Cory’s Corner: Bucks prove that the Packers are first-rate

The Packers should never have a goal to be compared to the Bucks. On Monday it was proven why. The Milwaukee Bucks went behind its general manager’s (and head coach’s) back by bringing aboard the highly questionable Jason Kidd to coach his second season of pro ball. That would never happen in Green Bay. The […]

Packers Plan Developments Around Lambeau Field

  A recent article by Richard Ryman of the Green Bay Press-Gazette talks about how the Green Bay Packers have quietly bought quite a bit of land near Lambeau Field over the past eight years. The team owns 62 total acres now and while they aren’t saying exactly what their plans are for all of […]

Questioning fan etiquette: To boo or not to boo?

By paying the price of admission, it’s certainly every fan’s right to boo or express their displeasure as long as it’s within reason. There’s no debate there. But by tabbing the “Boo Birds” as a Lame Call, I dove into a debate ignited by Sunday’s rare booing at Lambeau Field during the game between the […]

Does Anybody Care About Greg Jennings Returning to Lambeau?

Remember back when former Packers WR Greg Jennings was questioning the leadership of quarterback Aaron Rodgers and generally acting like an ass after signing a fat new deal with the Minnesota Vikings? A lot of Packers fans circled Nov. 24 on their calendars. That was the day Jennings and the Vikings were coming to Lambeau […]

How will McCarthy Scheme Around Packers Injuries?

There’s at least one person in Green Bay happy about all the injuries the Packers have suffered this season: The CEO of whichever electric utility provides power to the head coach’s office at Lambeau Field. The lights will be on at all hours in the coming weeks as Mike McCarthy puts his mad scientist skills […]