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Weekly Green Bay Packers News from Twitter and other Sources by Al Bracco and Holly Phelps. (As heard on Cheesehead Radio 1/6/11 )

Packer News 12/31/10 – 1/6/11

Al: As we all know, the Packers took care of business against the Bears this past Sunday, although not without making us sweat it out in typical Packers style. Fortunately the defense once again came up big late in a close game, stopping the Bears’ potential game tying drive. Or could it have been a game winning drive if Lovie Smith decided to try for a two point conversion? Fortunately, that’s something we’ll never know.

Holly: One thing we know for sure, a lot of great stories came out of that game, but surely none better than that of linebacker Erik Walden. Picked up as a street free agent when Packers linebackers started dropping like flies, Walden had a quite incredulous Defensive Player of the Week performance. His 16 tackles and 3 sacks, earned in an explosive style, drew comparisons to Miami’s Cameron Wake. You remember him blowing up the Packers backfield and sacking Rodgers 3 times don’t you?

Al: Yes, he still haunts my dreams, Holly. And this week, the Packers get a player back that could potentially haunt Michael Vick. Although Mike McCarthy refused to commit, Cullen Jenkins, who has missed the last 4 games, vows he will return to the field on Sunday to wreak havoc on Vick and the Eagles. Despite missing 5 games this season and playing with a clubbed hand in most of the other games, Jenkins still has 7 sacks on the season. Having him back in the lineup could mean Clay Matthews sees fewer double teams.

Holly: While all of Packer Nation looks towards this weekend, the front office at 1265 Lombardi Ave. showed that a good organization never stops thinking about the future. On the cusp of a playoff game, the Packers found the time to sign both Desmond Bishop and Brett Goode to contract extensions. Bishop got four years and 19 million and Goode got two years and 1.2 million.

Al: Yes Holly, and to illustrate how the Packers always have one eye towards the bottom line, they were able to get both signings done before the deadline to add money to a player’s 2010 contract. That means if a salary cap returns, some of the money wouldn’t count towards the cap. So both players get an extra large final paycheck in 2010, with the extra money essentially a signing bonus.

Holly: With the signing of Bishop, Packers fans are speculating if the Packers now have too many big contracts at the linebacker position? Will Barnett be traded? Will Hawk sign a contract for less money to stay in Green Bay? Is Brandon Chillar’s contract the obvious target to be dumped? All the speculation was running rampant throughout the Packers twitterverse, to which Alex Tallitsch, in his inimitable understated manner said, “Everyone just shut up about next year and enjoy this week with the Pack in the playoffs.”

News from the Packers Twitterverse

Holly: Well, a lot of fans are hoping this is truly the year that Brett Favre just goes away. One such twitter fan was @DirectingTitan, who tweeted, “ Away with you, #4! Away I say! *brandishes a Crucifix and splashes Holy Water around the room.*”

Al: If only it were that easy Holly…. Well, after the Bears game there was a funny little exchange between Jason Wilde and his Green and Gold on-air partner, Bill Johnson. Wilde tweeted, “how about Eric Walden today… Pretty solid”. To which Johnson replied, “He’s no James Starks.”

Holly: Not many can be, Al, but Desmond Bishop certainly has done his best. After landing his new contract and thanking his fans through twitter, Bishop heard from Nick Barnett, who tweeted, “Look forward to many great seasons with my boy Bishop!!! Four headed monster inside!! Hawk Barnett Bishop and Chillar!!! 2011 here we come”

Al: Well, forget Desmond Bishop, forget James Starks, forget Brett Favre, the big news on twitter this week was that Susan Lombardi,the daughter of Vince, is now on twitter. Whether it was conversing with Jerry Kramer or answering every fan tweet, Susan was friendly, gracious, forthcoming, and a joy to converse with. So this week, rather than a tweet of the week, I instead will bestow on Susan Lombardi the honor of “Cheesehead Radio New Packers Family Tweeter of the Week” If you want to follow Susan Lombardi, her twitter handle is @SusanLombardi47

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6 thoughts on “Cheesehead Radio News – 12/30/10 – 1/6/11, News From the Packers Twitterverse and Beyond

  1. MM is on the spot. Capers and the defense has been carrying the much vaunted offense much of the year. The offense has been lackluster at best in 11 of the 16 games (and that is being generous).

    It’s time for MM to deliver. As I have been saying to the point of being ridiculous, “SCORE EARLY, SCORE OFTEN.” Lee’s TD last week has identified an area where MM seems to have given up. The TE as a key player in getting the 1st down and controlling the ball. Another abysmal 3rd down performance last week cannot be repeated this week. Yes, the poor running game has something to do with that, but at this stage it’s too late to do anything about it this year. The best we can hope for is a 100 yard effort, combined. Ball control is important but they MUST finish most of their drives in the first half. A repeat of no points in the first half again will not be a good thing.

    Please, MM get that team to come out of the dressing room with smoke coming out oftheir ears.

    1. I think I’m going to take some time this weekend to look into the TE production since Finley’s departure this season.

  2. Ron, I’m in total Ageement. I watch first Eagles game on replay yesterday. You can really see how valuable Grant was to our running game. He really hit the holes with speed, no hesitation on his part. I think Starks has the same capabilities. Controlling the clock and putting points up early is key in this match up.

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