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Weekly Green Bay Packers News from Twitter and other Sources by Al Bracco and Holly Phelps. (As heard on Cheesehead Radio 3/31/11 )

Al: Well, the last time we got together here, it was Thursday March 10. As we know now, the next day would bring the de-certification of the NFL Players union and a lockout by the owners. Much frustration was expressed by fans, and the two sides commenced with the expected posturing. Press releases, letters, emails, and tweets were exchanged, all trying to convince fans who was right and who was wrong. Of course, to most fans, it didn’t matter, they were ALL wrong for letting this happen.

Holly:     And speaking of wrong, how about that Johnny Jolly. After being suspended from the NFL for a year — but avoiding jail time — one might have expected Jolly to keep his nose clean and put his life on the right path. Instead, Jolly returned to his old haunts and old friends and, once, again got caught up in the seedy underbelly of the world of drugs. This time Jolly can expect little latitude from the Texas judicial system.  He’s already been denied bond by a judge in Houston, and will await his next court appearance from a cozy 10×10 cell.

Al:    And I can’t tell you how many silly tweets and blog comments I read debating what the Packers should do with him, will he ever play again, etc., etc. Um, excuse me, but that’s the least of Jolly’s worries right now. He’s probably going to jail for a pretty long time. His life as he knew it is over. And besides, thanks to the lockout, the Packers can’t even officially cut him. So the dark shadow Jolly casts over the Packers organization is just another reason to hate the NFL labor situation.

Holly: On a lighter note, with not much to get excited about football-wise these days, fans of the Madden NFL Video game are up in arms about Aaron Rodgers being one of the finalists to appear on it’s cover. Some Packers fans who believe in wizards and unicorns are leading movements to vote for other players, lest Aaron Rodgers become the next victim of the dreaded “Curse of the Madden Cover.” Aaron Rodgers even joined the fun, tweeting, “Looks like I’m in the next round of the madden voting. Thank u for all the votes….right???”

Al: Staying on the light side, Ted Thompson was his usual rip roaring cut-up self this week at the UCLA Pro Day. There to see Akeem Ayers and some other players, Thompson ran into Chuck Price, agent for Ayers and also Nick Barnett. Price, who would have loved to discuss Barnett’s future with the Packers, said to Thompson, “I guess we’re not supposed to talk, are we?” To which Ted replied, well, you can talk, but I have to turn around and walk away.”

Holly:  Classic Thompson… And speaking of Ted, he will have one extra draft selection in his pocket come draft day, as the Packers were awarded a fourth round compensatory pick after losing Aaron Kampman to free agency last year. Ted’s last three fourth-round picks were Jeremy Thompson, Josh Sitton, and TJ Lang, so we may expect him to be looking for another big body at that spot.

Al : .. Those were your top news stories for the week, and Cheesehead Radio now brings you “News from the Packers Twitterverse…”

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Holly:     As Packers fans, we may occasionally revel in the struggles of our division rivals, so we welcome this fine news from Alex @PackersLounge who tweeted,  “From the Vikings chats I’m reading, most of their fans seem pretty sure they need SERIOUS help.”

Al:  Thanks to Alex for that, and also for starting a discussion on tweeters who beg players for re-tweets. The best contribution to that discussion came from our old friend @PackerRanter who said, “ Ray Nitschke would reach through the interwebs and throttle you senseless if you ever dared beg him for a retweet.”

Holly:      Moving on to current Packers players, Aaron Rodgers had a big announcement for everyone.  Simply put, “The belt is on vacation for a while.”

Al:   And a well deserved one, too. Meanwhile, another Packers player used his time off to join the ranks of twitter.  What’s good twitterworld? came across our twitter feeds…  It’s your boy Tramon Williams! My wife finally got me on twitter. Well thank you, Mrs Williams and there’s no doubt in my mind, THAT was the…

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