Green Bay Packers 2010 PreSeason Schedule Holds some Interesting Side Stories All Green Bay Packers All the Time

Game 1: Cleveland Browns at Green Bay Packers
Game 2: Green Bay Packers at Seattle Seahawks
Game 3: Indianapolis Colts at Green Bay Packers (ESPN – Thursday Night)
Game 4: Green Bay Packers at Kansas City Chiefs

So there it is. The first pre-season game will highlight Mike Holmgren’s return to Lambeau in his new position as President of the Cleveland Browns. Holmgren came to Cleveland for the challenge and I’m sure he hasn’t been disappointed. Turning around the God-forsaken Browns franchise will take a few years, at least, and one can expect a big change in Cleveland’s personnel from last season.

In the second game, the Packers travel to Seattle to play Holmgren’s fomer team. Seattle is now led by new head coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider, who spent 12 seasons in the Packers organization.

Game 3 is a marquee matchup (for a pre-season game), as Peyton Manning and the Super Bowl runner-up Indianapolis Colts come to Lambeau Field. This game is scheduled for Thursday Night and will be televised nationally on ESPN. This will be a fantastic test for the Packers in game 3, where starters traditionally see their most playing time of any pre-season game. This game should be a good measuring stick for Dom Caper’s defense and the embattled secondary in particular. Will the secondary get torched by another top quarterback? or will the Packers have developed enough of a pass-rush to stifle manning? Can’t wait for this one! This game is also the 50th annual Bishop’s Charities Game, a charitable event started in 1961 by Vince Lombardi.

Finally, in the last pre-season game, the Packers break their 8-year love affair with the Tennessee Titans and game 4 of pre-season. Much has been written of the difference in philosophy between the Titans and most NFL Teams, as Tennessee tends to play their starters deep into the game. The result has been that the Packers have started six of the last eight seasons coming off of a loss. Does that have any psychological effect on the players? probably not, but there is certainly nothing positive about it. A change of venue has been long overdue and personally, I’m glad to see it.

Only four loooonnnnngggg months to go…


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12 thoughts on “Green Bay Packers 2010 PreSeason Schedule Holds some Interesting Side Stories

  1. By the first pre-season game I sure would like to see some new O lineman to follow and evaluate. Not that anyone cares. As I look at yet another “young” Packer team, I shudder when I think about the old guys holding the O & D together. On O Clifton, Tauscher, and Driver. On the D, Woodson, Pickett, and Harris if he’s back. Any injuries to these guys will result in a serious problem unless adequate replacements are found. A few maybe on the team now. Lang for example. More are needed. Also Chris Bryan our Austrilian pumter ought to be exciting to watch.

  2. Love the Indy week 3 game. We’ll get to see if the D has made any progress against elite QBs who get rid of the ball in an instant.

  3. Don’t take this as criticism, Al, please. I just found it convenient that I wanted to vent, and that you happened to actually write something about the preseason games rather than just posting the teams and dates.

    And my non-cinical take is that it was a very good schedule, allowing us to grow in preparation towards facing an elite passing O and pass-rushing D in the most meaningful game of the preseason, and that after we got to rest our players against a terrible team. Didn’t look at the mental aspect before, but don’t believe much in it either….

    Now onto the cinical part. (I’m not trying to imitate Aaron Nagler, BTW. I’M NOT)


    There are some nice stories…

    I’d like my pig with lipstick, please.

    I’ll for sure count the minutes to preseason kickoff, and try my best to find a mildly decent stream to follow the whole game. I will criticize and opinate on that damn #8 Wr that TT will bring, and, of course, head the CUT BUSH/RELEASE BARBRE campaigns.

    It’ll be trully exciting to see the new picks come onto the field.

    I’ll be thrilled to see if Bustin’ Harrell will be able to play, and how he’ll perform.

    But all in all, in the end, I’ll remember how insignificant it all was, and that it’s just the meaningless preseason…

    1. You can rant all you want. It’s encouraged here, as long as it’s done intelligently. We’re all just expressing opinions.

      Of course, it’s just preaseason and fairly meaningless, but there isn’t much to write about these quiet days…

      1. That’s why I made a point in saying it was not a bash. You (IMHO) already doesn’t post very often, and when you do, I react like this? (not that my reaction would have any ifluence).

        It’s just that, after last year, I got really excited by all that, but figured out 99% of what happens in preseason means nothing.

  4. The Packers were a young team last year and should produce a long run into the playoffs. If they can get another outside linebacker to boost up the 3-4, and someone maybe like Brian Westbrook, they’ll be a better team. Westbrook could share carries with Ryan Grant and Brandon Jackson so he wouldn’t be so injury prone.

  5. The Packers are now showing interest in Westbrook. I personally think it would be a nice addition as a complimentaryback. However, he has not signed yet. Hopefully a one year deal.

    1. Well, it’s just a rumor at this point. If he can stay healthy for a year, he’d be a perfect fit in the Packers’ offense. A definite roll of the dice, if TT goes for it…

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