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Weekly Green Bay Packers News from Twitter and other Sources by Al Bracco and Holly Phelps. (As heard on Cheesehead Radio 11/23/10 )

Packer News 11/19/10 – 11/23/10

AL: Well, the 2010 Green Bay Packers have solidified their new reputation as NFL coach killers. After getting Wade Phillips sacked by the Cowboys, they turned their attention to embarrassing the Minnesota Vikings Organization. The Packers did such a thorough job, even Zigi Wilf couldn’t screw this one up. He did what had to be done and fired Brad Childress.

Holly: Well there was also buzz about the Packers coaches , but there won’t be anyone getting fired. On the contrary, there’s a growing movement for Mike McCarthy to be considered for coach of the year. He’s won the respect of a lot of NFL experts for the job he’s done holding the team together despite the Packers’ massive injury situation.

AL: And another subject of coaching kudos is Dom Capers. In two separate press conferences, now, Mike McCarthy has been quoted as saying Capers is worthy of a head coaching position. Of course, he’d rather keep Capers, but wouldn’t stand in his way. Capers’ contract happens to expire after this season, also. Personally, I just want whomever is asking McCarthy about Capers to shut up. Lets just keep this under our hat…

Holly: Aaron Rodgers had some things to say Monday morning on ESPN radio. Rodgers said that the Packers’ defense have played incredible football, which give the offense confidence that they’ll get good opportunities. He also admitted to the team being motivated by the bandwagon jumpers when the Packers were at 3-3.  Said Rogers, “I heard many comments when we were 3-3 that we were done, that we had no soul as a team. I think we just kind of used that as fuel.”

AL: And running out of fuel is what may have finally happened to Brett Favre. Frustrated all day by the Packers defense, arguing with his offensive coordinator buddy and close to tears after the game, Favre looked a pathetic shell of the man we knew. After the game, Favre said he would have to go home and “re-evaluate things”. Asked what he meant by that later on, Favre managed to laugh it off and said if he had known he’d be pressed on that, he would have re-evaluated his answer.

Holly: And getting back to the Packers, it’s time to re-evaluate the 2010 season. The Packers have run off four straight wins, but the real tests still lie ahead. Four of the next six games are against some of the top teams in the NFL, the Falcons, Patriots, Giants and Bears. Meanwhile, the Bears will also have their work cut out for them, facing the Eagles, Patriots, Jets and Packers over the home stretch. First place could very well come down to the last game with the Bears. Luckily for the Packers, it’s at Lambeau Field…

Favorite Tweets from the Packers Twitterverse.

Al: In addition to being an all-world linebacker, Clay Matthews also appears to have his pulse on the feelings of Cheesehead Nation. After the Packers’ dismantling of the Minnesota Vikings, Matthews tweeted, “I know u fans enjoyed that Win just a little more, huh!?

Holly: Jermichael Finley made a stir on twitter the previous week during the Vikings loss to the Bears, when he tweeted, “”Vikings are done; let’s stick a fork in them next weekend.” Aaron Rodgers even felt compelled to say that Finley does not talk for the team, he talks for himself. Well, the idle Finley was once again doing some talking on Sunday. One fun tweet during the game was, “Better Green than Queen.” Later on, as the Packers were romping over the Vikings, Finley hearkened back to last week’s tweet and asked, “EVERYONE GOT UR FORK READY?”

Al: You can be sure we did, Jermichael. And another thing Packer fans eagerly used their forks for was marking the end of Brad Childress as Vikings coach. There were multiple funny tweets about the situation, but the best was probably from @packsmack, who tweeted, “Does Brett Farve return the favor and drive Brad Childress to the airport?”

And that folks, was the  Cheesehead Radio Tweet of the Week.

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  1. Finally got to catch Adam’s insider look into the Falcons this morning… good stuff! The show overall went great.

    I think one of the big keys might be the red-zone defense for the Packers. I expect the Falcons to be able to move the ball with all the weapons that they have on offense, so if the defense can hold Atlanta to three points instead of seven on drives, then the offense will stand a much better chance of out-scoring them. This has the potential to turn into a shoot-out a la the Steelers game last year.

    (Also, I have to give a big shout-out to my big brother, Clay, for winning the CheeseheadTV t-shirt!)

    1. And according to our guest, Adam Schulz from, red zone scoring has been an issue for Atlanta. Perfect!

      Congrats to your bro!

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