NFL Draft 2010 Preview: Covering the Combine… All Green Bay Packers All the Time

As the 2010 NFL combine approaches, rabid fans of the NFL will be reading, listening and looking for details about their favorite prospects for their favorite teams.

To make life a little easier, I’ve identified some of the best places to get useful combine information.

First, the official web site for the NFL combine can be found at this location. Here you can view the list of invited players and the full schedule.

Thanks to a tweet from my friend Aaron Nagler over at CheeseheadTV, I had tons of fun watching these videos by Mike Mayock.  He personally takes you through every workout drill and position drill, explaining the purpose of each drill, what the scouts look for and what would be considered an excellent performance.

Of note to Packers fans, in the shuttle run, Mayock  says 4.2 seconds is an excellent time for a defensive back. He then goes on to praise Clay Matthews, who ran a 4.18 during his combine workout.

Also, Colin Cowherd of ESPN decided to try his hand at some of the Combine workouts.

Speaking of the aforementioned Aaron Nagler, he scored a major victory for bloggers everywhere, getting credentialed to the NFL combine. I’m sure he will be tweeting up a storm, so if you are on twitter, be sure to follow Aaron. If you’re not on twitter, you can follow his commentary anyway by going to the Packers Lounge main page and watching the Packers Lounge Daily Feed.   In addition, Cheeseheadtv and Brian Carriveau of Railbird Central, will be hosting a live blog on Friday or Saturday. Be sure to check their websites this week for more information.

Another excellent blogger to follow would be Michael Schottey, of and . He will also be at the combine and tweeting frequent updates.  If you are on twitter, be sure to follow Schottey. If not, you will be able to see his updates on

Combine workouts will be televised by the NFL Network, beginning Saturday Feb 27 at 9:00AM EST. If you don’t subscribe to NFL network, you can watch combine workouts on  NFL Live.

So there you have some great options for keeping up with the NFL Combine. You have no excuse for not being informed. That is, of course, unless you actually have a life (or meaningful stuff to do).  Enjoy!


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  1. Thanks for the link to the drill explanations by Mayock, I’m not a twitter guy so I didn’t get the memo, don’t really understand it or the fascination behind it.

    Mayock IMO he is the best out there. I really put a lot of stock into this opinions.

    I know this is football site, but I was surfing the other day & found that you’re a big soccer guy. Thought that was pretty cool to know. I went to a couple World Cup games in 1994. I’ve been to TONS & tons of other soccer games from pro indoor, World Cup qualifiers, Friendlies to MLS conference title game, MLS gold cup, etc…

    Great sport that I wish us Americans would put more stock in here in the states. USA really has the best athletes in the world IMO & we should be a lot better in National team play then we have shown historically. I think USA will surprise this year in South Africa though.

    Sorry for hijacking your football site to comment on soccer, but I just thought it was cool that a hardcore football fan like you could respect the world’s most popular game. Most die hard football fans are so ignorant towards soccer usually. Refreshing to see you’re not one of them. Now back to the Pack!

  2. Great info, Brian, I mean, Al!


    So you like soccer, huh? Try to watch some Grêmio games, it’ll do good for ya 😉 I can recommend some videos of the team and the fan base for you to see.

  3. Good Kid – No problem. I’ve been to many international friendlies here in NJ, to the Womens World Cup,to the old NASL NY Cosmos games, but never to a Mens World Cup. It an item on my bucket list. Maybe in 4 years in Brazil!

    Both of my kids played soccer and I wound up coaching for over 10 years. I try to Tivo the Champions League games and watch when I can.

    I would actually love to do a blog about American Soccer, as well, but just don’t have the time right now…

    And now, back to our normal programming… GO PACK!

  4. Grêmio Football Portoalegrense.
    6 times national champion.
    2 times continental champion.
    1 time world champion.

    And now, back to your regular programming. Enough about soccer in a football blog. I need to stop before I get too carried away…

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