Packers Plan Developments Around Lambeau Field


Lambeau Field

The Packers will look to draw in more revenue through fans outside of Green Bay

A recent article by Richard Ryman of the Green Bay Press-Gazette talks about how the Green Bay Packers have quietly bought quite a bit of land near Lambeau Field over the past eight years.

The team owns 62 total acres now and while they aren’t saying exactly what their plans are for all of that space, surely they have some ideas.

While there has never been and likely won’t be a chance in hell that the Packers ever leave Green Bay, this development further cements the team in the city’s landscape.

For a team from the NFL’s smallest market, they certainly have done a lot with their building over the last 12 years.  Back in 2002, Lambeau Field was renovated and the current atrium was added on.  Last season, over 7,000 seats were added to the south end zone.

Currently, the stadium is undergoing several major changes, including the movement of the Packers Hall of Fame from the basement to the current location of Curly’s Pub.  Curly’s will move to where the current pro shop is.  The pro shop will move to the ground level below the current atrium floor.  Most of these changes will offer improved parking and access.

While the team itself nears it’s 100th birthday, the organization is very much looking ahead to the future.

The potential development of the land around Lambeau Field will come with the goal of increasing traffic to the area by fans both in Green Bay and outside of the area.  The NFL as a whole has expanded their marketing and reach to fans from all areas of the globe.  It’s a $10 billion a year business and they want to squeeze every dollar they can from every corner.

Many new stadiums and arenas are now being built with the “multi-plex” model in mind.  No longer is it just about a place for the home team to play.  Shopping, dining and the uber gameday experience are in the crosshairs of team executives and city officials.  The Arizona Cardinals opened University of Phoenix stadium back in 2006 in the city of Glendale, located 25 miles outside of Phoenix.  The stadium was an anchor to Westgate, which also houses the city’s NHL franchise Phoenix Coyotes.  In addition, there is an entire shopping are with several restaurants and bars.  The goal is a full time draw, even when there is no game.

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