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Cory’s Corner: Sterling Sharpe belongs in the Hall of Fame

Sterling Sharpe finished his seven-year NFL career with 595 receptions, 8,134 yards and 65 touchdowns.

Sterling Sharpe finished his seven-year NFL career with 595 receptions, 8,134 yards and 65 touchdowns.

Sterling Sharpe will be inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame this year.

And he should be an NFL Hall of Famer as well.

That may be surprising to many, but Sharpe only played seven seasons and he made great use of his time by being named a Pro Bowler five times and an All-Pro three times.

Sharpe’s career was cut short due to a neck injury in which the top two vertebrae were damaged, forcing the superstar to retire.

In 1992, Sharpe led the NFL in receptions with 108. That’s 24 more catches that Jerry Rice and 30 more grabs than Michael Irvin. Both guys are in Canton.

The next year was more of the same. Sharpe tallied 112 receptions, which was four more than Rice, 24 more than Irvin, 26 more than Cris Carter and 31 more than his brother Shannon. All of those guys are in the Hall of Fame.

The best indication of what Sharpe did for his team was scoring. For his career, he scored 27 percent of the Packers’ touchdowns. Think about that for a second. He scored nearly 400 points — and that counts his rookie year in which he only scored one touchdown.

Sharpe is tied for 48th all-time in touchdown receptions. Guess who he’s tied with? None other than Michael Irvin. The Cowboys receiver played five more seasons than Sharpe, not to mention with much better offensive weapons. That should be the clincher for Sharpe right there.

But, of course people have a problem with the fact that Sharpe had a truncated career. Which is true. But with the numbers that Sharpe produced while catching passes from starting quarterbacks Don Majkowski, Randy Wright, Anthony Dilweg, Mike Tomczak and Brett Favre, it’s amazing Sharpe was able to put up those numbers at all.

With Favre chucking fastballs in 1992, Sharpe became one of seven receivers all-time to lead the league in receptions, yards and touchdowns.

Sharpe was playing ahead of his time. Now all the rage is the oversized, yet agile tight end. Sharpe was the oversized wide receiver that had blazing speed as well. His route-running was spot-on but what made him great was not that he had the presence to come back to the ball. But he knew exactly when to do it.

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