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Packers Offer Try-Out to Colt Lyerla

Packers beat reporter Rob Demovsky just tweeted a pic of the Packers rookie orientation with one surprising name.  One of the more interesting topics that hasn’t seen much news coverage is where former Oregon tight end Colt Lyerla ended up and now we have an answer; namely Lyerla likely didn’t get single offer as a undrafted rookie free agent and now must fight for a spot as a try-out player with the Packers. He will wear #49o during the rookie orientation.

On the football field, there aren’t many tight ends that I enjoyed watching more before the draft; at 6’4″ and 242 lbs, Lyerla is perhaps even more physically gifted than Eric Ebron, the first tight end drafted with the 10th pick by the Lions who is often compared to Vernon Davis himself.  Lyerla tested through the roof at the combine, being among the leaders in the 40 yard dash, vertical jump and broad jump for tight ends.  Lyerla also offers an interesting blend athleticism with the speed to split safeties and outrun linebackers but also the strength to be an aggressive run blocker.  Lyerla also has versatility as a H-back/RB, logging in 7 rushing attempts for 63 yards and a touchdown against Arizona in 2013.  While Lyerla is definitely raw in regards to route running and technique as a receiver and blocker, the physical tools are definitely there in abundance to make a truly complete tight end.

Naturally, players with Lyerla’s physical attributes don’t usually fall out of the draft, let alone not get signed as a rookie free agent and unfortunately Lylera’s positives on the field are overshadowed by the negatives off the field.  First off, Lyerla left the Oregon in middle of the 2013 season for “personal reasons” and was later arrested for cocaine possession.  Furthermore, Lyerla had a very troubled childhood and is often described as prone to emotional outbursts and immaturity.  It should be mentioned that 6 out of 7 ALLGBP staff writers had Lyerla on their 2014 NFL DRAFT “FUBAR” Board (i.e. WOULD NOT DRAFT), however as a try out player who doesn’t even get a contract, this is still a very safe move for the Packers.

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What Do Packers Injuries and Winning Have In Common? Packing the Stats…

Packing the StatsA lot has been made about the Packers misfortune when it comes to injuries; injuries was the major hurdle that the Packers overcame to get to the playoffs and ultimately win the Super Bowl in 2010 and injuries again were the major obstacle in 2013 with Aaron Rodgers, Jermichael Finley, Randall Cobb, Clay Matthews and Bryan Bulaga all missing significant time due to their respective injuries.

I have always argued that the nature of injuries is in large part random; football is a vicious sport and there are so many different ways to get injured that are largely out of the control of the player, the coaching staff or the front office.  Not many would argue that the tackle that Nick Collins ended his career was unusual nor was the hit that Jermichael Finley took against Cleveland anything out of the norm.  Rodgers breaking his clavicle and Matthews breaking his thumb all occurred on mundane plays that both players have been involved in countless times before in their careers.

In 2013 alone, I would argue that the only two injuries likely could have been avoided were Brandon Merriweather spearing Eddie Lacy and maybe Randall Cobb breaking his leg against Baltimore (but in the defense of Matt Elam, going low is now encouraged to defenders with so many fines being levied to helmet to helmet contact).

Data 1

However, it’s pretty undeniable that the Packers as a franchise have either had consistent terrible luck or something else is at play.  The Packers have had one of the worst strings of injuries over the last 4 years and it’s 99.9% significant compared to the rest of the league.  Fingers have been pointed at pretty much every remote possibility; plenty have blamed Ted Thompson and the front office for drafting players who are injury prone (i.e. Justin Harrell), some have blamed the coaching staff for not teaching proper form while others have blamed the strength and conditioning coaches (there was some ridiculous rumor that floated around that the 49ers had a secret stretching routine that made them impervious to injuries; keep in mind free agency does happen and more importantly players stretch out on the field for everyone to see).



Thomas Hobbes: My Initial Packers 53-man Roster Prediction

Good luck to Ted Thompson as he whittles down the current Packers roster to 53 players.

Thank god I’m not this guy…

First off, as with every year that I do this, I would like to say upfront I have no idea what I’m doing.  I don’t pretend to able to prognosticate 53-man rosters any more than I can delve in the mind of Ted Thompson.  That being said, this is still a fun yearly exercise and I’m sure we’ll all have a good laugh at my expense about this next week.  Anyways, I wrote an article last year about the 10 points of making a 53 man roster and I’ve tried to follow my own advice.


Quarterback (2): Aaron Rodgers, Vince Young

The Packers typically keep 2 quarterbacks on the roster with a 3rd on the practice squad, and with Graham Harrell cut and no longer practice squad eligible, Vince Young becomes the de facto backup.  I’d say it’s a 50-50 split as to whether they keep Coleman on the practice squad; my take is his quick demotion after Family Night signified that he didn’t show enough to warrant further development, and if the Packers were truly trying to “hide away” Coleman’s talent’s they would have kept Harrell for the last preseason game to bury Coleman’s playing time.  But barring any other surprise options they might have to wait for the draft to find their next developmental quarterback.

Running Back (4): Eddie Lacy, Alex Green, John Kuhn, Johnathan Franklin

Lacy is obviously now the starting running back with DuJuan Harris on IR, and the rest of the stable is rather murky.  Green probably gets the first chance to be Lacy’s backup even though he’s probably more of a 3rd down back as the Packers aren’t going to drop a high draft pick that quickly and he has the alibi that knee apparently never healed enough to make him a viable runner last year.  Kuhn stays due to his acumen in special teams, pass protection and security blanket for Rodgers.  Franklin rounds out the group mostly because of his draft status at this point, he hasn’t adjusted to the NFL as quickly as the other rookies, but he might be a decent option later in the season as he gains more experience.  Starks in my opinion has been the odd man out this whole offseason, after Franklin was drafted Starks was the runner placed on the trading block over Green and Starks was the last running back in during the “dress rehearsal” 3rd preseason game and didn’t log a rushing attempt.   



Packers News: Dujuan Harris to IR

The Packers have announced that running back Dujuan Harris has been placed on IR, ending his 2013 season before it even started.  This perhaps culminates a star-crossed offseason for Harris, who coming in to the offseason looked like the Packers starter.  During the training camp physical, a fist sized cyst was found in Harris’ lung which forced him to miss much of the beginning of training camp.  Once allowed to return, Harris was again hobbled by a knee injury, which finally looked behind Harris coming into the 3rd preseason game against the Seattle Seahawks.  Unfortunately, Harris appears to have re-injured the same knee in the 2nd quarter and did not return to the game.



Afterwards, Harris sought out a second opinion and apparently the news did not come back well and thus Mike McCarthy has announced that Harris will be placed on IR.  No news has been announced if the Packers will decide to use the IR/Designated to Return tag on Harris, which would allow him to return after week 6 of the regular season.

With Harris out, Eddie Lacy presumably becomes the defacto starting running back with Johnathan Franklin, Alex Green and James Starks as backups.




Thomas Hobbes is a staff writer for Jersey Al\'s




Packers Undrafted Rookie Scouting Report: Ryan McMahon, S, Sacramento State

Player Information:

  • Ryan McMahon, S Sacramento State
  • 5’11”/207 lbs
  • Hometown – Laverne, California

Pro Day:

  • 40 yard: 4.44
  • 20 yard: 2.49
  • 10 yard: 1.55
  • Bench: 14
  • Vertical: 38
  • Broad: 126
  • Shuttle: 4.19
  • 3-cone: 6.65

Introduction:  Ryan McMahon is a pretty interesting story.  Initially enrolled at USC, McMahon played three years with the Trojans mostly featured on special teams.  After which the story becomes a little vague (if anyone knows, please comment), but McMahon transfers to Sacramento State University, where he starts his last two years of eligibility at safety.  Presumably since his name isn’t associated with any legal issues, his transfer was most likely due to lack of playing time behind a loaded USC secondary.  While McMahon wasn’t drafted, he was invited to a tryout with the Packers but unfortunately wasn’t offered a contract.  However as several defensive backs were held out for the start of training camp (Sean Richardson, Chaz Powell, Casey Hayward and Davon House), the Packers made the call at the beginning the week to bring back one of their own tryout players.  Is McMahon the diamond in the rough that got a second chance or just another warm camp body?

Outside Analysis:

None.  Talk about under the radar




  • #6, playing safety, seems to rotate at free and strong
  • Run defense is not his forte, often gets pushed out of the play or stonewalled, doesn’t show much ability to disengage from blockers
  • You can watch fellow Packer David Bakhtiari (Colorado LT #59) block him out of a couple plays
  • If he can get to the play, he is a consistent tackler
  • Doesn’t look to be the most fluid in coverage, but good enough to get the job done
  • Good speed; may not be able to go sideline to sideline but pretty close to it.
  • Shows good ability to flip hips and change direction
  • Backpedal seems a little awkward
  • Didn’t see any playing time on special teams at Sacramento State, but led the team in special teams tackles at USC
  • For a guy who transferred from USC, he doesn’t dominate lower competition like he should. 




Packers News: Team keeps eight practice squad players

Packers OT Andrew Datko

Packers OT Andrew Datko

The Green Bay Packers have signed eight practice squad players to future contracts, according to the team’s official website.

Tight end Brandon Bostick, quarterback B.J. Coleman, tackle Andrew Datko, center Garth Gerhart, guard Joe Gibbs, linebacker Micah Johnson, cornerback James Nixon and safety Chaz Powell have all been signed by the team. This according to Packers general manager Ted Thompson.

Bostick was a pleasant surprise in training camp and remained on the Packers’ practice squad for the entire season. With the uncertainty surrounding Jermichael Finley’s future in Green Bay, Bostick could potentially challenge for a roster spot next season.

Coleman was selected by the Packers in the seventh round of the 2012 NFL Draft. He showed impressive arm strength in training camp but was never activated on game day. He continues to be a backup quarterback-in-training for the Packers.

Datko was a seventh-round pick of the Packers last season. He was inconsistent throughout training camp and never found the field this season. With Bryan Bulaga and Derek Sherrod returning next season, the Packers will be in much better shape at the tackle position.

Gerhart, an undrafted rookie free agent from Arizona State, and Gibbs, a first-year player out of Tennessee-Martin were both recent adds to the practice squad.

Johnson was added to the practice squad Dec. 31 after entering the league as an undrafted free agent in 2010. Johnson spent time with the New York Giants, Miami Dolphins, Kansas City Chiefs and Cincinnati Bengals before arriving in Green Bay. He was first-team All-Southeastern Conference as a junior at Kentucky.

Nixon has been a member of the practice squad since Sept. 20. Before transferring to California (Pa.), Nixon spent his first three collegiate seasons at Temple, where he played on both sides of the ball and returned kickoffs. His best chance to crack the roster would be as a return man. Nixon averaged 25.8 yards per kick return in college.

Powell, an undrafted rookie from Penn State, was signed to the practice squad Dec. 5. Much like Nixon, Powell played cornerback, wide receiver and returned kickoffs in college.


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Green Bay Packers 2012 Roster by Position



(click here for a list of all Packers Players Transactions)

(For the latest updates/changes, see our Roster Page)

May 15, 2012

Current Player Total: 86
Rookies: 22

*** Players in GREEN are rookies. ***

# Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Age Exp. College
9 Coleman, B.J. QB 6-3 231 23 R Tenn.-Chattanooga
6 Harrell, Graham QB 6-2 215 26 1 Texas Tech
17 Hill, Nick QB 6-3 215 27 1 Southern Illinois
12 Rodgers, Aaron QB 6-2 225 28 8 California
23 Bennett, Duane RB 5-9 213 22 R Minnesota
20 Green, Alex RB 6-0 225 23 1 Hawaii
33 Saine, Brandon RB 5-11 220 23 1 Ohio State
44 Starks, James RB 6-2 218 26 3 Buffalo
27 Tyler, Marc RB 5-11 226 23 R Southern California
40 Cooper, Nic FB 5-10 249 23 R Winston-Salem State
35 Hoese, Jon FB 6-2 238 22 1 Minnesota
30 Kuhn, John FB 6-0 250 29 7 Shippensburg
83 Crabtree, Tom TE 6-4 245 26 3 Miami (Ohio)
88 Finley, Jermichael TE 6-5 247 25 5 Texas
48 Ford, Cameron TE 6-3 245 23 R Wake Forest
45 Lair, Eric TE 6-2 238 22 R Minnesota
81 Quarless, Andrew TE 6-4 252 23 3 Penn State
82 Taylor, Ryan TE 6-3 254 24 1 North Carolina
84 Williams, D.J. TE 6-2 245 23 1 Arkansas
19 Borel, Diondre WR 6-0 199 23 1 Utah State
11 Boykin, Jarrett WR 6-2 217 22 R California
18 Cobb, Randall WR 5-10 192 21 1 Kentucky
80 Driver, Donald WR 6-0 194 37 14 Alcorn State
7 Gilleylen, Curenski WR 5-11 213 23 R Nebraska
86 Gurley, Tori WR 6-4 216 24 1 South Carolina
85 Jennings, Greg WR 5-11 198 28 7 Western Michigan
89 Jones, James WR 6-1 208 28 6 San Jose State
13 Moss, Dale WR 6-3 213 23 R South Dakota State