Green Bay Packers Sign McCarthy to Multi-Year Deal All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Mike McCarthy will be around for a while after a contract extension.

The Green Bay Packers announced late Friday that they have signed coach Mike McCarthy to a long-term contract extension. Both McCarthy and GM Ted Thompson are now signed through 2015.

Including the playoffs, McCarthy has guided the Packers to a 25-12 mark (.676) over the past two seasons. The 25 wins rank No. 3 in the league over that span behind only New Orleans (27) and Indianapolis (26). Since taking over as head coach in 2006, McCarthy has led Green Bay to a 53-34 record (.609), including the postseason.

McCarthy’s teams usually take a while to get going each season, but are tough to stop once they put everything together. The Packers run at the end of 2010 took them all the way to the Super Bowl and quieted most of Thompson’s and McCarthy’s critics.


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2 thoughts on “Green Bay Packers Sign McCarthy to Multi-Year Deal

  1. MM keeps getting better. I have to admit, I was concerned about the occasional bad play calls, clock management, etc. – but McCarthy got it done and he deserves a lot of credit. I think he will keep getting better as a coach.

  2. Clock management issues are still there, but he has made steady progress in other areas the last 2 years. Still think Packers lost a few games this year that could have been won with better CM – wish he would hire an assitant to help out in that area.

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