A Cold Shower for Overly Excited Green Bay Packers Fans

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I can’t remember ever feeling this good about a Green Bay Packers team. I liked their chances against the Eagles, I was very confident they would beat the Falcons, and I have a good feeling about Sunday’s game against the Chicago Bears.

This feeling of positivity just does not seem right. I’m not sure how to handle it. Usually I’m pessimistic and grumpy to a fault. I expect the worst and wait for everything to come crashing down with another last-second Mason Crosby clank off the goalpost, Mike McCarthy clock kerfuffle or Aaron Rodgers sack/interception.

I feel I need to channel my old pessimistic self, so that is exactly what I am going to do now. There are many reasons why the Packers will not win on Sunday. For those overly excited Packers fans like me, consider this a cold shower.

It’s the Bears. It’s Soldier Field
That about says it all doesn’t it? Very little has gone right for the Packers at Soldier Field recently. Too many penalties, blocked field goals, special teams meltdowns. You name it and it has gone wrong.

And how about that turf? If you dumped a can of green spray paint on a gravel road in Menomonie, WI you would have a better playing surface. That mess of a field neutralizes any speed advantage Bears’ opponents might have and forces you to muck it up and play their slop brand of football.

If I was a prison warden, I would not even allow my prisoners to set foot on that disaster of a playing surface.

Devin Hester
Led by Hester, the Bears average 17.1 yards per punt return. I said 17.1 yards per return! How many times have the Packers gotten 17 yards on a punt return this season? Not very many. The Bears get it almost every time!

Sure, Tim Masthay and the special teams unit contained Hester in week 17. Big whoop. They were just delaying the inevitable. Lovie Smith probably looked at the matchup on special teams and immediately instructed team officials to start making plans for Dallas.

Jay Cutler is super talented
Cutler’s physical tools are unbelievable. Sometimes he throws these deep balls where he appears off-balance, yet somehow manages to flick a perfect strike to one of his streaking wide receivers.

The only drawback to Cutler’s game is that he’s dumb. He’s just plain stupid, there’s no other way to put it. Sometimes his decisions make even less sense than a story on ProFootballTalk.com.

But do all of his bad throws really matter that much when the other team drops three-fourths of his potential interceptions? The Bears must put something on the ball so that whenever a defender touches a Cutler pass, the defender receives an electric shock.

The Bears front seven
Urlacher, Peppers, Briggs, Harris. These guys are men. They’re proven veterans that have beaten the crap out of pass-happy offenses like the Packers their entire careers. Bulaga played his worst game of the season against the Bears in week 17, and he rarely had to match up against Peppers. If Peppers regularly lines up over Bulaga on Sunday, the rookie might soil himself.

Packers fans are all proud and cheery over their ragtag group of castoffs and upstarts on the front seven. It’s a fun story, but Walden, Bishop, and Green are nothing compared to what the Bears trot out every game.

Final word
I apologize if that was difficult to read, but it had to be written. I needed that, and maybe other overly optimistic Packers fans did too. I somehow feel…what’s the word I’m looking for…cleansed, I guess.

Of course, there are several kernels of truth contained in the mostly tongue-in-cheek stuff I just finished writing. If the Bears are able to capitalize on their strengths and home-field advantage, this quick dose of pessimism will turn into a cold shot of harsh reality.


Adam Czech is a a freelance sports reporter living in the Twin Cities and a proud supporter of American corn farmers. When not working, Adam is usually writing about, thinking about or worrying about the Packers. Follow Adam on Twitter. Twitter .


17 thoughts on “A Cold Shower for Overly Excited Green Bay Packers Fans

  1. I understand your feelings. I hate the Bears so much, I’ve had nightmares every night since Sunday. I see images of Bill George and Joe Fortunato smashing Bart Starr into the Wrigley Field stone wall over and over.

    I’m pulling out every old superstition in my play book. One of my most effect is vegetables. I’ve have corn and spinach with each dinner until the day of the game.

    Logic tells me GB can/will win. Emotionally I’m an unstable wreck. Well I better go now and put green food dye in our milk.

    1. Well if all you eat is corn and spinach, you should at least lose some weight. It’s better than Grain Belt and Red Baron pizza — my drink/food of choice when I’m nervous.

  2. i am also a pessimist the majority of the time. the good part is pessimists are rarely let down, but you do not get as much enjoyment out of a good game either. It has been a long time since I enjoyed a game as much as I did the Atlanta game. This game is going to be a close, nail biter to the end. I just hope this young team stays within itself in a game that is sure to have its major ups and downs.

    1. firemmnow….change ur name,its old and mccarthy deserves coach of the year….no doubt,even if we lose sunday.,,only way to lose is to turn the ball over..THE ONLY WAY

      1. No, he doesn’t. TT should be GM of the year.

        You can also lose if you score less points than the other team. Actually, that’s REALLY the ONLY WAY to lose.

  3. Good post, Adam. The Bears make me nervous. To anyone that hoped for a Packers-Bears showdown for the NFC crown…be careful what you ask for.

    I also feel the Packers can win, but it’s entirely possible that they won’t. I’m knocking on wood, crossing my fingers, and sitting on the edge of my seat this Sunday. Go Pack Go!

  4. Everyone is forgetting to mention Matt Forte. 1600 total yards, 4.5 yards per carry, 6 yards per carry in week 17, and dangerous as a receiver. If the Pack forgets how to tackle like the first Atlanta game, then we could see a lot of chain moving and clock eating drives. All well A-Rod is getting cold on the sidelines. I hope we start fast and never look back, but I anticipate a close game with Hester running a forth quarter punt down our throats. Done are my days of being crushed by unbridled optimism for the Pack.

    1. I’m more worried about Forte catching passes. If the Packers focus on Olsen, the Bears will turn to Forte.

  5. Have to disagree about the comparison between both front 7’s on D. GB is every bit as good with their “ragtag group of castoffs” as CHI’s overpriced vets. If GB can manage to keep the ST damage to a minimum and doesn’t give CHI short fields by turnovers, GB wins going away.

    1. I was being (mostly) tongue-in-cheek with the post, Bearmeat, and I (mostly) agree that GB’s front 7 holds it own against the Bears.

  6. Why would I or anyone need or want a “cold shower” before this game.

    Getting this “hot and euphoric” doesn’t happen nearly as often as I wish it to.

    My “cold shower” will happen along with MM when the bucket of ice is upon him and I pour some on myself.

    This is not,nor should it be a time for pessimism,this game gets us into the SUPERBOWL.

    1. Beautiful.

      “My “cold shower” will happen along with MM when the bucket of ice is upon him and I pour some on myself.”

  7. Step out of the cold shower and into the cozy heat of knowing that the Pack is set for years to come. Franchise QB? Check. Young but experienced defense? Check.

    No matter what happens this weekend, the long view allows us to bask in the knowledge that the future looks bright and warm.

  8. Unfortunately, I don’t need a cold shower for this game.

    I think a reason we aren’t seeing more trash talking between fans is because both sides know how tough it will be to win. Anything can happen between these teams, and nothing is ever guaranteed.

  9. Relax everybody.

    Dom Capers is at the helm. Bears won’t score more than 10 offensive points.

    Raji with 2 sacks, Bishop with a sack and interception, and Tramon with an INT. Woodson with a sack and a forced fumble.

    Starks will get 19 carries for 64 yards and keep the Bears LB honest.

    Jordy Nelson will have 6 catches for 112 yards and 1 TDs

    Brandon Jackson will have caught 4 screens for 37 yards and 1 TD

    Aaron will be 28 of 34 for 324 yards and a total of 4 TDS plus one rushing TD

    Jennings and Jones will each have a TD catch.

    Driver will have caught 6 catches, 4 for first downs including a spectacular one-handed catch.

    Hester will return only two punts for a 13.6 YD average.

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