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Weekly Green Bay Packers News from Twitter and other Sources by Al Bracco and Holly Phelps. (As heard on Cheesehead Radio 10/21/10 )

Packer News 10/15/10 – 10/21/10

AL: Hang on Packer fans, the Cavalry is coming. Al Harris, Atari Bigby and James Starks are all unleashed PUPS this week, ready to frolic and play on the green grass of Lambeau Field. While Starks is unlikely to offer any immediate help, Harris and Bigby are both eager to get on the field, with Harris having the better chance of contributing on Sunday.

Holly: Not only are the PUPS available to play, the Packers will be getting of few of the 22 players on their official injury report back on Sunday. Clay Matthews, Ryan Pickett Mark Tauscher and Brandon Chillar all practiced on Wednesday and are expect to play. Nick Collins, Donald Driver and AJ Hawk were held out of practice as a precaution, but figure to be ready for the Vikings. Donald Driver is still a question mark and Mike Neal and Brady Poppinga, have already been ruled out for Sunday Night.

AL: Well, speaking of Sunday Night, this is the week many of us have been waiting for. The old war horse puts on the saddle one ore time and returns to his old stomping grounds, otherwise known as Lambeau Field. Personally, I’ve long had this game marked on the calender as the first real test of the Packers’ Super Bowl worthiness in 2010. Little did I expect that both teams would come into this game struggling to prove they even belong in the discussion.

Holly: Yes, the Super Bowl or Die talk has certainly died down after the last two weeks. With the next four games against the Vikings, Jets, Cowboys and Vikings again, the Packers could go  2-2 at best over that stretch. As long as they can put the injury bug behind them at the same time, that wouldn’t be unsurmountable. At 5-5, they would still have six games left to make their playoff run. If they’re not able to make it from there, then they just don’t deserve to.

Al: Well, deservedly or not, Mike McCarthy has come under quite a bit of fire this week, from fans and Packers beat writers as well. Greg Bedard questions the lack of adjustments when his game plan is not working. Bob McGinn wonders about McCarthy’s ability to guide his team to wins in close games. Bill Huber thinks he’s been too loyal to Shawn Slocum and James Campen. Personally, I agree with all of them.

Holly: And it wouldn’t have been a normal week in Packer Nation without at least one big piece of bad news. The Packers lost yet another key contributor this week when it was decided to put Jermichael Finley on IR and end his season. After considering a possible late season return for Finley, the Packers decided to not take any chances with his long term health and instead will let his injury heal fully.

News from the Packers Twitterverse…

Holly: When the NFL doled out some large fines this week for several vicious hits overt he weekend, at least one Packer player didn’t like it. Not surprisingly, it was Packers linebacker Nick Barnett, who immediately tweeted, “ No big hits?? What sport are we playing now?” He later ollowed that up with: “ Ok, if we crack down on hard hits we should crackdown on cut blocks!!! Cut blocks have taken out more players then head hits, I’m sure!”

Al: Will Blackmon displayed some selflessness and honesty this week about the Packers acquisition of Safety Anthony Smith. “it’s a good move”, tweeted Blackmon, “because he’s a very good payer.” Considering Smith could potentially block a return by Blackmon to the Packers, I found it interesting for him to say that.

Holly: After Jermichael Finley had his knee surgery, he was a bit bored laying around and tweeted, “I think it’s about time to take a trip”. Replied PideOCucamonga, “ Put the mushrooms down my friend”

Al: Speaking of trips, our last tweet tonight is from Greg Bedard, who will be leaving Green Bay on Monday for a new job with the Boston Globe. Greg has always shown an uncanny ability to distill an issue down to it’s most salient point. In a twitter discussion about the struggles of the Packers offense, Greg ended the conversation with this tweet, “If McCarthy would call a more balanced game — or even close to one — defenses would play them more honest. Period. “

Perfect answer, Greg. We’re going to miss you, but to send you off in proper style, I’m awarding you the…

Cheesehead Radio Tweet of the Week

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