Jay Cutler – They’re Giving Up On You

Smoking Jay Cutler

Time for a little fun here on ALLGBP.com. And what’s more fun than tweaking Jay Cutler and the Bears? Enjoy!

Jay Cutler I’m giving up on you
All of the millions we gave to you
To the ship I would have followed you
Jay Cutler I’m giving up on you

Marshall, looking so small
It was over his head
I’m in Orton withdrawal

You, will fumble the ball
Another pick 6
Like you DON’T CARE at all

Jay Cutler I’m giving up on you
All of the millions we gave to you
To the ship I would have followed you
Jay Cutler I’m giving up on you

Phil, swallow your pride
He’s too overpaid
Please say goodbye

Jay Cutler I’m giving up on you
All of the millions we gave to you
Wish we could vaccinate against you
Jay Cutler I’m giving up you

Written, performed, directed, and produced by Firago featuring Annie C
Concept: Bob K
Starring: Cheebs, ‘Leen, Patrick, & T Con
Executive Production & O’Douls Crushing: Bag
Key Grip and Pizza Consumption: Fat Nate
Lighting Director: The Bartender at Cork

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  • billy

    i will love the Bears if they would only beat the Lions..

    • Mark in Portland

      I agree. Please get it together and for pride’s sake, smack down Motown!

      • marpag

        I’d love to see it, but if I had to choose I’d say that the Queens have a better chance to win in Detroit than the Bears have to beat the lions at home. Bears are totally cooked. And now Marshall is out too. They may as well not even play… and they won’t.

        • barutanseijin

          I think Trestman might be a bigger problem for the Bears than Cutler. That team has quit on him. Vikings at least try.

  • Savage57

    How fitting. A song as lame as its subject.

    Da Bears.

  • Rossonero

    Bears GM Phil Emery may have gambled his job on re-signing Cutler. Fine by me, he’ll keep the Bears stinking for years to come, and Bears fans know it. GO PACK!!

    • TedTomsin

      There only hope is if Sid Luckman produced offspring.

  • marpag

    Even Brandon Marshal said about Cutty, “I can understand that as far as as a business man, I would have buyer’s remorse, too.”


    This is probably bad news for the Packers, since I think we all would love to see Cutler playing in Chicago as long as possible. It’s a good thing that no one in Detroit yet understands that Stafford is almost as sucky as Cutler, except that doesn’t have the scraggly “I-don’t-care-about-anything” beard.

    In similar news, they are burning their Colin Kaepernick jerseys in San Fran. Kinda makes ya smile, don’t it.?


  • Nick Perry

    All I want for Christmas is for Jay Cutler to STAY in Chicago. Charles Woodson said it best a few years ago, “We can always count on Jay to throw us the ball a few times”, ain’t it the truth. Emory and Cutler are exactly where they need to be.

  • barutanseijin

    Musical reply, from Pack perspective:


  • Big T

    Dear Bears, please stay true to your asinine ways and keep Cutler around until he is in a wheelchair.