yard dash, 7.88 three-cone drill, 4.91 20-yard shuttle, 22.0 bench press, 26.5 vertical jump, 08’02” broad jump.

5) Strengths/Weaknesses: Most analysts highlight Pinkston’s effort and point out that his “motor” is always running no matter the situation, or who is lined up across from him. He also has the size and body shape to play guard, as well as the athleticism to hold his own at tackle.

Negatives include “extra weight in the midsection” (translation: he needs to mix in a salad) and doubts about his ability to handle NFL edge rushers. He also commits early to an opponent’s move, which makes him vulnerable to delayed or secondary rushes.

6) Fit for the Packers: I get the sense that Pinkston is viewed as a step or two above a project. He’s talented enough to possibly contribute right away, but it will likely take a year or two before he’s fully ready. Do the Packers need another project on the offensive line? If Ted Thompson thinks Pinkston’s talent might be worth the wait, why not?

Football teams with bad offensive lines annoy me. They’re a chore to watch. The Packers line played surprisingly well last season and I’d like to see that continue into the future. I will likely endorse any draft pick spent on an offensive lineman, including Pinkston. Just don’t be surprised if he doesn’t challenge for a starting job right away.

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3 thoughts on “Packers Prospect Profile — OL Jason Pinkston, University of Pittsburgh

  1. He looks exactly like what the Packers would want if we had two years to give but IMO that’s the exact problem ,as we don’t really have two years to give.

    The offensive line cannot be categorized/treated in the same manner as the D-line as there is the LB’s and the DB’s for help.The OL needs immediate impact from a draftee this year whether it be in week 4 or week 12.

    Some will vouch for Newhouse and cross fingers with McDonald,Campbell,Battles and with talk of Colledge and Spitz what it is,a startable player on the OL in general is a must with the first one chosen.

    Depth projection is a great benefit at every position but,knowing one or two can actually play to a standard of some sort is more important considering who/what is at risk.

    Unless I missed the bullitin on McDonald,Campbell,Battles and Newhouse that two are proven/able ready,this student class is full.

    Too many projects creates an unfinished and unpolished job.IMO as always.

  2. I agree that the OL is a priority,especially when it comes to improving the running game. It would be ideal if Lang could become that solid guard we’ve been looking for,and then the draft could produce that LT in waiting.

  3. Let’s not forget that the Packers’ coaches consider Bryan Bulaga the LT of the future. personally, I still want to see the Packers take the best OL available with pick #32, preferably a tackle.

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