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Al: While the Packers survived a real scare from the Detroit Lions, they weren’t so lucky in the injury department. Promising rookie safety Morgan Burnett was lost for the season with a torn ACL. Originally called a knee sprain, I’ve noticed recently that an initial diagnosis of knee sprain is just coach speak for we’re crossing our fingers and hoping like hell it’s not an ACL. Remember the eagles game, when Leonard Weaver had his knee gruesomely bent backwards by Nick Barnett? Yeah, that was called a knee sprain too.

Holly: Speaking of Barnett, he is also on the Packers injury list with a possible season-ending wrist injury. If it’s determined that Barnett needs surgery now, his season is over. Barnett suffered the injury in the first half last weekend. After getting x-rayed, he returned and finished the game wearing a cast on his right wrist. After the game, Barnett said the x-rays did not show a break. Barnett will be getting a second opinion on Friday. While it doesn’t look good, Barnett said he is hoping he can just “tape it up and play.”

Al: There are plenty of other Packers struggling with injuries that are hoping for just that on Sunday. Nick Collins, Charles Woodson,Brandon Chillar, Chad Clifton, Mark Tauscher and Sam Shields were all held out of practice on Wednesday. These moves figure to be just precautionary, and all but Chillar are expected to play on Sunday. There has been some talk today, however, that Tausher’s shoulder injury may be worse than originally though.

That’s enough injury talk, Al, lets talk about the man who provides the depth on this team, Ted Thompson. Thompson is once again in the cross-hairs of Packer Nation, as a flurry of trade activity went on all around him this weekend, while he failed to pull the trigger on any moves to improve his team. According to Bills sources, Thompson was outbid for Marshawn Lynch, refusing to do better than the Seahawks offer of a 2011 fourth round and a 2012 conditional pick.

Al: And then more bad news rained down on the Packers universe. Old man river, resting up in his rocking chair in Minnesota, finally got that toy he’s been pining for for many years. And no, I don’t mean a new cellphone with a better camera, Randy Moss was delivered to his doorstep.The enigmatic Moss will fit in perfectly with that merry band of low class misfits and hillbillies on the Vikings. Maybe he can teach top-notch jerk Jared Allen a new trick or two.

Holly: And attempting to end on a positive note, it’s good to know that the Bears still suck. Chicago’s offense was dismantled on national TV by the New York Giant’s defense and Jay Cutler once again showed how he handles adversity – he wilts like a flower exposed to the season’s first frost. I still can’t believe how the Packers let him off the hook…  oh wait, we were trying to end positive…. Go Pack!

News from the Packers Twitterverse…
Al: During the Packers game against Detroit, there was plenty of frustration with the running game among Packer fans. Many were evidently tweeting their frustrations to Ryan Grant, prompting him to tweet back, “To everyone asking, no, I can’t play on one leg.”

Holly: Clay Matthews learned an important lesson at the hands of Donald Driver this week. On Tuesday, Matthews tweeted, “Note 2 self… no more appearances with Donald Driver as he is making my wardrobe look severely inadequate.

Al: Jermichael Finley’s wife had a rather interesting tweet this week. On Tuesday, she tweeted, “ Jermichael  just gave me the consent Ive been waiting 5 years for, TONIGHT I get to wax his arm pits. YESSSSSSSS. Im stoked.

Now, I don’t know what’s more bizzare, Finley agreeing to the armpit waxing or the fact his wife has been waiting 5 years for this. Regardless of which it is…

That folks, was your tweet of the week…

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