Gameday Giveaway – Win a Packers T-shirt in the Packers Prediction Contest


The ALLGBP.COM gameday prediction contest is back! Win this awesome new “All Packers All the Time” t-shirt:

Please READ the instructions. If you don’t follow them to the “T,” you will NOT be eligible.

Make your picks in the comments below.   The person with the correct winning team and the closest overall in point differential wins the T-shirt.

Don’t forget the tiebreaker question… (you won’t be eligible if you don’t answer it.)


Winning Team:

Final Score:

Tiebreaker: (Total net yards of offense for the Packers):

Post your entry in the comments below. Only entries posted here and received by 4:15PM Eastern Time on 11/30/14 will be considered. ALLGBP writers are not eligible for a prize. The winner will be announced in the comments section of this post, so check back if you think you did well. Note that you can comment as a “guest” without creating a login, if you prefer. Just be sure to use a valid email address so we can contact you if you win.

Good Luck!


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  • Jeff Raimer

    Packers 35-24
    Net yards- 407

  • Craig Honadel

    Pack 34- 31 565 yards

  • Scot Sticha

    Packers 35
    Patriots 28
    Net yds 469

  • Kevon Railey

    Packer win
    Net yards 495

  • Chuck Velek

    34-31 The PACK, 538 yards

  • greg

    PACKERS 30
    628 Total Yards

  • Steve

    Patriot 38-35 385 yards

  • Kevin Nett

    Packers 31 Pats 34
    Total Yards 389 yards

  • pete

    winning team- Green Bay Packers, final score- 27-24, total yards- 378

  • Jeremy Biggs

    Packers 38 – Patriots 27
    Net Yards – 533

  • Mike Heath

    Packers 41 Patriots 34
    Tie bteaker: 488 yards for the Packr

  • Matthew Ilic

    winning team: Patriots
    Final score: 37-20
    Total Packers offensive yards: 280

    • Kyle Marinac

      Boo this man

  • Bojan

    Packers 34-27

  • Ed Kane

    Packers, 38-31
    Net Packers’ yards 448

  • Paul Hruz

    Packers. 27-24. 477yards

    • Paul, you were tied with Lisa T for point differential (4), but you were only off by 1 yard on the tiebreaker. Great job. Use the “contact us” form to send us your shirt size and where to mail it.

      Congratulations on the great prediction.

  • Jeff

    Packers 45-31

    Total yds. 442

  • David Ringhand

    Net yards: 487

  • Lisa T

    Winning Team: Packers
    Score: 27 -24
    Total yds: 320

  • Kyle Marinac

    27-34 Packers, 496 total yards

  • Packers win. 35-31. Net total yards for Packers 403.

  • Nate Baustad

    Green Bay

  • Erik Long

    Packers 33 – 27
    Net yards. 422

  • Brian Legault

    Packers 43
    Pats 24

    Yards 362

  • Paul Doebbert

    Packers 45-31
    Net yards 502

  • Eprime

    Pats 28-17: 350 yards