Bears 20, Packers 17 – First Impressions – NFL Week 3, 2010 All Green Bay Packers All the Time

The Packers and Bears squared off in a Monday Night battle that would be marred by poor play and penalties nullifying big plays. Here are my first impressions as the game was being played:

As the inactives were announced, I found it very interesting that all four tight ends and all three fullbacks are active. WIth the tight ends, I’ll be looking for a three tight end red zone set, with Finley, Lee and Crabtree and the Packers throwing the ball out of that set.

With the fullbacks, I’m thinking we might see passes to the running backs substituting for some runs tonight, especially with Nance inactive and Jackson as the only true halfback. Not to mention a power 3 fullback backfield.

Derrick Martin showed on the opening kickoff why he is on this team.

Dom Capers goes Psycho-crazy on first possession. Does that make any sense?

The Packers are consistently doing a nice job surrounding the kick returner on kickoffs. The returners may pick up some yards, but there are no lanes for them to break off a big one.

Jay Cutler throws some real head-scratching interceptions…

Twenty minutes in and Cutler already has that “deer in the headlights” look. This is looking like a good night for the Packers…

We’re seeing the expected use of the short pass to the running backs as a substitute for running the ball. Only in the second quarter, but we’ve probably seen as many passes to the running backs as in the first two games combined.

Mason Crosby just can’t handle prosperity. Just as he starts making field goals, he has to start messing up kickoffs.

As I have said, I’m pretty worried about Mathsay and his ability to handle kicking in the NFL. It’s just a feeling, but I don’t feel like he can handle the pressure.

One thing I can be sure of:  Kregg Lumpkin wouldn’t have 3 carries for -3 yards in the first half, as Jackson does. He always gains positive yardage. He’d sure look good back in a Packer uniform right now…

Sitton was knocked on his ass on the blocked field goal. Tried to block two players, didn’t pinch in, Peppers comes through. Big mistake by Sitton there…

As soon as Rodgers rolled out on 3rd and goal, I felt he would end up running it in. He did a great job holding the defenders as long as possible by feinting pass.  Then the rest of the play seemed to take place in slow motion, as Rodgers just makes it to the pylon.

A plethora of penalties at the worst possible times…  They’re baaaaaaaacccccckkkkkkkkk…

Mike McCarthy, I’m just completely flummoxed by your challenge.

Mike McCarthy has shown tonight why he is not as good a coach as he’s been given credit for. Game management crucial times  is often lacking.  Been seeing it for years and he just hasn’t improved.

I 100% believe you let Forte score and get the ball back with over a minute with a chance to tie. What McCarthy did (hoping to block a chip shot field goal) gives you the least possible chance of winning the game. This loss is NOT on McCarthy, but he could have made some moves at the end to try to salvage it, instead he just helped the Bears and conceded.

Everyone seems to be screaming about the refs. The Packers got what they deserved. They played stupid football. Most of the calls were correct. A few were marginal, but that happens in every game.

Nick Collins really needs to hold onto the ball. Starting with last season, he has dropped a good number of sure interceptions.

We’re there two or three interceptions called back by penalties? In any case, the Packers let Cutler off the hook big time.

Well, in my season record prediction, I did plan on a split with Chicago, but I would have preferred if the Bears won the game on their own.

Time for a “Come to Jesus” meeting already?

Only 3 games in… “everything will be fine.”


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102 thoughts on “Bears 20, Packers 17 – First Impressions – NFL Week 3, 2010

  1. Was this the game(Tampa Bay 09) that they needed to get out of their system or is this a very real and deeper problem.
    The Special Teams just sucked and the amatuer penalties was a nightmare,but when Woodson hooked Hester early the signage was there for the reading.
    I heard Rodgers saying”feet don’t fail me now”as the OL was just decent and will be abused against the MORE formidable one’s to come.Perhaps we need two Bulagas’,one for LT and RT or have a fresh supply of the old style “PF FLIERS”for Rodgers Feet.
    Grant is a very good RB and although I have said before that yardage gained between the 30’s is just that STATS but,I will admit I would love to be getting those STATS now as BJ is a waste of time and should have been traded when possible.C’mon Starks!
    The season isn’t over nor is winning the Division and getting to NFC CHPS game,but it will be harder if these problems(player and coaching) aren’t corrected once and for all.

    1. Let them score MM!! He said he did not even CONSIDER letting the Bears score with 1:44 left on the clock. He THOUGHT they would miss the FG! He does know that Robbie Gould has NEVER missed a FG under 30 yards right!! Also, you look like a fat little bratty kid throwing that challenge flag. I am sorry you did not get your way, but big boys do not throw temper tantrums or CHALLENGE FLAGS when you still have a GREAT chance to win the game!!

        1. I cannot believe that Lovie was stupid enough to try to score. If MM had let him score the Chicago media would have been all over Lovie for that decision. If I was a Bears fan I would have been screaming, “Take a KNEE!!!” instead of screaming, “Let THEM SCORE!!!” Neither moron could get out of the other’s way last night. I felt like I was watching two pop warner dad’s “matching wits” at the end of the game.

  2. Penalties and ST are supposed to be correctable with proper coaching. The penalties were legit.

    I don’t get the inconsistent performances of this team. From individuals like Chillar and Colledge, to entire units like ST, and defensive penalties.

    We gave the Bears 44 yards in penalties on their last 2 drives. We only had 3 offensive drives all night where we didn’t get penalized…one was a 3/out from our 10, and one was the hail mary to end the first half.

    I hope the rest of the team feels ashamed for the way they let Aaron Rodgers down.

    1. I agree that most of the penalties were legit. I don’t want to hear people complaining how “the refs” cost the Packers the game. The Packers cost the Packers the game. Not even the Bears factored into that equation too much…

  3. I saw a complete breakdown of discipline last night. That is inexcusable. That is the coaching staff. We are back to the ST’s losing the game. Even though they had 18 penalties for 152 yards it was piss poor ST coverage, it was piss poor kicking, it was piss poor retruns. Crosby kick the damn ball in the field of play. Masthy kick the ball away from Hester. Slocum get you head out of your ass.

    They have to do something about RB. Jackson sucks period. TT get off your ass and do something about it.

  4. We entered the year KNOWING that we were terrible on special teams and that our offensive line was terrible….and we knew that was because the COACHING has been awful. MM did nothing but keep the same toads on his staff and they continue to be awful. The Special Teams Units are full of SPECIAL TEAMS ONLY PLAYERS…and many are great athletes and quality backups that teams would die to have….yet Slocum continues to drive them into the ground. Campen has played musical chairs since he got here with the line…and he continues to force the O-Line to underachieve. TJ Lang at ORT and Bulaga at OLT should have been done in preseason. Campen and Slocum suck…and should have been fired last offseason. I blame TT and MM.

  5. Remember when I mentioned in WEEK 1 that MM is a terrible game manager with his timeouts Jersey Al?? I wonder if Fat Man McCarthy would have liked to have that extra timeout that he wasted on that stupid challenge. Sean Payton should be our head coach and he wouldn’t have made that mistake. Thanks TT for the great choice. MM would be a great QB Coach….and don’t try to tell me that we owe Rodger’s development to MM…cause Rodgers would have been a stud had he been picked by the Browns. He is a great QB and didn’t need MM to figure that out.

      1. MMs handling of the last two minutes was even worse than Wade “the real Bum” Phillips allowing a pass at halftime in the Redskins game. So absolutely ridiculous that I will never forget it. What if this was a playoff game? Would he really have done the same thing? AHHH!! The more I write the more upset I get. where is my ritalin!

    1. congrats darb, you and every conscious packer fan knows MM is a poor game manager, the first game fiasco was just another missed opportunity on a LONG list.

  6. That challenge and waste of a timeout with 2:30 to go in the game is inexcusable. It is beyond me how that is not plastered on every newspaper in Wisconsin right now. MM…WHAT WAS GOING ON IN YOUR FAT HEAD AT THE TIME?? DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT YOU DID??

  7. Last time I felt like this was when James Jones was a rookie and fumbled 3 times vs. the Bears to hand them a game that the Packers had dominated in. James Jones had a good game to that point…but that fumble just can’t happen.

  8. Please never mention Lumpkin again Jersey Al…cause every time you do I puke a little in my mouth and then have to swallow it back down. We could have Marshawn Lynch or Barry Sanders back there and MM would still be throwing the ball 50 times. Whenever there is a pressure game he abandons the run. Jim Brown wouldn’t have changed the outcome of the game…and neither would have Kregg Lumpkin. Unless MM changes the way he calls games…we will always be a white collar, pass first team.

      1. Lumpkin? Seriously Al? That is like arguing over which pile of crap smells worse. Neither one appear to be legitimate NFL starters. I know not every player on your team is going to be a starter, but your backup RB if he is young should have that potential. Have you heard anything about Nance? Is he disappointing or just not learning the playbook?

        1. He’s a better runner than Jackson – that’s my only point. Like it or not, it’s true.

          Nance looks to be better than Jackson. At least he hits the hole hard. He’s a good pass catcher, too. But is he the answer? Probably not.

  9. Dear Nick Collins….please catch the little brown ball….that’s why we gave you MILLIONS of DOLLARS…REMEMBER??? You had 2 opportunities to end the madness last night…and you failed. Great personal foul as well. And Mr. Driver, WHY DID YOU NOT GET THAT FIRST DOWN??!! THAT WAS A CRUCIAL POSSESSION!! We need our leaders to step up in big games….all they did was choke.

      1. I heard someplace before week 1 that Nick Collins led the league in dropped INTs over the last 2 years…of course I can’t remember where, exactly, but I think it was like 6 drops in that time. And now he’s adding to his total.

        And Al…I implore you…no more Lumpkin talk. It’s just too depressing.

  10. When was the last time the Packers won a marquee game under MM? We beat the patsies and maybe one game a year we will sneak in a win against a quality opponent. MNF, division rival, for the lead in the division and you blow it will penalties and poor execution. Does the team feel overwhelmed because MM is overwhelmed in these matchups?

  11. Donald Driver when you catch the ball on an 8 yard dig route, turn up field with your lead shoulder quickly. Squaring up on the defender takes time, provides a bigger target and allows other defenders time to arrive on the scene. You are a fearless receiver, but for the last season and 3 games into this one you seem to think you are going to juke every d-back out of their jock. Get the first down.

  12. Shawn Slocum, what did you possibly do to survive last year? Do you have naked pictures of MM? Please tell me what is it? You are using much of the same personnel that provide top 5 offense and top 5 defense. Yet you have the worst special teams in the league, and you are brought back? If we had the worst defense in the league last year would we have brought back Dom? I highly doubt it. You and “Campy” must be the two biggest arse kissers in the NFL. You both should have been fired, “Campy” should have been fired 3 years ago.

  13. I cannot stand roughing the passer penalties in the NFL. Zombo’s hit was a penalty, and he HAS to know to get lower, but ugh…it just ruins the game. We got a gift on the hit on Rodgers as well, in fact that one was less obvious according to the rule. PI, Illegal Contact and Roughing the Passer are ruining the game.

    1. Regarding the PI rule the NFL should consider amending it in situations such as what occurred to Burnett last night. On underthrown balls, it is unfair to expect a DB going at full speed to stop on a dime after the intended receiver tries coming back for the ball through the DB! Don’t tell me it’s up to the DB to look back all the time, because if he did he’d be 30 yds behind the receiver. This complaint isn’t because it cost the Pack, it’s because PI rules in general are way to punitive to begin with.

  14. besides finley and rodgers i cannot think of a single player who did not have a BAD game. Try to name one Al and I will give you a bad play that they made.

    1. That’s a ridiculous request because no player is perfect, even Rodgers made some bad plays. Making a bad play does not mean you played a bad game.

      Driver had a very good game. Jenkins, Woodson, Kuhn…

      1. Okay maybe you are right. Everyone but Finley had a BAD game.

        Woodson – PI Penalty
        Jenkins – Slid off a gimme sack
        Kuhn – you got me, but he did not have a good game.
        Driver – 3rd and approx 8 runs a 6 yard route. drive over.

  15. Zombo – Made atleast two costly mistakes but made more impact plays in one game than Jones made in previous two. Glad he is getting a shot. Hopefully by week 10 we can get some pass rush and playmaking up front from someone besided CM3

  16. Miss me? Your brand new rookie dropped a TD and Donald Lee added absolutely nothing. I would’ve caught that TD pass. Next week, revenge is coming.

  17. P.S. I’m probably a better linebacker than AJ Hawk too. This is what happens when you beat MM at poker and ask him to pay up.

  18. I always took pride in my abilities to catch TD passes, help on scout D, and most of all, do my job on special teams. Miss me?

    1. Do you miss me Spencer? I have been over here, just out of your reach this whole time. Reeaacchhhh, awe shucks just a little bit short again.

  19. Usually I’m too busy reachin’ for A Rod’s TD passes and haulin’ them in. Sometimes I also reach for a cold one and then the wheel.

  20. C’mon Jersey Al. You look like a thinking man’s fan. Don’t you think the Pack misses me?

    1. Hell yes I miss you,and begged for the Pack to trade D.Lee and B Jackson but most thought I was crazy,except AL I believe in BJ case,not sure of Lee.

  21. You are right Spence, if we had you on our team we could even get Jenkins off of the field in the Psycho package, and you could have also failed to block the majority of the Bear’s d-line.

    1. He could’ve at least tried to tackle Hester, instead of falling onto his blocker, like Quarless did all night.

      And if it’s Havner, he also catches that ball that Quarless dropped…

  22. Sloppy play, stupid challenge, and it’s not MM’s fault? This game is all on McCarthy.

    BTW, Al, how do you feel about my theory of waistline to stupidity correlation in NFL HCs? Andy Reid, Mike McCarthy, Wade Phillips… Belichick has been getting fatter and dumber, the last 5 or so SB winning HCs were all slim…


      1. Tomlin, Payton, Dungy, Coughlin (who also has been gaining weight as of late), Belichick (when he wasn’t as fat), Gruden, Billick, Vermeil, Mike Shanahan… I’m telling you, man, if the coach is fat, the team doesn’t win the SB!!!

        Even Holmgren was considerably slimmer, some might even say he was just “chubby”

        BTW, this was obviously a joke, but I’m actually starting to believe in it…

  23. Could that intentional grounding by Rodgers have been a miscommunication with the receiver? With how well he was playing, that alleged lack of decision making on his part seemed out of place. Wish I had a way to go back and watch it again.

    1. It does appear Rodgers was still inside the tackle box and the closest rec was tens to the middle and running away from the sideline.I venture to guess rec made wrong cut and Rodgers needed to dump it faster than wanted too.

  24. It was all on the players and they did not come through.I think MM does a fine job.You’re right on target about Mathsay. That line drive punt straight to Hester completely changed the momentum of the game.It might be a disaster once the cold weather comes in.

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