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The Green Bay Packers got a very unexpected present at the NFL Draft. Bryan Bulaga, rated as a top 10 player on most draft boards, slipped to the #23 spot, where GM Ted Thompson had no choice but to graciously accept the gift.

This isn’t a sexy choice, it isn’t an exciting choice. Chances are he contributes very little next season. But it’s a pick for the future of the Green Bay Packers and the safety of their franchise quarterback, Aaron Rodgers.

I for one, have been calling for the Packers to take a Sergio Kindle or Jerry Hughes, both of whom were there for the Packers. Had Bulaga not dropped, I believe you would have seen one of those two linebackers terrorizing opposing quarterbacks next season.

It was a scenario I relished. I had this perfect vision in my mind. Matthews on one side, Kindle or Hughes on the other. Let see how comfortable Brett Favre would be in the pocket now…

But alas, it;s not to be. It’s not a time to be sad, however. The Packers got an excellent value for their selection. Not quite an Aaron Rodgers drop value, but a very good value nonetheless.

Bryan Bulaga Scouting Reports:

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19 thoughts on “The Green Bay Packers Unexpected Gift: #1 Draft Pick Bryan Bulaga

  1. My hope is BB has a great career. Yet, A.J Hawk’s name creeped into my thoughts…good, serviceable, low ceiling 1st round Big Ten player but not a difference maker. You win w/ good players but you win championships w/ great players/playmakers.
    Besides Bulaga, knowing Hughes, Kindle, Bryant, McCourty, and Odrick were available may be tradng down w/ Dallas (traded 27th and 90th for the 24th and 119th picks) would have been a better option. We still get a playmaker at 27 and pick up 32 spots later on (our 122nd for their 90th) in the deepest draft in 20 yrs.

  2. Brian Bulaga was a great selection. If TT has shown anything it is finding OLB playmakers in the 1st round and the 7th round. Clearly he valued BB of Kinlde or Hughes, are you not happy that we took a better player?

    Sure OLB has a need and I bet that gets addressed soon in rounds 2-3 or 4. CB, S as well. I love TT’s drafting abilities. His worst picks are injured guys. That is pretty darn good. (Brohm was not great either, however at that point Rodgers had never started a game!)

  3. I am a happy guy today. BB will be a nice additon to the depth chart with a goal of moving into a starter by mid-season. He’ll be needed.

    Nest step a CB/S with return skills. Blackmon is not progressing as fast as MM wants. Jordy probably won’t be used as a returner again. Maybe Mc Cluster if he’s there but I’m not too crazy about that.

    OLB sould be a developmental pick and he would be able to get that in the 3rd round. Of course, TT could do some horse trading today and move up in the second. That could change the OLB status.

    1. I immediately thought of you, Ron. Your OT obsession became reality!

      I’d have to think CB is next on the priority list, but if a guy like Misi is available, I’d go OLB first…

  4. This was not a good pick–it was a GREAT pick. If only all the picks wanted to play for the team choosing them as much as BB wants to play for GB.

  5. It’s too soon to say we won’t get Kindle, Al.

    You may end up being a very happy man today (and so do I, though I liked Huges better, and he’s gone…)

  6. If an OLB and a punt returning safety fall from the sky next, I’m going to jump up and down. Seriously…how good did this work out? A guy projected by some to be top ten drops into our lap when we DESPERATELY need to upgrade his position? Wow. Just…wow. Now all he has to do is pan out.

    I don’t watch much film, or many interviews or prospects, but just from watching him a few minutes last night, he seems a bit nasty. Man, do we need that on our O line.

  7. Neal DE Purdue? That was a surprise. Problems with Jolly or Jenkins? That was not expected.

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