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This Week’s Sign Of The A-Pack-alypse: Aaron Rodgers Is Better Than Brett Favre Ever Was

Checkmate, Brett. CHECK. MATE.

Sorry Aaron.  I hate to keep doing this to you and bringing the guy up, but once I get this out of my system you will never hear about him from me again. I promise. Unless of course he does something else stupid and deserves to be subject to scorn and ridicule. Then it’s fair ball.

It’s official. Polls are closed and the results are clear.

Aaron Rodgers is better than Brett Favre ever was.

Am I letting an 8-0 start and an overall 14 game winning streak go to my head? I can say with great certainty that I am not.  It’s something I have been thinking about the past few weeks but couldn’t work up enough courage to go on record with such a bold statement.

After his performance against the Chargers, that courage can be considered summoned.

Ignore the statistics for a moment. Think back to 1995-1997 when Favre was at the peak of his powers. He won three straight MVP awards, won one Super Bowl and appeared in another.  It’s similar to how Rodgers’ current path is playing out. Hopefully this time there won’t be a Super Bowl defeat, though.

Think about how you felt back then watching Favre play.  Though you had confidence Favre would make a play, a part of you was still sick to your stomach every time he would drop back to pass.  His reckless first couple years as a starter scarred Packer fans forever though many didn’t come to realize it until years later.

With Rodgers (at least for me), it has taken a considerable amount of time to break the habit of nearly having a heart attack every time a Packers quarterback drops back to pass.  It’s nothing against Rodgers but rather an indictment of the guy before him.  Favre scared us all to death during games yet he was worshipped as an idol.

Instead, watching Rodgers play is starting to become anticlimactic.  He is about 10 times smarter with the ball when his predecessor was and has such an accurate arm that it’s becoming expected balls thrown into double coverage end up complete.  There’s still that moment of panic but that moment lasts shorter and shorter with each game featuring Rodgers under center.

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This Week’s Sign Of The A-Pack-olypse: Feeling Good For Detroit And I’m Not Lion

Before Jim Schwartz's arrival, Lions fans were ready to go nuclear.

Welcome to the A”Pack”olypse ….or at least signs that it may be approaching.

In what I hope will become a new weekly feature here at, I will take a look at something in the NFL that is (sometimes somewhat) Packer related that may be a sign that end times may be upon us or that some kind of all hell is about to break loose.

The inaugural topic: the Detroit Lions and their 5-0 start.

I can’t believe I didn’t see a big red line under that sentence.  The fact that the Lions are undefeated should not compute.  Congrats Microsoft, you built a much smarter word processor than I thought.

Anyways, here’s the odd part: I am happy for the Detroit Lions. I mean how could you not be?

The ownership and former management regime crapped on the fan base for years.  The organization, once a proud one with the great Barry Sanders running the ball, became a punch line for futility and incompetence. Throw in the economic recession that devastated the Detroit area and a 0-16 season and things had hit rock bottom.

Today the economy is still on shaky ground but things no doubt look better for the auto industry that is the blood of Detroit’s economy.  The Lions themselves are symbolic of the city’s rise from the ashes.

After that disastrous 0-16 season in 2008, the ownership did what fans had been begging for years and fired general Matt “How the hell did he get a job in TV?” Millen and coach Rod Marinelli.  In came coach Jim Schwartz, the former defensive coordinator for the Tennessee Titans, and new GM Martin Mayhew who was promoted internally.  They drafted Matthew Stafford with the first pick in 2009 to complement the talented but poorly utilized Calvin Johnson who was drafted by Millen in 2007.

Since then, the Lions have slowly clawed (pun not intended) their way out of the NFL basement.  Last season, they finished the season on a four game winning streak (including one against the Packers) giving their fans hope for 2011.  Stafford finally has been able to remain healthy, and his chemistry with Johnson along with his superb leadership skills (winning a game a couple years back with a separated shoulder!) have tied the Lions for first place in the NFC North alongside the defending champion Packers.