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My Favorite Donald Driver Photo…

A photo I took of Donald Driver, in all his glory…  (click on image for a full-screen view)


Packers Donald Driver Retires - Image

(This was after the Seattle “Snow Globe” Playoff game.)


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Jersey Al Bracco is the founder and editor of, and the co-founder of Packers Talk Radio Network. He is a PFWA member who can be heard as one of the Co-Hosts on Cheesehead Radio and is the Green Bay Packers Draft Analyst for


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Green Bay Packers WR Donald Driver Announces Retirement

Donald Driver

Packers WR Donald Driver is retiring after 14 seasons.

Green Bay Packers wide receiver Donald Driver announced on ESPN Radio Thursday morning that he is retiring after 14 memorable seasons.

The Packers have scheduled an official retirement ceremony for Wednesday, Feb. 6, in the Lambeau Field Atrium. Fans can attend and tickets will be available at the Packers ticket office starting Friday.

Driver is the Packers all-time leader in receptions (743), receiving yards (19,137), 1,000-yard receiving seasons (7), 50-catch seasons (9), consecutive games with a catch (133), receptions at Lambeau Field (363) and receiving yards at Lambeau Field (5,000).

What else is there to say about Driver? He was one of my favorite Packers of all time and will be remembered as one of the greatest Packers ever.

Leave your favorite Driver memories in the comments section and let’s spend today remembering No. 80 for everything he’s done for the Green and Gold.


Adam Czech is a freelance reporter and a Packers fan living in the Twin Cities. Follow Adam on Twitter. Read more of Adam's writing on the Packers here.




Packers Pre-Training Camp Grades: Offense

Josh Sitton is part of a talented Packers offensive line.

It’s time for Packers training camp. Soon, your Sundays will be filled with Packers football instead of whatever other boring thing you do on Sunday’s without football.

Before camp officially kicks off, here’s how I grade the Packers position group by position group. We’ll start with the offense this morning and check out the defense later today.

How different will these grades look after camp? Who knows, but for now, this is where the team stands in my eyes.

Quarterback: A+
There’s not much more to say about Aaron Rodgers, the reigning MVP, that hasn’t already been said. Even if he regresses a little, Rodgers is still an ‘A’ quarterback. I suppose I could dock the Packers a little for having backups with no experience, but I’m not. I’m sick of that debate. Backup QBs with “experience” are usually just bad QBs. I’ll take my chances with a young guy that can still be developed.

Link: Ron Jaworski ranked Rodgers the No. 1 QB in the NFL during a top-to-bottom review of NFL QBs on ESPN. Check out a summary of Jaworski’s thoughts on Rodgers in Kevin Seifert’s ESPN NFC North blog.

Running Backs: C-
James Starks, the projected starter, is fragile and the two backups have a combined 21 NFL carries. On most teams, this would be a reason to freak out. On the Packers, it’s a reason to, I don’t know, shrug your shoulders a bit. Yeah, it’d be nice to have a 1,200-yard rusher, but it’s not necessary. If Starks and company stay healthy, pass block and do enough to help maintain leads late in games, that’s good enough. A ‘C-’ sounds like a fair grade to me entering camp. It’s slightly below average because this group hasn’t done much to warrant an above-average grade. But it’s not a failing grade because in the Packers offense, running backs don’t have to do that much work to pass the class.

Link: If you would like a little more insight into the X’s and O’s in the Packers run game, check out Brian Carriveau’s examination of possible Packers scheme changes in 2012.



Funny Packers Video: Move Over Donald Driver, Josh Sitton Can Dance Too

I’ll bet he thought nobody would see this. Packers’ hulking offensive lineman Josh Sitton shows he has “Moves Like Jagger.” Hilarious…


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Jersey Al Bracco is the founder and editor of, and the co-founder of Packers Talk Radio Network. He is a PFWA member who can be heard as one of the Co-Hosts on Cheesehead Radio and is the Green Bay Packers Draft Analyst for




Show Me The Money!: Comparing Donald Driver and James Jones’ Contract

Donald Driver

Packers WR Donald Driver took a pay cut to stay in Green Bay.

Someone once said “show me the money!”; as we all know, what players and front office men say in public is often not what’s really happening behind closed doors (for instance, we’ll probably never know what the real reason behind the “Favre divorce”).  This is especially true for the Packers, where General Manager Ted Thompson has made it an artform to talk a lot without actually saying anything.  However, one thing that will always be true is the value of a contract (minus all the technical jargon, i.e. Washington Redskins and Donovan McNabb).  Money never lies and it gives us fans a true indication of what the Packers think of Donald Driver and what Donald Driver thinks of the Packers.  Below is the contract that Donald Driver recently signed and how it compares to another Packers wide receiver, James Jones.

  • Contract:
    • James Jones: 3 year contract worth $9.4 million
      • Yearly average: $3.1 million
  • Donald Driver: 1 year contract worth $2.5 million
    • Yearly average: $2.5 million
    • Signing Bonus
      • James Jones: $1.5 million
        • Yearly average: $500,000
  • Donald Driver: $500,000
    • Yearly average: $500,000
    • 2012 Base Salary
      • James Jones: $2.3 million
      • Donald Driver: $2 million

I would argue that on a yearly basis, Jones’ and Driver’s contracts are essentially identical.  Obviously Jones has a little more security with 3-year deal (and more guaranteed money), but considering Driver is nearly a decade older than Jones, it’s a pretty good sign for Driver and a pretty bad sign for Jones.

What this means for James Jones: This is pretty bad news for the Jones camp because essentially what it says is that Jones (at age 28) is essentially worth the same as Driver (age 37), who is nearly a decade older. Based purely on the contract that Jones and Driver have signed, I think it’s unlikely that Jones finds any suitors for the Packers to trade with.  For one thing, while Jones rebounded somewhat last season in terms of drops (which was the biggest issue in 2010), he didn’t really distinguish himself in any meaningful regard in 2011, so what rationale outside of injuries would a team not sign Jones when he was a free agent last year (and therefore not cost any picks) but now want to trade for him?  My current opinion is that the NFL believes Jones’ production is more a product of Aaron Rodgers, Greg Jennings/Jordy Nelson/Jermichael Finley and the Packers pass first offense rather than his own talent.  I will say that I’m on the fence on how good Jones truly is, but it would seem that the NFL has already decided that it’s mostly the Packers offense and Aaron Rodgers.



Surviving Sunday: Packers News, Notes and Links for the Football Deprived

Surviving Sunday with no Packers football.

Surviving Sunday with no Packers Football

I published my way-too-early Packers 53-man roster and depth chart prediction on Thursday. Now it’s time for some way-too-early predictions of the entire 2012 NFL season. I’m guessing my mind will change about several of these predictions between now and the period of time where it is no longer way too early to make these sorts of predictions, but for now, here goes nothin’.

Super Bowl
Steelers 34, Packers 27

Matthew Stafford, QB, Lions

Defensive Player of the Year
Patrick Peterson, CB, Cardinals

Rookie of the Year
Trent Richardson, RB, Browns

Coach of they Year
Mike McCarthy, Packers

Dark-Horse Super Bowl Pick
Eagles 27, Chiefs 24

Dark-Horse MVP Pick
Rob Gronkowski, TE, Patriots

Most Disappointing Team
New York Giants

Most Disappointing Player
Andre Johnson, WR, Texans

Player that Becomes a Star
A.J. Green, WR, Bengals

First Coach Fired
Jason Garrett, Cowboys

Ted Thompson speaks, OTAs, Dancing Donald Driver

  • Ted Thompson spoke with Rob Reischel on a variety of topics in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. You can tell Thompson is a scout at heart. He gives longer answers and even a little bit of insight on questions about the scouting process, and pretty much blows off questions about the draft, contracts and team building.
  • OTAs started this week….yawn. When I become emperor of the universe, one of the first laws I will force upon the people is a ban on all media coverage of OTAs. Unless someone blows out his knee, there is never any news worth reporting at OTAs. You see the same stories ever year: (Insert name of young player) looks much improved. (Insert name of guy coming off injury) looks healthy and ready to go. (Insert name to team troublemaker) looks extra focused and less selfish. And on, and on, and on……
  • I’ve never watched a second of Dancing with the Stars in my entire life, but I couldn’t resist tuning in when I noticed Twitter blowing up about the forthcoming final results announcement. I flipped it on just in time to see Donald Driver declared the winner, roll around on the floor like he was on fire, and celebrate with his extremely attractive dancing partner. I was very happy for Driver, but my attention during the 60 seconds I was tuned in remained mostly on Driver’s extremely attractive dancing partner.


Watch the Video: Donald Driver Wins on Dancing With the Stars: The Cha Cha

Video from week 10 (The Finale) of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars. Here’s Donald Driver and Peta Murgatroyd in their competition-winning final dance – The Cha Cha:



For the second night in a row, Donald and Peta scored perfect 10s across the board.

Like a football team surging through the playoffs, Donald and Peta peaked at the best possible time and won the big prize. Not the Lombardi trophy, but the Dancing With The Stars disco ball.

Congratulations Donald and Peta!


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Jersey Al Bracco is the founder and editor of, and the co-founder of Packers Talk Radio Network. He is a PFWA member who can be heard as one of the Co-Hosts on Cheesehead Radio and is the Green Bay Packers Draft Analyst for