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Weekly Packers News from Twitter and other Sources by Al Bracco and Holly Phelps. (As heard on Cheesehead Radio 9/23/10 ) Packer News 9/17/10 – 9/23/10  “The Bears Still Suck”

AL: Green Bay Packer legend Bart Starr showed everybody this week how it’s done. No, he wasn’t back on the field, but as he always does, he displayed more class in one action that some do in a lifetime. This past week, Bart donated three of his Championship rings to the Green Bay Hall of Fame. Also donated was a necklace from his wife Cheryl with a charm for every championship. The Packers Hall of Fame called it the most significant donation ever received, and it’s only fitting it came from Bart. While other much richer ex-Packer quarterbacks are busy hawking every piece of memorabilia imaginable, Starr remains the epitome of class.

A current Packer that has always shown some class is one AJ Hawk. Love him or hate him, as a lot of Packer fans seem to do, Hawk just goes out on the field and does what the Packers ask of him. This last Sunday, he led the Packers with nine tackles and was instrumental in the pressure on Trent Edwards that led to the Chillar interception. While he may be overpaid for a situational linebacker, Hawk has a definite role against the running game on this team and one that the Packers coaches value greatly.

Al: Another player the coaches value highly was on the operating table rather than on the field  this week. Ryan Grant had surgery on his injured ankle on Tuesday, a procedure that included placement of two screws to hold his torn ligament in place. The Packers will sorely miss Grant’s production, as last week’s anemic running game clearly showed.

Holly: Not so anemic last week was one Clay Matthews III, who seems to be in the opponent’s backfield more often than the umpire that now stands behind the quarterback. Matthews recorded 5 tackles in the game, four of which resulted in a loss, while also sacking Trent Edwards 3 times. CM3 was honored by the NFL for his performance, being named the Defensive Player of the Week. Hopefully it his first of many to come this season.

Al: And hoping to just get on the field this week is the Packers starting left tackle, Chad Clifton. Battling knee issues once again, Clifton is undergoing various medical treatments this week, according to Packers coach Mike McCarthy. When McCarthy was asked if it was better to go with Bryan Bulaga if Clifton was not 100%, he testily shot back, “What is 100%? This is the National Football League. If we can get Chad to the point where he can go, then he’ll go. He’s our starting left tackle”. McCarthy did add that he thought Bryan Bulaga played well against Buffalo.

Holly: Well, the Bears offensive line had better play well this week, because they can be sure the Packers will be coming after Jay Cutler. Cutler was pressured into a plethora of mistakes during last years’ Packers – Bills meetings and the Packers will look to repeat that scenario. The big difference this year is the presence of offensive coordinator Mike Martz, who has done a great job so far adjusting his play calling on the fly. The Bears have spread the ball around well and will surely try to do so again.

News from the Packers twitterverse…

Holly: Ryan Grant kept anxious twitterverse packer fans in the loop this week, tweeting details of his ankle surgery.  He said the surgery went great, he’s feeling good, and is looking forward to coming back even more of a beast.

Al: And speaking of Beasts, Nick Barnett has been talking about his own beast mode lately, even using a picture of himself with vampire fangs as his twitter avatar. But soon after, he had another idea, he said to call him “linebakula” instead.

Holly: Fran Dunn, a Packers fan from across the pond, known as Baboons on twitter, had this humorous tweet today: “ Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly to issue joint statement after they finally agree on something: The Bears Still Suck.”

Al: And our own Alex Tallisch of the Packers Lounge has been busy with life these days, so much so that he has even been out of the loop on twitter. The other day I noticed Alex asking,” Anything interesting happen in the last 6 hours?” The quick-witted twitter follower known as dexhandle shot back, “Brett Favre didn’t throw a single interception, if you can believe it.”

That is fairly unbelievable, but hilarious nonetheless. That folks, was your tweet of the week.

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