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Weekly Packers News from Twitter and other Sources by Al Bracco and Holly Phelps. (As heard on Cheesehead Radio 10/14/10 )

Packer News 10/08/10 – 10/14/10

AL: Last week’s @CheeseheadRadio news was dominated by injury talk, and here were are in the same boat again. No sense rehashing it all for you here, you know the new names, Rodgers, Finley, Matthews, Pickett, Lee & Martin. At this rate, I calculate it would take the Packers only 5 weeks to completely run out of players.  I don’t know if Ted Thompson will be able to keep up.

Holly: Trying to keep up with the Chicago Bears is another concern for the Packers. After an awful Sunday night performance against the NY Giants, the Bears rebounded to easily beat the Carolina Panthers. Missing Jay Cutler, the Bears relied heavily on the legs of Matt Forte and a defense that forced 7 turnovers to win despite a total of only 50 passing yards and four Todd Collins interceptions. The Bears continue to be the luckiest team in the NFL.

AL: Not so lucky was Mike McCarthy who gambled on fourth down and goal and lost. While I have no qualms about the decision, and even support it, it turned out to be a huge factor in the game. Of course, McCarthy tried to downplay it after the game, calling it a wash. That I have a problem with. Mike Shanahan, on the other hand, saw it for what it was, saying, ““It was the difference in the game, obviously.

Holly: What’s also obvious, Al, is how the Packers continue to shoot themselves in the foot. They seem to find a new way every game. The new method for this week was the dropped passes by the Packers receivers. The worst thing was that many of them were drive killers. One that comes to mind in particular was late in the third quarter, just before Mason Crosby missed the first of 2 field goals. Donald Driver drops a ball right in his chest that would have put the Packers on the 10 yard line. Instead, Crosby has to try a 48 yard goal and misses it. And this was just one example!

AL: Well, setting a better example in that game was one Desmond Bishop, who took over for the injured Nick Barnett. Bishop had a team-leading 13 tackles and his usual collection of big hits. Although he was still just adequate against the run, Bishop’s position coach Winston Moss said he was very pleased with Bishop’s play, but that now he has to show the same level of play every week.

Holly: And on a sad note, long-time Packers photographer Vernon Biever passed away yesterday after a long illness. Biever had covered the Packers from the Curly Lambeau era up until Mike Sherman, before passing the torch to his son. If any of you have pictures of the Lombardi era Packers hanging on your walls, you can be sure it was a Vernon Biever photo. Already in the Packers Hall of Fame, Biever is a Packers treasure that will be sorely missed. Our condolences go out to the Biever family.

News for the Packers Twitterverse…

Al: Well, after the disappointing loss to the Redskins, several Packers players expressed their feelings via twitter. Nick Barnett, who stayed behind in Green Bay and watched on TV tweeted. “Watching the game it feels like someone kissed my lady in front of my face.. . But I will be back stronger and more motivated then ever!! Watch !!

Holly: Clay Matthews, who doesn’t use twitter as much as some other Packers,  chimed in with this tweet: “Losing hurts… but this 1 stings!! Not being able to help my team come away w/ a W hurts worse than any physical pain I have to endure.”

AL: There was a funny moment on the Vikings sidelines during the Monday night game against the Jets. After Bret Favre threw the touchdown pass to Randy Moss, he came back to the sideline, where he was greeted by a Vikings coach. The coach stopped Favre, said something to him and tapped him on the helmet several times. As I was sitting there wondering what he might have said to Favre, Jen Lada: tweeted the obvious explanation. “Coach on sideline taps Favre’s helmet and tells him, “That’s what happens when you think with this head.”

I think no further comment is necessary on that, other than to say,

That folks, was your tweet of the week.

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  1. I disagree with the “The Bears continue to be the luckiest team in the NFL”,they are taking advantage of the weaker teams at the time they play,we have not done so,does that mean “we are the unluckiest team in the NFL”,or not taking advantage at the time we should.

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