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Super Bowl Odds to Consider on a Summer Evening

2015 Super Bowl oddsFresh into Summer 2014, my thoughts turn not to the escaping the humidity “down the shore” as we say in NJ, or enjoying a sticky, dripping soft serve cone at our favorite ice cream shop. No, my thoughts turn to Super Bowl XLIX and what the Packers odds are to win.

Hey, don’t judge…

While not an avid gambler, I’ve always been intrigued by the so-called “futures” bets. Instead of betting on the winner of this weeks’ game or who wins the coin toss (a “prop” bet), I’d rather take a chance on predicting some huge future event, like a Super Bowl, for instance.

Anytime I’ve made it to Vegas, I’ve always put some money down on the Packers to win the Super Bowl. I just missed winning on Super Bowl XLV, having unfortunately just visited Vegas the year before and bet on the Packers to win at 15-1 odds.  That was the year of that crazy playoff loss to the Cardinals that still burns whenever I think about it.

But back to this year. Looking at the latest odds at, I’m a bit surprised that there is no team under 6-1. With the NFL Champion Seahawks the deserved favorites, I’m also surprised that the team they dismantled in the Super Bowl, the Peyton Manning-led Denver Broncos, are right behind at 7-1. Are they calling the Seahawks rout a fluke?

The top five is rounded out by the Patriots (9-1), 49ers (15-2), and Packers (10-1). Personally, I’d have the 49ers as the second favorites to win it all. I felt last year that Seattle and San Fran were the two best teams in the NFL and nothing has changed in my mind.

I’d also rate the Packers third, overall. I’m building more and more confidence in this team, especially with the improvements to the defense and the reported vigor the players are attacking OTAs with.  It’s been my contention that Mike McCarthy teams have been a bit too “professional” in temperament and needed a little more attitude. Enter Mike Daniels. With his recent comments about the need for more nastiness, especially on defense, I’m hoping his attitude is contagious and this is a different defense in 2015.

Should you find yourself in Las Vegas this year, be sure to head on down to the Sports Book in your hotel and place a few ducats on the Packers to win it all. I think you’re getting a good deal at 10-1.

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Breaking Down the Odds on the Packers’ Tight Ends for the 2014-2015 Season

Packers Rookie TE Richard Rodgers

Packers Rookie TE Richard Rodgers

NFL Football is coming, folks. Catch a few World Cup games, maybe nap through a baseball game or two, and boom: the preseason starts. In the meantime, it’s time to breakdown one of the most interesting positions for the Packers ahead of the coming season: tight end.

After the 2014 NFL Draft, Green Bay is solidly amongst the favorites for the coming season, with the fifth-best 2015 Super Bowl odds. But after Jermichael Finley was only able to play six games in 2013, putting up 300 yards and three scores, the Pack’s management has left door open for a new tight end to step in as a legitimate short route threat.

With that in mind, here is a look at the three names that could define the discussion for the green and gold going into the preseason.

Anthony Quarless

Green Bay is coming into training camp with a variety of question marks at tight end that could end up producing in a major way in the NFL. Quarless is not one of them.

We all know what he can do. Quarless started 10 games last season (32 catches, two touchdowns) after missing 2012 due to injury. He can block, and stay on the field in a variety of situations. His dependability made him an asset that as many as eight teams were interested in this offseason before the Packers resigned him.

Quarless’ general consistency puts Mike McCarthy and his staff in the position to be a bit more risky with the depth chart below Quarless in an effort to find a more dynamic offensive threat.

Richard Rodgers

Richard Rodgers is the most reliable bet for the future. The University of California product brings a so-so college resume to the table, having put up 39 receptions for 608 yards in 2013. Still, Rodgers will have every opportunity to succeed in camp, as the Packers picked Rodgers below the rank many draft experts expected him to land at.

Pessimism aside, Rodgers has earned the respect of perhaps the most important voice in the discussion: the pre-eminent Rodgers in Packers territory. Aaron Rodgers has been repeatedly quoted as loving what the rookie tight end can do, and that enthusiasm alone would be enough to push most contenders onto the opening day roster.

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Packers Fans in Paris

W.O.S. Bar in Paris France

W.O.S. Bar in Paris France

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Being thousands of miles away from home is not an excuse to miss out on every Green Bay Packers game in the NFL. Despite the dwindling NFL fan base in Europe, the Packers have solid roots in the heart of Paris. We’re talking about the WOS bar in Rue Saint Jacques.

After NFL Europa was disbanded in 2007, many Parisians who were inevitably hooked on American football had nowhere to go to get their daily dose of the NFL. Since Europe is still primarily soccer country, even American migrants find it hard to pay tribute to the sport.

The only American tradition that seems to have melded nicely into European mainstream is the game of  Texas Hold’em. The poker game has claimed Paris and the entire European community in popular gaming sites like partypoker français. Because poker claims to have its roots in Europe, its presence online is nothing short of ubiquitous. Partypoker became successful in cornering the market by integrating multilingual functions, a feature that lets you use play money, video tutorials and its very own Android application.

If only the NFL were able to captivate the European scene in the same way poker did, we’d have a lot more Green Bay fans in the romance capital of the world. But thanks to WOS bar, any Packers fan will feel right at home.

Pierre and his crew will cure your homesickness with great drinks and multiple screens to watch your favorite NFL team with. One of the hottest bar topics you’ll hear is how to get the rest of Europe to love the game and we’re never in short supply of suggestions. One suggestion is booking European sponsors similar to that of good soccer teams like Real Madrid and Manchester United. By donning a Bwin shirt similar to Ronaldo, you might ease soccer fans to the whole idea of the NFL.

Still, other good propositions involve away games in key European cities that would act as a teaser and a good gauge whether fans would want to see the NFL back. It’s also important to find athletes from these cities in order for the rest of the country to rally behind that player. One patron even suggested that in order for France or any European country to produce a player of that caliber, introduction of the sport would have to start at a young age and by sponsoring Institutes of higher learning, one can achieve such a goal. College and University rivalries are a good way to spark competition and it has paved way to many great games even in the pee wee level.



Packers Super Bowl Chances: Three Causes for Concern

Packers 2012 Season Prediction

What me, worry?

If you are a Packers fan, you already know that this season is basically Super Bowl or bust. Ted Thompson even changed his ways, looking to free agents for some immediate help. The team enters the year as one of the favorites to reach New Orleans, while last season’s postseason disappointment is still fresh in everyone’s memory. While the Packers on paper look as good as anyone, there are still some concerns. Here’s a look at the three positions that cause the most concern for the Packers in 2012.

Running Back

A team with Aaron Rodgers as their quarterback is not going to run the ball that often, but they still need to be able to do it on occasion. The signing of Cedric Benson should help, but as he gets up there in age his production will not likely be what it used to be. When it comes to other running back options, there just really is not much there. Alex Green, James Starks and Brandon Saine have all been restricted by injuries this preseason, but they also have just not been very impressive when on the field. The running game has to be at least a threat, or defenses will be able to focus on the pass more than ever.

Young Defenders

The Packers are known more for their offense, but the defense still needs to be solid. Nick Perry, Jerel Worthy, Mike Daniels, Casey Hayward, Jerron McMillian and Dezman Moses are all rookies that the Packers are most likely going to hand significant minutes. This is partly due to necessity, as last year’s defensive performances will attest to.In addition, the Packers have always been a team that prefers the draft-and-develop method.

Backup Quarterback

Yes, everyone hopes it never comes to this, but the Packers no longer have the security blanket of Matt Flynn if something goes wrong with Aaron Rodgers. Instead, they enter the season with Graham Harrell. While Harrell has been in the system for a few seasons, he still does not seem to be ready to provide much value as a NFL quarterback.

Rodgers has been pretty durable, but remember that he did suffer a pair of concussions in 2010. All quarterbacks are just one hit away from possibly missing time. To achieve the long term goal of reaching the Super Bowl, there may be a need fo someone to “hold the fort” for a game or two. Fans were confident with Flynn in that role. Harrell? Not so much.