Packers 34, Bills 7 – First Impressions – NFL Week Two 2010 All Green Bay Packers All the Time

First impressions and game time commentary on the Green Bay Packers defeat of the Buffalo Bills…

On the first series, it was obvious MM was not going to repeat the mistakes of last week. We saw much more balanced play calling…

The Packers showed the Psycho early. Jenkins the only DL. The result was the big Matthews sack. Later on, it would produce the Chillar interception.

In addition to making sacks, Clay Matthews may be the genesis for a new stat: “caused sacks” – when you don’t get any official credit for the sack,  but you’re completely the reason it happened.

As the first half progressed, I’m glad to see a commitment to the run continue. Against this Bills defense, that will result in some nice drives in the second half.

I was glad to see Dimitri Nance get an early look. I think he’ll be able to help the Packers down the line. I’m sticking with my feeling that Bjax is just not all that. But he’ll have to do for now…

Nice lift from Brandon Jackson on that Lambeau leap. He’s got ups.  Aaron Rodgers: lets just say he’s going to get killed by his teammates for that one.

The Bills have a nice three-headed monster at running back.

Pat Lee: Besides being a huge disappointment at CB, you don’t know enough to not down the ball after you’ve been out of bounds on a punt? Dumb, dumb, dumb.

When will Mike McCarthy learn that useless challenges always come back to bite you? Didn’t everyone in the building know that James Jones was out of bounds? Packers could have had the ball back with about a minute left in the first half and 2 timeouts. Instead, with just one timeout, MM decides to just let the clock run down. Now, it didn’t matter in this game, but bad challenges and poor clock management could be costly down the road.

Can’t begin to tell you how thrilled I am overall by the coverage units on special teams… Yes, you’re going to give up some yards to a guy like C.J Spiller, but as long as you contain and avoid the huge returns, I’m happy.

I’m sticking with what I have previously written and also expressed on Cheesehead Radio: Bryan Bulaga right now is a better player than Colledge, Clifton or Tauscher. I’d live with the occasional rookie mistakes and just play him – somewhere… anywhere.

Second half drives were, silky smooth. That’s what happens when the superior team stays balanced and committed to running the ball (and throwing to the running backs) throughout the game. Eventually, the weaker defenses will run out of answers.

Punter Tim Mathsay was abysmal. Hmmmm, putrid Packers punting – where have we seen that before? I’ve been worried about the choice of Mathsay. He certainly won the job in camp, but I have doubts about his ability to perform in pressure situations.

James Jones got a lot of throws his way. I think that’s a sign of Rodgers doing a better job of taking what he’s given, which is something he MUST do.  If he does, this offense will be difficult for any team to stop.

There’s nothing I can say about Clay Matthews that would be enlightening in any way. You all saw it. Speaks for itself. I think “he’ll be just fine.”


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23 thoughts on “Packers 34, Bills 7 – First Impressions – NFL Week Two 2010

  1. Glad to see the Packers pull away and make my warning of a 20-10 slugfest moot. Very glad to see McCarthy continue to keep his foot on the gas, seemingly in an effort to get the offense clicking. We did have some stupid penalties, including Colledge’s pathetic attempt to get an offsides call on the D. Clay Matthews is an absolute joy to watch, and might have a huge sack total this year, given 2 Lions games and 2 Martz offenses in the future.

    And I would like to see Lynch end up here…we may be fine without him, but I think he would definitely be an upgrade that would give the O an extra dimension.

    1. While I see what you mean about the Bills playing tough, in the end, they just don’t have enough talent to compete. If you can only get 60 yards passing in the NFL, you’re not beating anyone…

      I really think the trade scenarios are just not realistic. Buffalo would try to fleece the Packers and Ted just won’t do that.

  2. Jeez, Al, I don’t know…the Dolphins managed all of 114 yds passing and took down the mighty, mighty, Vikings on the road yesterday! 🙂

    You’re absolutely right, though. I was expecting Buffalo to at least get at least 1 or 2 fairly big plays out of Evans or Parrish or Spiller on offense.

    The Bills’ front office is rather mysterious. If they really want a starting caliber LB or OL, then I agree, no deal will get done. I keep banging the drum for Bishop + draft pick for Lynch. Bishop would finally get his wish to be a starter that way.

  3. Have a personal question for you, Al: when reviewing the film, please pay attention to Tramon Williams and Josh Sitton. Thought both have played very well so far, but I want to make sure, and I don’t have the means nor the ability to do so…

    BTW, disagree with James Jones. He was awful, got no separation whatsoever, and didn’t catch the balls. Rodgers had no business throwing to him. Nelson should be in there. In the few plays he was, he completely beat his opponent. One time, he did a break that left the CB 10 yards away. PERFECT route. Can’t say the same about Jones.

    1. The thing with Jones you have to keep in mind is that they like to run a lot of back-shoulder and jump-ball passes with him, to take advantage of his size. On those type of passes, his job has nothing to do with getting separation. Having said that, I still like Jordy better, always have. But I don’t think Jones was “awful.”

  4. It will be very interesting to see if Bulaga gets the start at LT next monday night. Lets see how he does against Peppers.

  5. I’m going to be the naysayer and complain about the running game. After watching Jackson run against a poor run defense and struggling, I have very little confidence in his ability to carry the rushing game load. His durability is another huge issue. I wonder if McCarthy would consider giving Kuhn the #1 spot, just to see what he could do with it. That would allow Jackson to focus more on what he is better at: third down play. Just a thought.

    And even though MM said Clifton is our starter, if he is hampered by an injury and not as fast as he should be, how is he going to be able to handle the speed of Peppers Monday Night? Very poor decision in my opinion to start Clifton if he is not healthy.

    Excellent job as always!

    1. Perhaps BJ needs to be allowed to get riled up and extra carries will do that,but it’s hard to committ those extra carries to someone who doesn’t seem to be riled up ever.His forward anger is IDK weak at best.

      Kuhn looked like he wants the #1 spot and Nance moves to 2nd unless BJ gets a wee more violent.

      Either way,the anemic offense against the Bills won’t cut it against the Bears I fear.

      1. Jackson is what Jackson has been. A disappointment and an underachiever. McCarthy can call him an every down back all he wants, but I’m not going for it.

        1. “Jackson is what Jackson has been. A disappointment and an underachiever. McCarthy can call him an every down back all he wants, but I’m not going for it.”

          So true. Sadly, so true.

        2. Although my eye sight is not stellar, Kuhn looks quicker to the hole than Jackson. Has his body building program slowed him down? That burst he showed at the end of last year seemed to have disappered. They have got to upgrade that position somehow. Going into the Bear game with a weak running game and a new LT is going to cuse some real problems for Rogers. Worried!

      2. I agree AL,and while I have mentioned to trade BJ before,I must now accept we won’t due to Grants injury and BJ’s value will continue to drop as we showcase him every week we play him and defenses realize they can dictate more against the pass for us.
        Starting Bulaga or not is not a do or die thing.I know it would be more significant if we had RB’s that can ground out yards and more important the game clock.Giving Buf 29plus mins of offense is not good and won’t be against many others for sure.

  6. With Clifton’s knees giving him a lot of trouble, I hope that Buluga gets the nod. Peppers will be too fast for Clifton. I sure is nice having someone who can step in this year. A luxury that GB didn’t have before.

    According to MM it depends on how well Clifton is progressing on Thursday.

  7. I really don’t understand the issue with starting Bulaga…

    He showed in the preseason that he can pick up blitzes very well. He’s very experienced in college, and played for one of the best OL coaches in all football.

    He seems very calm and collected. I really don’t expect a “Alan Barbre, deer in headlights” kind of meltdown.

    Yes, he hasn’t played the kind of talent that is Peppers. Clifton has. Yes, his technique isn’t as refined as Clifton’s

    But what good knowledge does you if you can’t execute what you know? If Bulaga has been able to start since he was 18 in a Kirk Ferentz’s team, he’s able to learn and adapt quickly enough.

      1. Okay okay. I know I usually post nonsense, but even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while…

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