Packers Preseason – Will These Questions be Answered?

Am I one of the only ones? I like Preseason! I look forward to it. When else can you see how the development of players is progressing? Did that second year player take a step up? How does that last years injured player look? How often do the back ups and future back ups get […]

More Packers Training Camp Questions

The Green Bay Packers begin reporting for this year’s training camp today to take physicals and get settled in.  Practices begin tomorrow and hence the team’s quest for a successful 2014 season. Last week’s “questions” piece was a success so I thought I’d give it another try.  As  always, thank you to those of you who […]

Packers Video: Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews at the MACC Charity Event.

Aaron Rodgers hosted a fundraising event for the MACC Fund (Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer) on Monday evening, May 17th. Here, he answers some questions from Trent Dilfer and fans in the crowd, as does Clay Matthews III.

Looming Questions for the Packers in a Post-Lockout NFL World

With NFL owners set to meet Tuesday in Chicago, a very important week in the sport’s labor situation is about to unfold. Optimism is starting to take hold in this lockout, and while I’d hesitate to say an agreement is imminent, things are finally starting to look like football will be played next season without interruption.