Packers Stock Report: Meaningless Football Edition

Normally I don’t start doing the Packers Stock Report until the regular season begins. Why? I have no idea. A Packers Stock Report after the second exhibition game seems to make sense to me, thous. So, let’s do this: Rising Jayrone Elliot When you get three sacks in four plays like Elliot did against the […]

Packers Stock Report: Win and the Packers are in Edition

The Packers win over the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday was their best victory since winning Super Bowl XLV. Sure, the Packers won 15 games and lit up scoreboards all over the NFL in 2011, but none of the 15 triumphs was as fulfilling as Sunday’s comeback over America’s (Most Annoying) Team. Yes, the Packers persevered […]

Packers Stock Report: Time to Prepare for the NFL Draft Edition

Would Aaron Rodgers even be able to save this Packers team? The former MVP can cover up a lot of blemishes, but I don’t think even he could patch up the festering wound that is 2013 Green Bay Packers. The Packers can’t tackle, cover the middle of the field, prevent big plays, get off the […]

Packers Stock Report: Time for a win Edition

My two jobs, a newborn baby and extended visits to family hours away from where we live has made it very difficult to write about the Packers this season. The way the Packers are playing also makes it difficult to write about the Packers. I don’t have time to do the in-depth and comprehensive posts […]

Packers Stock Report: Another Defensive Meltdown Edition

I’m fine with Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson not firing Packers defensive coordinator Dom Capers after yet another defensive meltdown against the Eagles. Would canning Capers and replacing him with a defensive position coach really make the defense tackle better or the safeties cover more ground and pick off a pass here or there? I […]