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How Much is Jermichael Finley Worth?

“In my mind he is a Green Bay Packer — hopefully, he is going through a tough medical situation. I think we all recognize that it was a serious injury. My understanding is he is doing everything and beyond to get himself ready. We’ll continue to watch that.” – Mike McCarthy, SiriusXM Radio

Well that’s interesting.  As most of you are quite aware, the Packers are a fairly conservative and tight lipped organization so Mike McCarthy actively wooing Jermichael Finley back might actually have some deeper meaning to it.  Add to that the Packers have reportedly left Finley’s locker room open during the offseason (which is a big deal since the roster limit is at 90 and some players are already have their lockers in a adjacent room) and it is starting to look like the Packers are doing the full court press to keep Finley in the Green and Gold.  But how much money would it take to keep Finley a Packer and how much would the Packers be willing to fork over?  On one hand Finley has the potential to be one of the best tight ends in the league but on the other he’s been wildly inconsistent and now has to worry about a neck injury that left him paralyzed on the field and a cervical fusion surgery that has a iffy prognosis for playing football again?  In the NFL, contracts are weighed by how they stack to other contracts at the position so its good to see what the tight end salary landscape. (contract values courtesy of Over the Cap).

Top 5 tight end average yearly salary – $7.604 million: Keep in mind this number is likely to skyrocket very soon because Jimmy Graham is currently the 5th highest paid tight end, but he’s on the tight end franchise tag at the moment and if arbitration rules in his favor this could rise to as much as $12.312 million; which is probably a moot point either way because the Saints are going to make him the highest paid tight end in the NFL at some point, eclipsing Rob Gronkowski’s $9 million dollar average.  There’s essentially no way that Finley is going to get anywhere near this range, while he has the physical tools to match the production of Gronkowski or Graham, he’s never actually done it and his neck injury was serious enough that no team was willing to take their chances on him during the offseason so far.   Players in this range are Rob Gronkowski, Jimmy Graham, Antonio Gates, Vernon Davis and Jason Witten; obviously Gronk, Graham and Davis are better tight ends and Witten and Gates have been consistent enough producers to warrant their high price tag.

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Jermichael Finley key in Packers’ win at Detroit

Packers TE Jermichael Finley

Packers TE Jermichael Finley

Jermichael Finley is a subject for heavy debate among Packers fans.

When a player is under performing, it’s acceptable to be critical of him. And through nine games, Finley’s seven drops and lackluster performance were certainly deserving of criticism.

But when that same player turns in a key performance that helps his team win, credit is due.

In the Packers’ 24-20 win over the Detroit Lions, Finley enjoyed likely his best game of the year.

His three-catch performance is by no means a “breakout” game, but it’s certainly nice to see him catching the ball and making the most of his opportunities.

Finley caught all three of the passes thrown his way Sunday, and each play had a significant impact on the game’s outcome. Most notably, Finley scored the Packers’ lone first-half touchdown.

The most impressive part of Finley’s 20-yard touchdown was not the catch-and-run, but rather, the play call by head coach Mike McCarthy.

Rodgers took the snap and looked in the direction of running back James Starks for what appeared to be a screen pass. The Lions defense flooded towards Starks, while Finley snuck to the middle of the field. Finley was wide open on the play and didn’t get touched until he lunged into end zone.

For those scoring at home, yes, Finley did do his usual “YOTTO” celebration following his second touchdown of the season. And yes, it appears the “year of the takeover” is now in its third year, following its “debut” during the 2010 season.

But later in the game, Finley made another pivotal play. This time, on the Packers’ go-ahead drive late in the fourth quarter.

Detroit’s defensive line had been playing well for the majority of the game, so Rodgers looked to get rid of the ball quickly on second down. Trailing 20-14 with under four minutes remaining, Finley caught a short Rodgers pass, turned up field and avoided several Lions defenders for a 40-yard gain.

The big gain put the Packers at the Lions’ 32-yard line. On the very next play, Rodgers completed a six-yard pass to Finley, and two plays later, the Packers took the lead on a touchdown to Randall Cobb.



Surviving Sunday: Packers News, Notes and Links for the Football Deprived

Sundays are rough without football, especially after how the Packers season ended.

I love Sundays, but I love Sundays more when football is on. Football makes you forget about your hangover from Saturday night and the fact that you have to go back to work on Monday. Football also makes you feel less guilty for lazing around on the couch all day, eating food that raises your cholesterol and swearing at your TV.

Now we’re stuck with the NBA, NHL, MLB and golf on Sunday for the foreseeable future. I like all of those sports, but none of them makes a Sunday like football. Those other sports are for the other six days of the week.

Sunday is for football.

To kill the time on these offseason Sundays, I’m going to publish Surviving Sunday: Packers New, Notes and Links for the Football Deprived.

It’ll be a regular notebook-style column that opens with a random thought or rant (like the one you’re reading now), followed by some quick opinions on a couple of key issues related to the Packers that I didn’t have a chance to cover with a full post during the week. From there, I’ll include links to must-read/must-see stories, videos and blog posts from the previous week and a preview of possible Packers storylines for the upcoming week. I’ll close each Surviving Sunday with a few words on a subject unrelated to the Packers.

I hope you enjoy reading Surviving Sunday as much as I enjoy putting it together. Anything to get in a little football on Sunday, right?

Scott Wells, Bryan Bulaga and the NFL Combine

  • Ted Thompson needs to sign Scott Wells. Unless Wells is asking for the moon because he wants his comeuppance after the Packers were mean to him early in his career, Thompson needs to make this one work. Wells is an upper-echelon center. If there’s one thing that occasionally rattles Aaron Rodgers (or any QB), it’s pressure up the middle. Wells does a good job of setting the Packers pass protection and keeping those interior pass rushers out of No. 12′s face. For what the Packers need him to do, he’s worth a 3-year deal in the $17-20 million range.


Jermichael Finley Wants To Remain A Green Bay Packer; Do The Packers Feel The Same Way?

Green Bay Packers tight end Jermichael Finley has opened his mouth again.  At least this time, it’s nothing too controversial.

On Monday, Finley made it known he wants to “retire a Green Bay Packer,” and be a “Packer for life.”  He went on to “compliment” the city of Green Bay by saying there is nothing to do there so there is a much smaller risk of him getting into trouble.

There’s no doubt Finley has the skills of a superstar. Anyone who has watched him play agrees he is a freak of athlete, a wide receiver in the body of a tight end.   He is a matchup nightmare for opposing defenses.  Just his height of 6-foot-5 gives him a big advantage over an opponent’s secondary.

He’s also one of quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ favorite weapons.  All offseason, Rodgers talked about excited he was to get No. 88 back on the field and that Finley had the chance to become a truly special tight end.

So Finley wants to stay a Packer and the franchise quarterback agrees with him. That’s fine, but what do the people that truly make that decision, general manager Ted Thompson and head coach Mike McCarthy, think?

No clue.  Like anything with those two, they’re holding their cards fairly close to the chest.  Some word has gotten out of talks between Finley’s agent and the Packers, but there hasn’t been anything concrete.

The question then becomes: Should the Packers bring back Finley long term?

There’s evidence for both answers to that question.

First, the Packers are already loaded with offensive weapons even with Finley off the list.  There was no bigger proof of this than the 2010 season in which Finley was lost for the year in week 5 yet the Packers managed to win the Super Bowl.  Finley is well aware of this, that they won a Super Bowl without him.

Another concern would be Finley’s twitter account as well as his mouth.  During the week leading up to Super Bowl XLV last year, Finley could (and probably should) have steered clear of Nick Barnett’s public protest about injured players being included in the team picture.  Instead he joined in.



Focus on Finley – The Playmaker

"The Playmaker"

It was just a week ago that Jermichael Finley was upset about not being thrown the ball enough in the Denver game. Here were his comments:

“For sure, they took me out of the game. I don’t know what I came out with, but hopefully we can go back and dial something up for the double teams. We’ve got to have something for it. We’ll have to go back, not being selfish or nothing, but go back and dial up something so you can get your playmaker the ball in games like that when it’s close.”

From reading that quote, one would think that he was totally ignored in that game. Not having seen the game live, it’s certainly the impression that I had. But looking at the game stats told a different story. Finley had been targeted 6 times but caught only 3 for completions.

Fast forward to the Falcons game, which I did see live. Finley appeared to me to be a big part of the game plan. He was thrown to 7 times and caught 4. He did not always display the excellent hands he possesses. In fact, Finley had a particularly egregious drop at the goal line just before the second half, which cost the Packers 4 points. Here it is:


Five out of the seven times Finley was thrown to in the Atlanta game, it was on a third down. Here’s the breakdown:

1st Q, 4:21:  3rd and 2, complete for 24yds.
2nd Q, 0:18:  3rd and 12, incomplete (drop at the goal line)
3rd Q, 6:26: 1st and 10, incomplete
3rd Q, 1:57: 3rd and 10, complete for 22 yds.
3rd Q, 1:03: 2nd and 10, complete for 7 yds.
4th Q, 11:27: 3rd and 11, incomplete
4th Q, 6:18: 3rd and 2, complete for 24 yds.

The 22 yard gain in the third quarter was a particularly important play. It was a tight 15-14 game at that point, and Finley’s catch and run kept the drive alive and put the ball in Falcons’ territory. Just a few plays later, Greg Jennings would take the ball to the house to put the Packers safely ahead for good. An excited Finley felt the importance of his catch, doing a rather amusing dance after the catch. Here it is:




Week 4 Packers Stock Report: Burnett and Wynn Rising, Peprah and Sherrod Falling

Jarius Wynn's sacked Jay Cutler twice on Sunday and earned a spot on this week's stock report.

The Green Bay Packers showed why they are the best team in the NFL on Sunday by beating the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field and improving to 3-0. The Packers were by far the more talented team on the field Sunday, and should have won by more than 10 points.

The Packers stock continues to rise, but there are still a few things the Packers need to do in order to be considered dominant:

  • Put teams away. Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers finally figured out how to win close games last season. Now they need to figure out how to not make games so close.
  • Improve against the pass. I don’t know if it’s possible to be a dominant defense in today’s NFL, but the Packers need to do a better job against the pass.
  • More consistency in the pass rush. I’m looking at you Clay Matthews. We can talk about containment and setting the edge all we want, but Matthews needs to get in the QB’s face and bring him down. He hasn’t done that so far.
If the Packers continue to do what they’re doing, and figure out the above three things, look out.
That’s enough chatter. Lets get to the Week 4 stock report.


Morgan Burnett
The Packers have to be very happy with everything they’ve gotten out of Burnett so far. Essentially still a rookie, he’s been in on a couple of big run stops, picked off three passes and showed tremendous athleticism. Some people questioned his aggressiveness out of college, but he’s looked aggressive to me. With Nick Collins done for the season, Burnett needs to keep playing the way he is (and stay healthy).

Jarius Wynn
Who needs Cullen Jenkins? Or Mike Neal? Not the Packers, especially with the way Jarius Wynn is playing. Wynn had two sacks on Sunday and has plugged holes up front admirably. Teams can’t run the ball on Green Bay so far and Wynn is a big reason why. He’s also providing some much needed pass rush. You could put Raji or Pickett in the rising category as well, but I went with Wynn because few people expected him to play at this level.

Jermichael Finley
I told you Finley needed to kick down the door against the Bears. And he did.