VIDEO: AJ Hawk Talks About his Release from the Green Bay Packers

AJ Hawk Video - Green Bay Packers

It didn’t take long, but class act AJ Hawk had some effusive kind words for the Green Bay Packers, the team that just let him go.

Thanks for the 9 years, AJ – you gave your all…


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  • WKUPackFan

    AJ will be immortalized in the Packer Hall of Fame while his detractors’ carcasses are devoured by worms in graves that 50 years from now no one will care about. A fitting end for both sides.

  • funcrusher

    He’s a nice guy, but it’s good to see they’re cutting the dead weight. Hawk, B. Jones, Slocum and a change at play calling. Things are heading in the right direction for the Pack!

  • Lorraine Steinbach

    what a great interview with your brother, you can tell you loved the Pack
    and how nice of you to like the packers so much. great job!!!

    • ted wallace

      i have followed the packers since 1948.

      • ted wallace

        vince lombardi would never allow anyone on his team that didnt play hard.

        • ted wallace

          lombardi would have a lot more players go if they lost a 16 point lead, and then the game.

        • ted wallace

          we will be more focused this year.