Brett Favre Virus Returns to the Internet – Spreading Uncontrollably All Green Bay Packers All the Time

Computer Security experts today are warning the public of a nefarious computer worm that has infected millions of computers. First identified in the wild a year ago, and dubbed the “Brett Favre” virus, this nasty piece of malware spams your computer with false and exaggerated Brett Favre content.

Favre news stories, articles, videos, blog posts, board posts—everywhere you surf, this virus will inundate you with everything Brett Favre. Has Brett Favre really retired? Will the Vikings offer him more money? Will Brad Childress be his personal chauffeur? Will he come back to “stick it” to Ted Thompson?

Will he play for the Vikings? Is he meeting with Brad Childress? Is he mowing his lawn? Evidently this virus has conjured up thousands of topics regarding Brett Favre and spread these alleged “articles” throughout the Internet.

The virus is believed to have first been planted on several popular Internet sports sites. As unknowing fans visited these sites, they were infected with the worm, which then started generating Brett Favre content and posting it on web sites throughout the Internet. Within hours, there were over one million Brett Favre articles on the Internet.

This virus is also the first to use Twitter to help spread its payload. Twitter fans everywhere report getting flooded with tweets about Brett Favre, with some claiming to be from Brett Favre himself.

“Blew out a wheel on my tractor,” read one tweet. “If Brad Childress really wants me,  let him come down here and kiss my feet,” read another. These and other obvious fake tweets are being generated non-stop by this hard-working worm.

In an interview this morning, Ronald Wolf of the the organization called C.E.R.T. (Computer Emergency Response Team) said “This virus has built an army of zombie computers, all generating Brett Favre content at an alarming rate. It’s a dangerous situation and it’s wreaking havoc with web servers and computer networks everywhere.”

“Just go to any Internet sports site,” Wolf explained, “you will see nothing but Brett Favre news stories and articles. Could real people actually be writing so much about Brett Favre? No, it’s obviously the work of these zombie computers.” Wolf went on to say he feels partially responsible, having first identified and developed this particular virus while working with an Atlanta company in 1992.

Security experts at the top anti-virus companies are working around the clock looking for a way to stop this virus. One of the problems, they say, is that even when you think it’s gone away and seems to be dormant (“retired”, in computer-speak), it just comes right back.

For now, there is no known way to stop it, but they say the best approach is probably to just ignore it and it will retire itself.

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that the article you are reading right now was even written by Jersey Al.


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15 thoughts on “Brett Favre Virus Returns to the Internet – Spreading Uncontrollably

  1. Al, you may want to update your virus definitions and other security programs just in case.

    (Great article!)

  2. Even I had a good laugh. I hear for every media person electrocuted by their computer, one thousand stories disappear. It’s the only real way out.

  3. yes I believe the virus actually started in 2007 and has grown exponentially over the last 3 years. BTW, both Norton and McAfee have been working over time to figure this problem out. But I also heard that a new virus ESPN.No.Nothing.Report.Anything is out there too. So you all beware!

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