Cory’s Corner: No Johnny Manziel could open door for Roger Goodell

I understand what the Browns are thinking. They are trying to protect their quarterback that has lived in a fishbowl dating back to his days as a superstar at Texas A&M. So they requested to not be on the HBO reality show “Hard Knocks.” But just because the cameras won’t be humming, and the microphones […]

Cory’s Corner: Aaron Rodgers will prove ranking was wrong

I was surprised to see how many Packers fans were upset about Aaron Rodgers’ spot in the recent NFL Network Top 100 rankings. First of all, Rodgers is a better overall player than No. 11. Heck if I was Matthew Stafford, I would be really ticked about being ranked last. But based on last year, […]

NFL Network: Packers’ Aaron Rodgers not a Top Ten Player

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is no longer among the top ten players in the National Football League. Before you ready your pitchforks and torches to throw at this writer, this is not my own opinion. Even placing bias aside, Rodgers is easily one of the top FIVE players in the league. To suggest […]

Cory’s Corner: NFL Network should own the weekend

              The National Football League is always looking for ways to gloss the shield. And they really don’t have to try very hard because the NFL product is by far and away not only the most watched pro sport in this country but also the most beloved. For example, […]

Wide Receiver Jordy Nelson Appears on NFL’s Top 100 of 2012

After posting 68 receptions, 1,263 yards and 15 touchdowns (all which happened to lead the team), Jordy Nelson is starting to get respect from everyone, including the NFL Network. During last night’s broadcast of the Top 100 Players of 2012, Nelson came in at No. 80, right ahead of defensive tackle Vince Wilfork and behind […]