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Here’s a handy chart listing all of the Packers’ picks in the 2011 NFL Draft, the overall selection number and the trade value of each pick. Includes compensatory picks and picks obtained via trade.

1 32 590
2 64 270
3 96 116
4 129 43
4 131 0 Comp. pick – AK
5 163 27.2
6 197 13.6
7 204 10.8 Via trade – Jansen
7 233 2.3

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6 thoughts on “Green Bay Packers Complete Draft Order – 2011 NFL Draft

  1. Looking at the values of the draft picks for the Packers,combining them makes me weep with joy instead of feeling a false exuberance.The price a CHAMPION pays for winning in football,and all I can say is Thank You.
    This reinforces my belief of how worst off many others are come next year.
    MR.Thompson(earned the title) has done a great thing for Green Bay and perhaps we are just now beginning to see the rewards and the long term benefits of his or well learned/adjusted ideology of Ron Wolfe.
    Name another team that has the misfortune of having an abyss of depth,talent,prospects,camaraderie and the good sense mentality of a GM to not jump at over priced losers in the FA market.(Belichick excluded on principle)
    Before anybody thinks about trades of picks for the so called game/team changer,take a long look at who we have today,tomorrow and the next couple of years.
    This GM and Coach of TT and MM have/will for years to come shown us,why they do not follow the steps of such as Mike Ditka,Dan Snyder, Al Davis etc.
    I have used the term”Morons at the Gate”and I’m happy and proud that both TT or MM are not members and do not meet the criteria for acceptance to such an”ELITE CLUB”.
    “IN THEM WE TRUST” at least I do.
    Would it be wrong to hope this again and again,or should we beg for a misstep or two in order to gain an advantage in a deceitful way down the road.

  2. Thanks for the chart. You should change the value of the comp pick to zero because it can’t be traded.

  3. Where did you get the trade value numbers? Is it based off the Dallas Cowboys’ version?

  4. What’s the value of a future, say top-10 first round pick? For instance, say that some of the 2nd tier QBs are available at the end of the 1st round and a team wants to trade the Packers for their 32nd overall pick for a future 1st rounder. Would it be seen as fair value for the Packers to trade the 32nd overall pick in the 2011 draft for say, the Panthers’ 1st round pick in 2012, assuming they draft for defense with the 1st overall pick and want to get a Kapernick type QB as well?

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