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Weekly Packers News from Twitter and other Sources by Al Bracco and Holly Phelps. (As heard on Cheesehead Radio 9/16/10 )

Packer News 9/10/10 – 9/16/10  “We’ll be Fine”

Al: Packer fans were crushed this week with the news of Ryan Grant needing surgery and being placed on injured reserve. When Grant first went down, my immediate thoughts were, “well, now it’s running back by committee. And then I realized, there is no committee this year. When the Packers decided to go with only two true halfbacks this year, I was not thrilled. I said at the time that injuries are just too common at the running back position to only carry 2. Well, my worst fears came true. You can bet the Packers now regret cutting Kregg Lumpkin, who 5 other teams put waiver claims on before he was awarded to Tampa.

Holly: Al, the injury to Grant forced the Packers to make a move of their own, but it wasn’t what many fans were hoping for. As soon as news of the injury hit twitter, the silly trade scenarios started rolling in, many with AJ Hawk being offered as trade bait. You’d think, of course, that Packer fans would know Ted Thompson better than that. There’s been no trade, but the Packers did sign Dimitri Nance off of Atlanta’s practice squad. Nance, an undrafted rookie from Arizona State, will back up Brandon Jackson and John Kuhn, but maybe not this week.

Al: Looking back at last Sunday, Holly, the Packers win over the Eagles could be described in many ways, but pretty would not be one of them. The quarterback play certainly did not go as expected, as Aaron Rodgers struggled, while Michael Vick almost brought the Eagles back to tie the game. But perhaps this was the type of game the Packers needed. A tough, physical battle where players were dropping like flies, taking place in one of the most hostile NFL cities to play in. When they travel to NY, Minnesota and NE later this season, it will be good for them to have a tough road win under their belts.

Holly: The Packers are at home this week to take on the 0-1 Buffalo Bills. With Justin Harrell out for the season…again…and Mike Neal still battling an abdominal strain, the Packers expect C.J. Wilson and newly re-signed Jarius Wynn to provided needed depth on the defensive line. Yesterday, McCarthy bluntly said that the team has no choice but to get the pair ready to contribute.  On the plus side, McCarthy did say that C.J. Wilson has a lot of good football ahead of him.

Al: And hopefully, the Packers offense has a lot of good football ahead of them. Looking to rebound from a shaky performance, Aaron Rodgers and crew will be hoping to re-create the dynamic passing attack on display in the preseason game against Indy. In order to do that, the Packers offensive line will need to do a better job of protecting Rodgers, who was under heavy pressure for most of the game.

Holly: You can be sure the Packers coaches are working to “clean that up” all this week. While the Packers overall did a good job picking up blitzers and not allowing free rushes at Rodgers, the offensive line struggled with winning their individual matchups on a number of plays. Surprising to many fans was the frequency with which Clifton and Tauscher, two pretty big and veteran guys, were bull-rushed and plain run over. If those two can’t seal the edges, Bryan Bulaga may get his chance sooner rather than later.

Holly: .. That’s it for the news… and now, Cheesehead Radio brings you “News from the Packers Twitterverse…”

News from the Packers twitterverse.

Al: According to Packers rookie Mike Neal, he’s been spending several hours a day in a hyperbaric chamber, trying to speed up his injury recovery. That, and eating of course. While in Philadelphia, Neal tweeted that he was going to try a philly cheesesteak to see if it lived up to the hype. According to Neal, it did.

Holly: Like millions of people, Jermichael Finley tuned in to see the Ravens – Jets game on Monday night. With a match-up on Halloween, it’s no surprise he was watching Jets defense.  Tweeted Finley, “Scouting the Jets D. I think they look OK. Not too much, though. Don’t worry…”
And then just a few hours ago, Finley tweeted, “Pack Offense is feeling it!” I’m guessing they had a good day at practice…

Al: As the Ryan Grant news first broke, I noticed this tweet from Aaron Nagler of Cheesehead TV. “ I find it incredibly appropriate that a twitter user named @empty_backfield has started following me, since that’s what we’ll be seeing a lot more of 😉
That might have been a bit of an overreaction, Aaron, but it was still funny as hell…

That folks, was your tweet of the week.

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  1. Our offense was a bit shaky yet we still managed to score 27 point in a hostile environment against a playoff team on the road. That says a lot for us considering exactly half of the teams in the league didn’t score more than 15 points last week. The last time we didn’t score 15 points Favre was our QB going against Chicago.

    And cheesesteaks in Philly are truly awesome.

    1. Very true. That’s what I take out of this game. They were still able to score 27 despite the offense not really clicking consistently, as we’ve seen it can.

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